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April Fools Day's Finest


According to The Current Bun ...

... Gorilla's at Howletts have been given some iPad 2's ....

Orange data users turning red as data dries up


Orange = FAIL

Orange Home Max went down for me at 11.02 last night ... last time my iPod synced for emails .... just rang home and it seems to be back now.

Second problem in as many weeks, looks like after all these years of reliable service I'm gonna have to switch to another ISP.

BTW I live in Sheerness in Kent.

Facebook Fan Check scareware begets malign ware-scares


Fan Check App .....

definitely does something to your Facebook account.

I'll admit to installing it for a laugh. then after reading other people's statuses about the possibility of a virus threat, I uninstalled it and untagged myself from any photos. And now, random status updates from last week appear with newer ones, and I cannot view certain photos ....

Coincidence? I think not.

Let's hope it's not too nasty ...

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