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Sharp launches ultra low power LCD TVs

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Let Me Explain

LCD TV's do NOT flicker - they never have. They are a progressive panel, the entire picture is shown on the screen, it is not interlaced like CRT tv's. CRT TV’s flicker because of the interlacing and the fact the tube creates (draws) the picture from top to bottom on the tube adding to the flicker. By simply making it do it faster (100 Hz) or 100 times a second, CRT TV’s stopped flickering - nice.

Now 100 Hz & 200Hz LCD TV’s are different. As stated they don’t flicker so what’s the point? Cheap Argos 100Hz TV’s use the above system, simply drawing the same info faster making NO difference to the picture. It’s a marketing thing - WOW look 100Hz Panadung TV for £249! It’s a number game - mostly bollox.

However Sony and other high end manufacturers are creating "intelligent” frames on the TV in an effort to reduce/remove screen judder. when the camera pans left to right or text scrolls quite fast across the screen sometimes its un readable of the picture "judders" Dragon Den is a great example when the camera pans - my Sony 50Hz TV looks awful as the picture judders - look out for it!

100Hz adds fame per second; it creates it by guessing where the picture is moving and some other clever trickery I won’t go into here. It reduces the flicker when the camera pans around and keeps the background more in focus

200 Hz add another 3 per second - the image is a smooth as possible. The processor in the TV needs to be very good to achieve this and also the processor needs to have anti blur built into it. some Samsung 200hz suffer from the "force field" affect where people have a blur around them when walking - Sony's do it too but as it stands you cant see it on normal viewing, im sure the sami will catch up soon

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