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Re/code apologizes for Holocaust 'joke' tweet


"It was sent in error from this account"? So which account did they intend to use to make that staggeringly offensive and tasteless joke? And how exactly does one send a tweet "in error"? Do you drop your sandwich on the keyboard and accidentally type that out? Or maybe they still think it's funny but need to pretend to apologise to appease social media?

O2 dithers over Apple iPhone 4 refund pledge


Sale of Goods Act

Not just fit for the purpose intended, but also of satisfactory quality (what a reasonable person would consider satisfactory). And it matters not a jot what Steve Jobs says - he can say the phone can actually increase the efficiency of your hot water boiler if he wants, but it doesn't affect your rights under the Act. Plus, the Act puts the responsibility on to the retailer, not the manufacturer, to refund or replace the item (your choice).

And if the retailer refuses, you can insist on the phone being sent away for an independent evaluation, although I can't remember who pays for it - probably you up front, with the retailer refunding if it goes your way, but don't quote me.

I'd love to see someone try it.

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban



Just how badly does Apple have to treat customers before the balance tips people away from buying their stuff?

Apple updates iPhone OS

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No more bricks

Every firmware update since 3.0 has almost bricked my iPod Touch and I've had to use iTunes on XP to get it back as the recovery drivers refuse to work on Win7 (or Vista before it).

Looking at the Apple forums shows that this is a common problem but Apple as usual won't even acknowledge it, let alone fix it.

Until this issue is sorted Apple can stick its update a mile up its California-tanned botty!

Gas mask bra secures Ig Nobel prize

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Was it pure coincidence that I misread that the bra can be also be used by a seedy bystander?

Twitter bans security maven for sharing naughty link

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Re Kid admin?

I'd say yes they do, judging by the appallingly unprofessional message given.

YouTube UK welcomes back the music

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If music videos are not adverts to get you to go out and buy the single/album/track, can we stop calling them "promos" as that's clearly a big fat lie.

UK Music secret data: 'Young people will pay for downloads'


Commercially sensitive or comemrcially intended

I can only see one reason for considering as commercially sensitive the average amount that youngsters are prepared to pay for music and that is that UK Music is intending to start their own business selling music. If they aren't out to make money themselves, why is it commercially sensitive? Oops!

Lad from Lagos makes YouTube pitch

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Someone's front room?

I especially like the ordinary sofa and the obvious radiator draped with a cheap throw and a couple of wooden elephants. Looks to me like an unusual and modern attempt to get some quick comedy fame.

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