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HP loses massive DWP contract

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You mean...

The unions who have called the first ever strikes in IT?

Googlephone debuts Jan. 5, says everyone but Google

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I'd find it easier to take you seriously...

If you knew the difference between plain and plane.

Nokia jacks up Apple patent complaint

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Business GCSE

If you use another company's technology, ensure you have the correct licensing to use it. Otherwise you may find that you have built your product on a legal minefield once the owner of the technology gets annoyed enough.

HTC's next-gen Android flagship phone to debut Feb 2010

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How many Androids...?

False comparison. It's like saying that each Windows Mobile phone is an attempt to compete with the iPhone. Different manufacturers are bringing out different phones aimed at different parts of the market - look at the lower end ones on PAYG.

It might shock you to hear this, but not every phone that's released is aimed at the iPhone.

2009's Top Android Smartphones

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Milestone should be on there...

Seriously, woooooooaaaaah....

£35 a month 18 monther? Hell yes.


Microsoft feeds Excel to supercomputer

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As another "spreadsheetard"

I've got a load of VBA that builds things on top of the data that comes out of our BW. I work in country finance in a large multinational with a central BW. There's things we need to see which other countries do not. Making the change in the BW would require a change request that would take time and money, whereas writing a bit of VBA to add an extra few columns/split a few rows takes a LOT less of each.

Excel dominates because we're talking about things which have grown up in finance departments in small to medium companies, not IT departments in large companies. These are people who do VBA coding to help with their finance job, it simply wouldn't work to have people who do a bit of finance to go along with their programming job. Getting the code a bit wrong so it takes 20 minutes instead of 5 minutes once a day? Not too much of a problem. Getting the understanding of what the figures represent wrong so that you provide the wrong input into a business decision? Can be a really major problem.

Excel and VBA work well for certain levels. The problem is that it's only to a certain level - 45 hour runs are well beyond that, but until someone invests the time and money to get someone in to re-write it, those books will keep being run.

Disney kicks 'Ho White' out of bed

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Black Helicopters

Now this is damn good marketing.

Anyone see any statement from Disney? Anyone see anything that actually shows they've made any complaint over this? Nope, neither do I.

What I DO see is an advert that's being carried front and centre in a large number of news sites, and is getting talked about. Reckon the "little bit of contact" with Disney could just be "Hey, we're doing an ad using Snow White. Yeah, we know she's a public domain character, just letting you know. Cheers mate." Job done, they can legitimately say they've had contact with Disney over it, come over as a bit cheeky and pushing the boundaries, and get their product into the press more than any advert ever could.

O2 confirms UK Pré launch date

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Balls to that.

Let's see, £75 for 18 months or £35 for 24 months and I get a free phone? You've got to be kidding me. I barely want a handset for 12 months before I want to upgrade, especially with new operating systems like this. Wouldn't get a Pre on this, wouldn't get an iPhone on this, wouldn't get any bloody phone on this.

Italian Job sat nav driver cops £900 fine

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People are seriously defending this guy...?

He's driven along a path that seems to be about two foot wide from the picture, and only stopped when he went through a fence and nearly off a cliff. That's not 'paying due care and attention', that's 'being a fucking idiot'.

Apple gives Palm the boot - again

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Let's see...

Software updates which do nothing for your customers who also own your hardware, but do lock out your customers who use another manufacturer's hardware? Idiocy.

Seriously, why is there any debate about this? It does nothing for their own hardware customers.

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