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Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral



No, they are right, God does hate fags. God used to smoke 20 a day but can't stand them now...

UK police crime map website: Who's the victim here?


I know why it cost so much...

The development didn't cost much at all, the huge expense was because of the Welsh language translation. Have you noticed how the people who lobby most for more bilingual signs, forms, documents etc are the same people with Welsh language translation companies...

Facebook stat flood gives hope to mateless, dateless



Ummm.... none, nothing is ever deleted just deactivated...

Double-clicking patent takes on world



After reading many comments, I would like to thank you all for your inspriation which I have turned into a reality and since copyrighted and patented in the wonderfully, oil-rich state of Texas...

I call it multiple-frustrational clicking, when your application or system freezes and you vent your frustration on the mouse by clicking all buttons as fast as you can until you have vented all frustration. If you would like to all add your names and bank account details to this comment, I will have you all added retrospectively to the patent and then we can sue anyone, obviously, your bank account details are needed to send the massive payouts we can expect....

These funds will of course be sent from my Nigerian bank account for which you will incurr a small transfer fee which is payable up front...!

Microwaved hard disc, run-over PC and other data disasters


@ Wheaty73

Almost, it should go like this...

Backup, Backup, Backup, TEST!

Otherwise you don't have a backup solution, you have a backup hope ;-)

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Horror AVG update ballsup bricks Windows 7



Not if you have a usb port, an infected pen drive and you haven't disabled auto-run. The only 100% secure system is one that is never turned on, these bloody users can be devious bastards at times and do things us mere mortals couldn't imagine... ;-)

Intel needs to rethink security to profit from McAfee buy

Thumb Up

@Anonymous Coward Overheard at Intel HQ....

Bastard! You owe me a keyboard! ;-)

Taiwanese online hunk lures 20 women into bed


Playmobile anyone?

Looking forward to the hidden camera reconstruction with playmobile... (does El Reg have that many gullible naked women in the set?)

Beer, well he must be thirsty after all that and I for one would like to buy the guy a pint.

UK gets final warning over Phorm trials



There was I thinking this was the second part of a BOFH double bill today, my bad?

Giant megaships to suck 'stranded' Aussie gas fields



So these are not giant ships, they are not megaships, they are giant megaships, so they're big then?

NASA enlists schoolkids in Moonbase piss-recycler push



So the proposed test solution contains household ammonia and they will test the drinkability how exactly?

Mine's the one with the gallon of milk in the pocket to dilute the ammonia in the poor kiddies tummies...

Man remanded for extreme porn offences



I find it odd that for an IT website with such a professional readership, 'news' items like this and others involving porn or which have comic value have more comments than say the latest development in cloud computing or storage devices. Seems to me that people want a career in IT to allow them to bypass all the security and download porn all day - makes the day pass quicker I guess. Articles like this just show the readership which porn they now have to delete to stay just inside the law...

Handgrenade, social, for the use of. Pull pin, stand well back.

Virgin Media in 'which Whitchurch' whoopsie


@AC @ Martin66

Good to see the usual 'Welsh bashing' is alive and well. I am from Whitchuch originally and as Cardiff has a population of around 800,000 people, I think you can safely divide it into smaller, more manageable areas.

And just so you are straight on your 'Welsh bashing', Cardiff is not only a city but also a county comparable in size to any of your English cities which whilst I am on my soap box, would be a very dry place to live were it not for the flooding of Welsh valleys to make resevoirs.

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