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The best e-readers for Christmas


Your nexus 7 image is a tad large....

1,843.64 kB (1,887,884 bytes)

2,381px × 2,239px (scaled to 640px × 602px)

Microsoft insists autistic Xboxer is a cheat


Autistic or no, it looks like he was cheating.


It was a case of cheated achievements, rather than a gifted deathmatcher.

Breakfast cereal freebie CD dishes up hard-core smut

Paris Hilton

It looks like it was her boyfriend after all...

- and he was watching porn on ALL their computers :-D


Re: Body Jam in the News (Sweden)

In selected countries we have supplied a BODYJAM or BODYCOMBAT VCD to go on Nestle Fitness cereal packs -a great promotion that's getting millions of new people to try Les Mills workouts at home and in clubs. The response has been huge we suggest if you want one you should go out and grab a box asap!

Some people who have used the VCD got a surprise they weren't expecting. The basic explanation is that on some PCs using Vista and Windows Media Player,the VCD has not played automatically. So if you were watching something else before you put the CD in, when you push play it brings up the last video to be played on that computer .

We're sure some people might be hoping for a little extra spice but our VCD's on the Nestle packs don't contain adult content! But they'll still give you a great workout at home!

The Les Mills team

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