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HOT HOVERSHIP-ON-HOVERSHIP ACTION: SpaceX ready for barge boing


within 10m .... come on Reg, would that be minutes? miles? metres? millions of olympic-sized swimming pools? millions of light-years? mountains of shredded london buses laid end-to-end?

Dodgy thruster won't stop Philae hurtling toward comet showdown


Re: Approved standards

The Grauniad says the comet is "about the size of central London" but also "10 times the length of a US aircraft carrier". Can this be added to the standards converter? i.e. 1 Central London = 10 aircraft carriers?


Americans attempt to throw off oppressive, unresponsive rulers on 4th of July


Re: The Government will be quaking in there boots.

You are being too nice to them. Remember that GCHQ does not only target terrorist activity but also activity related to security, general crime and "economic well-being". i.e. anything they feel like.


Victory on mobile belongs to Google in 2013

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Re: hmmph

Yep, and not just call quality but usability too. Like, on a blackberry or an older nokia you can redial the last number in two clicks - green and green again - without looking. I do this a dozen times a day, and often need it in a hurry. On an iphone or nearly any kind of android, even those with a keyboard, it is not only loads more clicks but you have to look to see what you are doing. A crazy step back IMHO.

Quite happy to have my phone do smart things as well but first things first - doing the things I do most often with it reliably and easily.

So either a) most people with an android, iphone etc hardly use their phones as phones or b) they put up with constant inconveniences in their most frequent interactions with it, for the sake of shiny apps, or c) they actually spend more time using their phone for smart apps than for phoning, texting, mailing. In which case they need to get out and get lives.

GNOME 3: Shocking changes for Linux lovers


What is minimize for?

Nice to read a review of gnome-shell (the part of gnome 3 which was reviewed) which picks up on the positives.

Anyway, what was minimize for in the first place? What was ever the point of minimizing window A to get to window B? Why not just switch to / click on window B straight away? Can someone enlighten me?

'CRU cherrypicked Russian climate data', says Russian


whoopy doo

whoopy doo, some blogger / oil-industry nutter [delete as applicable] struggles to cope with data which is beyond their professional understanding. And "publishes" a "piece" about it.

Wake me up when he gets it into a peer-reviewed climate journal.

Linux guru: interface innovation is the challenge


window managers

@rich 2: agree with you about windows hiding each other, etc. this is what I think: gnome & kde should take a look at tiling window managers like awesome, ion3 etc. Just because they only target themselves at uebergeeks right now doesn't mean the principle of tiling windows is a geeky thing, in fact I guess it is more like what you would expect if you had never used a computer.

I am an office-type worker, not a dev or anything but I use awesome window manager (awm) on ubuntu and find it a hilarious waste of time if I have to use a non-tiling window manager on another box.

Course, all awm & co need friendlifying.

Smiley, because trying to get a bit constructive on improving UIs rather than indulging in flamewars

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