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Exchange 2010 dumps single instance storage

Oliver Moazzezi

SIS has been de-emphasized in Exchange since 2007..

What's the news here? Also there is no such product as Exchange 2005. I presume you mean either 2003 or the aforementioned 2007.

Seeing JBOD is now an option for Exchange now with the release of 2010, and actually recommended in certain configurations, I wouldn't be worrying too much about SIS.



Suppliers fall over themselves to support Exchange 2010

Oliver Moazzezi
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I think you should read up on Exchange 2010. Microsoft have added support for SATA/SAS disks rather than relying on FC - something that's been improved since Exchange 2007.

So - even though it's a 64bit application - although 64bit capable hardware has been out for an age now - it offers huge storage savings.

Please provide information on 1) how it is bloated 2) how it is enormously inefficient - please go down to the database and transport layers if you must to help me understand and 3) please identify these standard features every other mail product has so a comparison can be made.

Overall a MASSIVE thumbs up to Exchange 2010. When 2007 RTM'd I and many found it lacking - 2010 is simply the best release of this product ever.


A day in the life of an email manager

Oliver Moazzezi

Exchange is just fine to manage, and Exchange 2007 and 2010 are improvements over Exchange 2003

As with most software, if you don't know how to use it or are unfamiliar with a new version, it will take a little getting used to.

Exchange Server is a great product - probably Microsofts flagship Server Product , it's also easy to manage, but as with all products is harder to master.

You also don't need a server refresh for moving from 2007 to the upcoming 2010 - you just need x64 tin which both require - so you can repurpose.



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