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PS3 backwards compatibility gone for good


Sony out of touch with its consumers

I know gamers with different consoles - PS3, Wii and XBox 360 - I personally have a PC and PS3, and we all play last-gen games, some dating back from the mid-90s on the PS1. Those that claim that "nobody" plays last-gen games are generally wannabe "hardcore" gamers that want to look "cool" because they have the "latest" tech. They probably buy PCs with atrociously fast processors and weak onboard GPUs and sound for gaming too, believing that they've found a "bargain".

I think I would have refused to buy a PS3 had I not already had my PS2. Likewise, I'm not sure what's going to happen should my PS2 ever kick the bucket. To be honest, I bought the PS3 because I was sold on the Blu-Ray capabilities and a couple of games (MGS4, Ridge 7) but now the PS3 only ever gets used for PS1 and Blu-Rays these days. Such a waste.

In any case, Sony has just lost the plot over the past few years, deluding themselves with what they think gamers want and never actually asking them. PSP Go? Destined to fail from the outset.



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