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Intel confirms it’ll release GPUs in 2020


I think we are going to

see an advancement of their work on clusterability (is that a word?) of processor units that they started with Larabee and Xeon Phi, but with GPUs rather than x86 based cores.

The first batch will probably be very expensive, and very boring, blue shrouded stuff with big TDPs and will probably be a bunch of multi core GPUs set up in a symmetrical bus with a 16GB bank of Optane stuck on it and aimed at enterprise.

Motorola Z2 Force: This one's for the butterfingered Android lovers


Re: Dammit

have a look at the Z2 play. Its the same phone with some lesser specs, with a much smaller price tag. you can find it for around £300 or less and is totally compatible with the same range of mods.


Regarding the moto mods

I have the official gamepad moto mod and use it with my Z2 play. I am really impressed by it, and usually get a couple of hours a day for a week out of it. Makes the phone a cross between a Ninty Switch and a PsP


Good luck

Finding the mods on the high street. Frustrating that they are all online only and usually priced stupidly.

Brit retailer Currys PC World says sorry for Know How scam


Re: Some Good Guys, even here

the only time i've ever had an intelligent conversation was when they had a Google concession - the Google Droid knew Nexus devices inside out, and we talked at length about how good the Nexus 6 was.


Re: Best Buy

I'm not sure I'd agree regarding Best Buy - they marketed that they would have the best selection of PC gaming components of any UK retailer - ended up being 1 row of shelves of stuff from two generations previous at the price of the (then) current generation stuff.

Motorola Mods its global workforce


Recently got hold of a Moto Z2

as it fit my needs specs and price wise, with the mods being a nice bonus. Try and get hold of the mods in the UK though, and you will pay through the nose for them and only a handful of high street stores stock them. I'm having to resort to eyeing them up on Amazon.es rather than UK. Seems like stocking the mods (even on Motorola's own 'store' that ships on the device) has little priority.

La, la, la, I can't hear you! Apple to challenge Bose's noise-proof cans


I've always found

that the current big brands like Bose, Sennheiser, Sony and Beats (urgh) colour the sound way too much. Whether its the over processed sound of the noise cancellers or the stupid flabby bass of the Beats or missing midrange of Sennheisers, its getting really hard to find a decent set of day-to-day head phones that have a nice flat response that aren't studio monitors. I'm still using a pair of Denons from about 10 years ago, not particularly expensive, but nothing modern sounds as good.

RIP... almost: Brit high street gadget shack Maplin Electronics


Re: Well at least

@AC pretty much every item that wasnt a dongle or a cable I got from them in the last year was broke. The best was an ATX power supply that had every 24pin ATX connector snapped off in the box.

Sony Xperia XZ2: High-res audio but no headphone jack


I have experience repairing

Sony handsets for close relatives and they are possibly the worst designed that I have ever seen for general users. Use of glue on heat sensitive components, using 0.5mm thick glass panels with no support behind them. Pretty screens, i'll give them that, but when you've sat peeling off the back of an xperia coated in glass shards for the third time in as many weeks you just want to scream GET SOMETHING PLASTICKY.

Coinbase, Worldpay, Visa play blame game after dosh vanishes from crypto-fans' pockets


Why is it

that people thought it would be a smart move to use their default, main bank account on a crypto-exchange site, when crypto-exchanges have shown that they aren't secure?

I'm not one of those big traders, I dabbled in mining and made a few quid but I still straight away though to myself - I best not put my main day to day account details on the site.

Its just common sense, right?

Off-brand tablets look done, but big players are growing


I grabbed a Lenovo Yoga Book

And bloody love it. Android flies along but then it should with 2.4ghz processor and 4GB of RAM. I can forgive the touchpad for the odd bout of mentalness and I find most apps cover the bases.

Google to relieve HTC of its phones biz – report


Re: Screw HTC, buy Wileyfox instead

I wouldn't suggest Wileyfox due to their woeful aftersales support which is near non-existent, if you go by the reviews on Amazon particularly.


Re: Motorola

Nokia is alive and kicking, with a great new portfolio of low and mid range fondlephones.

They we're acquired by a company called HMD Global.

Apple is granted a patent on the rectangle. No, really



the patent is only useful in cases where the camera and home button are on the short edges. Most tablet manufacturers use the long edges, ie, landscape for the camera or any buttons.

but seriously. this is trolling at the most ridiculous. The US patent office really needs to look at its standards for granting patents. and then it really needs to look at the quality of the staff it employs. this is NOT good.

Google hails hacks to WinPho 8 spoiler event


The format of the invite, makes me wonder whether this is Google announcing that the play store is opening up all over the world, along with Google Now being made into a Web app and possibly being rolled out as a standalone app, much like the calendar. It would make sense for it to be a Web app, as then windows 8 adopters can then voice search on Google to their hearts content, and never have to go near Bing.

O2 network staggers across UK


Re: News?

If you're having problems with Three... then I must be very lucky. I've been with them for upwards of 6 years and had a total of 2 hours of no internet access, but could still get calls and texts.

LG shelves future tablet efforts


The reason LG failed...

is because they released a tablet that had a 3D camera and a 2D display, which was priced @ approximately £700-£800.


Leica goes all out B&W for M-Monochrom camera


Re: Mmmmmm - black and white

why would you use a lot of rolls of film?

I thought it was digital?

Brydge pledges to turn iPads into MacBooks


Re: Where's the pointing device?

you are mistaken, sir.

Android does indeed support pointing devices, and has done since 2.3, Gingerbread.

Hence the Asus Transformer having a trackpad.

My Galaxy S2 also has an option to use a mouse with a proper mouse pointer displayed.

Lytro light field camera


Re: Only Mac?

since when was the iPod Mac only?

I have never owned an apple product other than my venerable iPod (not so) mini, and that worked perfectly fine with my Windows install.

Nvidia: phone GPUs to outplay current consoles by 2014


Wait what?

I already use my phone and tablet to play console games on the TV with my Bluetooth Phonejoy.

Granted, GTA3 isnt lovely looking as per todays standards, but it is proper PS2 era graphics, smooth gameplay, and with HDMI out to a TV, its great.

battery life doesnt come in to it, as using an MHL adapter it needs plugging in, so take the good with the bad.

Free apps suck your power: researchers


Or you could...

Actually fix the problem and use AdFree on your rooted Android device.

Havent seen an in app advert for months.

Orange Tahiti 7in Android tablet


Got my Flyer for £200 from Currys...

Granted, it is only Wifi, but has 16GB of storage and is running Honeycomb.

Not to mention that the modding/support community for this will be miniscule, even compared to that of the Flyer.

GiffGaff boots freetards off mobile network



so now you are saying that a phone operator has the power to put in its T&Cs how you connect your phone to consume content? When you run a TV screen off your phone, the only thing the TV is consuming is the battery and video signal. it does NOT influence the consumption of data. GiffGaff T&Cs only stipulate against mobile DATA connection. I don't understand why people find this so hard to comprehend. Whether you watch iPlayer on the train on your phone or connected to your TV at home, you aren't 'connected to another device' in terms of DATA usage.

I think you are missing the point.

If you connect a mobile to a TV, all you are sending to the TV is the VIDEO signal.

It is still 100% exclusively the MOBILE that is using the bandwidth.

When you connect your PC to your monitor, it doesnt send the picture via the internet, does it?

Cops cuff rectal shoplifter


there are rumours that...

It was the latest Apple iPood.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 9380 with BBM music


Why would anyone...

buy a Blackberry without the ONE thing they are good at- their great typing experience?

I love my Galaxy S2, but the only thing I miss from my venerable Bold 9000 was the gorgeous keypad.

Samsung Galaxy Note


You can scribble on whatever you like with it,

because if its like the Galaxy S2, you can press the home and power button and do a print screen of anything.

Man's phone burns, toasts trouser region


that isn't a galaxy SII.

at least not the i9100, proper version.

If it is an SII then it will be one of the fudged carrier specified ones that American carriers are so fond of.

All of it is positioned incorrectly, and as a previous poster stated, it is NOT a Nexus, as that has a 5MP camera.

I detect shenanigans.

HTC Sensation XE


Not really as 'up to date as it gets'

running 2.3.4 if there are 2.3.5 and up out there for phones like the SGSII.

Best Buy fires parting shot at Dixons with closing down sale



anyone else notice the curious absence of Tablets on the Best Buy website?

thought I might be able to get a deal on one... but they appear to want my money.

Don't buy your iPad in a McDonald's car park



They had run out of HP touchpads... and had heard rumours of a disastrous Fire sale.

Flames... does it need explaining?

Apple iMac 27in


That Dell might have been more expensive...

but you do realise that the '6970' in your Mac is actually a MOBILE card, right, and the one in the Dell, even if it is a desktop 6850, will be faster....

All the silicone of a full fat GPU in a case with pretty much no serious venting, and it would gradually sink through your desk with all the heat.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Android tablet


Looks are in the eye of the...

Fondleslab beholder.

I, and my other half, both think that the Asus is a very nice looking bit of kit. the metal bezel around just the outside is what adds that extra touch.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive e-car


I think the Reg missed out on a caption.

Smart For Two- Electric Boogaloo.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 10in Android tablet

Paris Hilton

no one needs....

A Tablet. So therefore, no one 'needs' those features.

except for Paris for her, you know, unmentionables.


Price is definitely an issue with Android Tablets.

I bought myself a really cheap Android tab about 6 months ago, and it is great, especially because i only spent £120 on it, and the only downfalls it has are a resistive screen and no flash.

However, it has all of the features of the top end tablets like HDMI out etc. So, considering how much I got with my £120 tablet.... what would i pay for a capacative touchscreen and flash support?

well, around £200, maximum of £250.

At the weekend, Warehouse of Phones for Cars had a clearance deal on the 7" Galaxy Tab @ £250, and the Dell Streak for £199. If i wasn't currently a bum and had less self constraint... i would have had one of each.

MP headshot sex rating site: Gentlemen prefer Tories


Not only popups and click through adverts...

but captchas too. i think someone is taking their not very serious website far to seriously.

Much better wireless power transmission possible - boffins

Thumb Up

I for one...

welcome our giant Scalextrix Overlords.

Samsung Galaxy S II dual core Android smartphone


oh, actually...

the galaxy S2 has HDMI over micro USB. so.... might want to write that into your article Mr El. Reg.


huh? no HDMI?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! that was the deal breaker right there for me. i was almost tempted to get my upgrade today and that was the phone for me :(

i was sure i saw it in a spec sheet somewhere. oh well.

iControlPad Bluetooth controller for mobile devices

Thumb Down

wait, wait...

i think you're forgetting the much more populous 'android devices with bluetooth' market which don't even require rooting.

iDevices aren't the be all and end all, you know.


I have been looking for something like this for ages...

and i've even considered creating a FrankenNes controller out of my Zeemote but my soldering skills just aren't good enough.

Come to think of it, i was only looking last night, so i must have sent some sort of telepathic instructions to reg to review it.

ah, the price. something like this really needs to be in the £25 bracket. almost throwaway money, but a unique (in functionaility) product.

Netgear XAV5001 500Mb/s powerline Ethernet adaptor

Thumb Up


my experience with powerline networking has been great. I'm pretty sure mine are 85mbps ones, and they are unbranded from ebuyer, but i have great pings to UK servers for most games, and if im playing on a central EU server, i get around 60-90 ping which is pretty good compaired to my Abit WIfi-AP wireless card which i used to get around 120-150 ping.

I didnt even have to configure anything with them and they ended up being plug and play.

Motorola's laptop-dock Android phone out on Orange

Paris Hilton

I think the image of the Atrix that gets a lot of use is symbolic...

...of how smartphones are metaphorically bending netbooks over and making them take it from behind.

Paris, because, well.... she might get an Atrix? :P

Seven... SSD sizzlers


What i've noticed about 90% of review and product listings...

Is a lack of whether they support TRIM out of the box, because tbh, I really cannot be bothered trying to figure it out anymore with the myriad un-catchilly named controllers out there for SSDs.

I have an Intel X-25V 40GB, and it is great, but i'd like an upgrade to an 80-120GB disk, but without TRIM support being obvious.... i think i'll wait.

Mines the one with the degrading storage performance over time in the pocket!

Apple Digital AV Adapter


Erm.... Apple Sales Tax Strikes Again?

I have a budget Android Tablet which has total access to any game in the market, not to mention emulators etc.

It has a Mini-HDMI port, and outputs to numerous qualities including full 1080p to whatever HDMI monitor I want to hook up my Tablet to via the £1 mini HDMI adapter and £3 HDMI cable. (Oh, and i can still charge it via USB or mains adapter, if I like. And hook up my USB keyboard for Sonic goodness).


Surely El Reg needs to start adding a Value For Money rating to their overall scores. No way that something which does less than something else for much more money should be given any sort of positive spin.

To think, I once seriously considered an iPad. If only I had endless wads of cash for basic functionality.

Video games go off quicker than tomatoes


maybe if prices...

for certain titles were more realistic, than the preowned market wouldn't exist.

take CoDBLOPS for example.

i haven't paid more than £28 for a brand new retail release EVER on the PC. the cheapest i can find it for PC is £35 (retail) and its now about 2 months since it came out.

i'm sorry, but inflating prices for mediocre games off the back of hype is only damaging to the people who worked on it and deserve dosh.

put the price up too much, and less people buy it. not that CoDBLOPS was never going to make a ton of cash.

London's tube demands faster-than-NFC ticketing


Negatory Good Buddy!

I was also thinking however, that a lot of people's smartphones (or even tablets) are big enough to slide an oyster into the back without butchery.

I would LOVE to watch someone fumble with their Jobsian FondleSlab at the ticket gates trying to get through!

Troll because... why not?!



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