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Hit the Pano button - desktops go virtual

Pauli Jokela


What's actually funny about this is that in finnish, Pano basically means screwing, as in "she's my regular pano" or "let's pannaan" (pannaan comes from the word pano).

Anyway, it's funny, imho.


No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye

Pauli Jokela

It's not imminent

I've actually had Vista running on my laptop for a few months now. Although, I've reinstalled it a couple of times. The first time I had the exact same bug, which I remember reading about somewhere (something to do with thumbnail generation?).

At any rate, the current install of Vista on my laptop has no problems, whatsoever. I've turned off indexing (completely) and UAC. Aero's running with everything it's got.

I think it's a common bug, but I also think that something I did solved it, atleast for me. Might've been indexing, might've been UAC, who knows.



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