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GTA maker coughs up $20m for 'hot coffee' sex


Why does nobody find out the details?

Probably because it's more fun discussing it with the knee jerk minimal facts. :-P

But seriously though, despite everyone getting all heated up about peoples morals and the prudishness of various slices of modern society, the details of this event are much more banal. This class action isn't about the fact that the scenes were in there but that the directors of Take Two knew they were in there but due to financial problems and wanting to get sales rolling they pushed for the release with it hidden hoping that no one would find it. That part comes under the engaging in false advertising and damaging company reputation bits. Then when the truth came out they lied about not knowing about it and tried to blame it on first malicious hackers then on the Rockstar developers. Meanwhile they were inside trading on their own stock the whole time and making extra money. Plus they added in issues with stock options being inappropriately valued to the advantage of the directors.

Both versions are fun, just to different people.

Mine's the one with the stock options in the pocket??


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