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Most browsers leave fingerprint that can ID users


What a load of nonsense

What a load of nonsense,

I first done this test and it said my fingerprint was unique, so, I re-routed all traffic to that website over my works VPN connection, and re-done the test using the same browser which has the same fingerprint. Surprise Surprise, it said it was unique again.

Attack code for Firefox zero-day goes wild, says researcher



Does this mean the German Government will recommend not using Firefox like they did with IE?

I think not...

Google shuts down bank snafu Gmail account

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It's just... pathetic

I honestly think it's pathetic how the bank can claim the moral high ground here. In my opinion, the court should have refused their court order plea on grounds that their internal security is simply shit, and if they used sensible methods of communication for secure data then this would not have happened!

Bank sues Google for identity of Gmail user


Unencrypted communication

Why are the banks sending confidential information using unencrypted means of communication?

Gmail in massive web outage


Google Apps

Google Apps was down too, they'll have a bit of explaining to do as to why they didn't meet their 99.9% Uptime SLA.

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