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Commission concerned about Vista security

James Devney

Hang-on a minute!

I'm getting a little bit miffed with the EU Commission.

I would actually quite like an OS that has built-in virus checking, built-in security features, built-in media players, built-in PDF exporters/viewers, built-in e-mail clients, etc etc.

You get the idea?

Eventually, the EU may well want MS to strip out everything that's not deemed to be 'core' code required for the operation of a computer system. Where will it stop?

If this does happen, (in the name of increased competition) who will be left out-of-pocket? We the punters of course. Will MS reduce the price for its OS because its not including components that the EU deems are anti-competitive? I think not. Joe Public will have to fork out for every piece of functional software that allows someone to actually do something on a computer.

Who's interests does the EU Commission actually represent?



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