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What a flap: SIM swiped from slain stork's GPS tracker used to rack up $2,700 phone bill


Charity lacking in IT sense??

But they have developed and deployed a miniature tracking device....

while in house IT may not be to blue chip standard, they did manage to find enough skill somewhere to bring this project to fruition - if the data tracking module was designed and built by the charity, then one would assume the knowledge would be there to use a SIM that would have some controls on its use...

If, and i expect this is the case, the tracker was bought in, then during the sales and training for the unit someone should have impressed on the security features of the product and supplied details of validated carriers and sim types.

Then... well, im no bird expert, but I would expect that if one of my subjects had failed to move for a few days that it was probably not in a good way... and after a week of no movement Id have probably written off the creature - prompting the closure process for that particular tracker.

Its unfortunate, and a learning process, but these things happen...

Microsoft ends notifications for Win-Phone 7.5 and 8.0


I dug out my old yellow 920 the other day for the kids to mess about with... there was something very familiar with the way the phone felt... warm, solid and the screen was lovely!

I do miss the WinPho times... the UI worked for me, and those blasts of colour in an ordinary world!

Kentucky gov: Violent video games, not guns, to blame for Florida school massacre


oh, and the video game side of things.... I cant remember any game, let alone all the games, where you walk into a school and shoot your classmates... as for bonus points "where you get extra points for finishing someone off who’s lying there begging for their life." I'm not sure what games he plays... but they are pretty hardcore!!!

the closest thing I can think of is the airport scene on Call of duty something or other, which was a 20 second glorified cut scene. and certainly no more or less brain damaging than stuff on the telly.


People will hurt people... there is no way to stop that, its human nature... but its the tools that are available which decides the ferocity of the attack... from fists, to knives, to bullets, the damage is exponential.

Over here, guns are heavily restricted - no handguns, shotguns are limited to 3 rounds, and certainly no high fire rate rifles...

taking a UK spec shotgun into a packed school would be devastating, no question, probably moreso than a standard handgun... but with every projectile the odds of scoring a hit goes up - 6 rounds in a revolver = you would have to be a pretty good shot to make each count, but put 30-100 rounds inside an automatic the odds of hitting more targets starts to look better...

Let the americans have their guns, gun are a great hobby and the majority of users are responsible, but maybe, like the UK limit the number of rounds allowed in a magazine - physically shorter 5-10 capacity will still allow recreational use or at a push - self defence, but in the hands of a lunatic having to pause to change magazines may give the valuable few seconds for the situation to defuse.

Yes, modification and illegal magazines would negate that ruling, but the lunatic that is busy amassing blackmarket equipment is a different sort of motivated to the disillusioned maniac that is just using readily available over the counter supplies...

Seagate fires NASty volley of 12TB spinners with lifebelt for fried data


Re: Don't buy Seagate

Thanks Seagate surfer, but the drives are all outside their warranties, the replacement refurbished drive managed about 6 months before it keeled over, the warranty on that only being the remainder of the original drives warranty... the WD Reds that replaces the Seagates have had 0%failure over a longer service period in the same useage scenario - that is enough to keep my money heading to WD and it will take something special to change that!

Yes, warranties are a fixed period of time, and nothing lasts forever, but one should realistically expect a hard drive to last longer than a year...

some people will have better experiences than others... i may have been unucky to have a 110% failure rate, but back to mentioning backblaze...

Only 251 of the 4,190 ST3000DM001 hard drives placed in service in 2012 were still in service as of 31 March 201"5" - thats about a 90% failure rate in less than 3 years! coincidentally, seagate reduced the warranty on that series of drive to only 1 year partway through its lifecycle, hardly confidence inspiring!


Re: Don't buy Seagate

Generally I would agree with you, but my own anecdotal evidence has moved me away from Seagate as my preferred Hard drive supplier with about a dozen 3TB drives failing from about 10 being bought - yes, the warranty replacements all failed too... I think I have two working drives...

Back blaze backup the Seagate story well, with their own stats... of course everything is relative, but they have a large turn over of drives, so its fairly representative.... but Seagate comes out as the least reliable...



as much as I would love some 12TB drives to thin out the pile of 3TB reds, I just cant bring myself to trust them...

Lenovo spits out retro ThinkPads for iconic laptop's 25th birthday


I dont see the appeal...

I have a T450, I think - 15" sandybridge i7 with 8GB RAM its big... aesthetically and physically... yes its got the silly think light... but nothing to write home about...

then earlier this year I have a X260 to replace it with - 7th Gen i7, 16GB RAM and a 500GB SSD... considering how small it is, its big!

I do concede, the keyboard is good... but I just cant see how people get all wet over them!

Nest cracks out cheaper spin of its thermostat


Re: Why only one thermostat?

you are totally right... its just the controller or interface box if your controller doesnt have wifi built in, but lots of the paranoid on here get freaked out by anything thats attached to the outside world!!


Re: Why only one thermostat?

I looked at Nest, Hive and eventually settled for the Evo home with hotwater and TRV's - this year my heating bill has dropped significantly compared to previous - even with the heating seeming to come onmore often.

the system learns the heatup and cool down patterns of the rooms, the rooms are zoned so the kids rooms are heated to a different schedule as ours and the living rooms, a nice feature is the 'window'mode where the TRV's can identify the temperature diffential and shut off the rads if the windows have been opened or an external door.

when we are out, a quick poke and the heating is off, then back on when we are home.

If i want to run the heated towel rails in the summer, then I can do so without heating the house... whats not to like!

yes, there are possible security issues, but stick the system on a different vlan and life is made that little trickier for a potential attack...

Windows 10 S: Good, bad, and how this could get ugly for PC makers


Windows RT???

nice looking laptop... £1000 pricey, but not crazy compared to an XPS13, Macbook, etc...

The OS is a bit odd though, Focused on school owned and managed, Metro is hard enough in a school environment and while there are store apps, nothing we use in any of our schools is available! (excluding office, which isnt a metro app, but like RT will come installed)

If aimed at student owned demographic, then again, its gonna be a hard sell - no itunes for a start!

Nice hardware, but leave windows with the usual versions! no need to add another crippled OS!

TVs are now tablet computers without a touchscreen


Re: Hardware Acceleration Required

Most modern android SOCs can handle 8bit HVEC and my Galaxy S7 can decode 10bit HVEC without breaking a sweat...

Which was a surprise as my Haswell i7 media centre with ATI7750 was having none of it! 100% CPU and a very poor quality slideshow! a new Nvidia 1050 has fixed that 10bit HVEC at 2% cpu.

Oh - smart TV? my smart Plasma has never done anything more than display the output from the AV amp since day one... the TV in my mind is just a dumb display

King Battistelli's swish penthouse office the Euro Patent Office doesn't want you to see


How much for some trunking...

I dont know if its just me... but i really hate the council approach to hanging a telly on the wall and letting the cables dangle down....

Kodi-pocalypse Now? Actually, it's not quite here yet


Thank you for pointing this out.... I've been an avid kodi user since the days of the hard modded Xbox... its an excellent media device and never streamed any illegal content.

its a shame that since the name change people have really been pushing it hard as as piracy box.

Admin fishes dirty office chat from mistyped-email bin and then ...?


As agreed, if this guy has enough time to trawl through spam then he has way too little to do...

I personally wouldn't have set myself up in his role and have all miss directed mail going into the big mailbox in the sky... even if management asked me to perform said task is explain the futility of it...

but this isn't what is being asked... and who knows what id have done at finding such a mail item - all depends on how the wind is blowing... but while we are thinking about morals, id probably find myself chatting to a certain female employee a little more often!!!

Remember Netbooks? Windows 10 makes them good again!


Modern day netbook....

Ive got a HP 5051 netbook - just updated that to win 10 for fun and as said - its alright....

but for those lamenting the demise of the formfactor - have a look at the dell venue 10 pro - I bought one for the missus a few years back, with the keyboard connected it has almost the exact same footprint and is marginally thinner (my HP had the extended battery)

The dell has a baytrail atom (which is ok), full HD touch screen, real keyboard, came with win8pro, breaks in two for tablet duties and is available used for peanuts!

Reminder: iPhones commit suicide if you repair them on the cheap


Hardly surprising...

Changed a faulty hard drive from a 2013 imac - little did I realise that they need one with custom firmware or else it spins all fans at 100% - facilitating the need for a trip to apple and another WD Blue 56k drive...

thankfully someone has programmed their way round this with a small app that fools the thermal sensors

Hyper-V sets VM created date to 1601, in the reign of Good Queen Bess


its about time!

PCi passthrough is something that I have really missed since migrating from ESXi, I have a number of ESXi hosts as user machines with full access to discrete GPU and local USB ports... live migration isn't possible, but in my case its not needed...

Being able to move those to Hyper-V, especially with the basic Server licence model is a huge boon.

After Burner: Sega’s jet-fighting, puke-inducing arcade marvel


Troccadeo im london....

G-loc 360 I'm sure it was more tha £1 a go, but it was a treat on a visit to the capital ...

By my favourite all time arcade cab has to be Ridge Racer Full Scale... a real MX5 20foot wrap around display, 2 1\2 turns lock to lock and moving the mechanical gear linkage was magic!!

Seagate births 8TB triplets and a 2TB mobile nipper


These look promising, but again I'm another chap with a pile of dead and decaying 3TB disks...

It will take a while before my money moves from WD back to Seagate.

Seagate, maybe presenting a trade up from your train wreck drives might help garner some customer faith...

Apple Pay's Brit biz bashed by banks planning to Zapp it out


Looks Like im the minority

but I like contactless pay... yes, somone may be able to empty my account of £20 if they press a card scanner hard into my groin... but I'm willing to take that chance...

As for the UK banks not embracing Apple Pay - this I am very in favour of... there needs to be a relatively open standard, I just wish the banks would agree on one and just open it up to any phone/device that meets the necessary security standard...

Apple and Facebook are to prevalent in sectors that they don't need to be, while I'm no prude I don't like the idea of one man standing there with his finger on the kill switch for something. (its not quite the same, but on a whim apple servers were no more)

Couple sues estate agent who sold them her mum's snake-infested house


Re: Inspections dont work in the UK

house buying is a laugh...

Lost all faith - loft not inspected as not boarded...

the homebuyers survey on ours last month was - unable to inspect loft as boarded

sue the estate agent? they are all slimy bastards... every bit of paper I have signed places the responsibility of anything squarely on the buyers shoulders....im surprised the americans arnt the same.

Microsoft: Here's what you'll cough up for Windows 10 next year



so for all intents and purposes, the same pricing structure as before...

home and pro, one being cheaper than the other.

Mr average user will stick to what they currently have till its time to upgrade and buy a replacement machine with home pre-loaded.

Mr Small business will stick with what he's got until he replaces a machine, then he will buy the pro version almost exclusively because it will allow domain membership.

Mr Enterprise will carry on with his Volume agreement and just upgrade whenever.

Enthusiasts will be able to buy the home or pro versions for much the same as buying the home or pro versions of win 8/7

the big change is that anyone with 7 or 8 is that they get a window to upgrade for free and Ill take that thank you very much!

Force Touch tweak: Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display


Re: Difficult to justify the upgrade expense

It is tricky, not just for Apple - Intel have seemed to be focussed on mostly energy efficiency as opposed to brute power. All day computing is nice, but 7hours on haswell in a 13" laptop will see me through most days.

Both my Laptop and Desktops run i7 haswell processors and nothing has appeared recently that is worth upgrading them for. Hell, even the Sandy bridge stuff is still quick compared to the new lower wattage chipper.

Apple are invested in their trademark aluminium casework, which is nice, but equally very tricky to make dramatic design changes with.

I like Apples PCiE hard drives, that is worth spending money on... I wish PC manufacturers would enter the realms of crazy fast storage, but on the flip side - the Retina display is starting to be a bit low res compared to the 4k panels that are being touted by DEll, Lenovo, et al


Re: Where's capitalism when you need it?

You don't need to think its overpriced... the very machine you reference is £500 less than the Mac

Dell XPS 15

15" 3840x2100 Display

Touch Screen


16GB Ram

2GB Discrete GFX


ALIBABA Vs AMAZON: Let the Global Tat Bazaar war begin


the tat has to originate from somewhere!

Android lands on Microsoft's money-machine island fortress


so, they upgrade from xp embedded to 8.1 embedded a known upgrade path, probably able to re-use much of the old hardware... the software will either run natively or require massaging to run on the newer os... and this is more expensive than...

re-certifying a totally new OS and rewriting all the software from scratch?

all to save possibly £20-£40 per machine for a windows licence?

each to their own... whatever the driving force behind this move, it wont make a huge amount of difference the cash withdrawl experience, but someone somewhere has had a nice holiday from the decision!

An uncomplicated Buffalo in SOHO: The LinkStation 441D 4-bay NAS box


Re: Stop. In the name of love.

no links to frenas or the ilk yet........ maybe there is something special about this box that has scared/wowed those commentards....

A gold MacBook with just ONE USB port? Apple, you're DRUNK


nice enough laptop, but compared to the xps13 its a bit limp....

true its marginally smaller, but it is significantly less powerful with a smaller, low res, non-touch display, less ports and worse runtime...

the single usb-c? im trying hard to decide on this... in theory its sound... but with the lack of support id have liked a real usb connector too... and the magsafe? im sure they could have squeezed that in, it doesn't take up that much space....

WD reveals NASty new boxes for home and small biz use


yes, you can build your own NAS for less, but for a few hundred quid is it really worth it?

Ive got 4 Qnap NAS boxes on sites and they are very reliable.

You go fast, but we go 'further' and 'deeper' – Voda tells 'Speedy' EE


Like the rest of the commentards, outright speed isn't the be all and end all for mobile broadband, I'm more than happy with sped that is half that of a wired home copper connection....

But what voda needs to do is actually get its slow signal out to the depths of the world... east Essex where I live I can have HSDPA from O2, Three and EE - Voda - I can occasionally get voice, sometimes a GPRS signal, which is a sod as I am having to keep my EE contract running alongside a newish vodaphone contract that I can't escape from... added to that, since before Christmas the subsidised home box has been unavailable from either of the Vodaphone stores nearby....

Apple in 2007: Who wants a stylus? Apple in 2010: We want a stylus!


Re: Apple, almost as many about turns as Microsoft...

I would beg to differ, I find NFC very convenient to pair my devices, NFC automatically changes my phone profile (to divert calls and auto respond to messages) when connecting to my car...

yes, small benefits, but handy none the less - and one benefit that has the added side effect of helping me keep my driving licence...

that to me is a lot more convenient than holding a phone in a particular way to tap to pay (and I am an avid user of tap payment cards)

Goes like the blazes: Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 late 2014 edition


Re: Some nice unique features

Or you could run full outlook on a windows tablet.....

Wireless Power standards are like Highlanders: There can be only ONE


I live in a temporary wireless charging world...

the free Qi charger with my Nokia 930 has a built in battery - plugged in its a normal charging plate, but free it from it usb cable and I can charge my phone without any wires!

What's MISSING on Amazon Fire Phone... and why it WON'T set the world alight


Facebook Phone...

Amazon, as noted are great at almost giving away hardware to lock people in and this is cheap enough (from the hardware perspective) to have done the same, even without the funky cameras my dad could have ended up with one of these - and be another convert...

but like the facebook phone, there is nothing that REALLY pulls you to this device and the headline software features are all available for free on every other platform so it was never goitng to sell purely on the name...

HPC bod SGI racks UV brains, reaches 30 MEEELLION IOPS


these stories are interesting, the tech clever... but much like listening to my mortgage advisor, the numbers are so wild that they make absolutely no sense what so ever!

Heyyy! NICE e-bracelet you've got there ... SHAME if someone were to SUBPOENA it


as mentioned, if your young and ant cheap car insurance you have a GPS tracker fitted...

if you want to make a massive claim for some sort of disability, then wear a tracker... it can be fooled, but if you are forced to wear it for a month or so it will be hard to fool it all the time...

It could have a positive effect on weeding out the false claimers, it could also seal the fate of genuine claiments that happen to be just the right (wrong) side of what someone classes as fit.

In this womans case - if I was her and the claim was genuine, I would be happy to offer up my historical data, along with current data which showed that I wasn't as able as I used to be - to be taken into consideration to assist my claim, but then I am an honest person...

That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?


dropping the placeholders is a real pain... I like the 'full' folder view on my companion devices, the thing that was missing was a clear indicator that a file was local or remote all folders and files looked like local files unless you concentrated on the status bar and noticed its status...

that icon is now fixed... a big green tick overlays synchronised files, while a grey icon signifies files that are due to sync... perfect - but now it looks very sparse in my folders, if I require a non-synced file I need to open onedrive, hunt the bugger down and copy it manually... if I want to save it back im forced to use the client to put it back in its rightful place in my folder structure...

this is all preview software, but I hope they replace the placeholders...

Behold the Lumia 535 NOTkia: Microsoft wipes Nokia brand from mobes


Re: The price appeals

Bundled Crapola? Like office?

There is very little bloat on a winphone and all of it can be uninstalled... no permanent operator branding or crap


Re: Meh

Yes, proximity sensors do go nuts with a screen protector, they sorted that on the 920, but havemt fixed it on my 930, this is a pain, but a snip of screen protector material' and its fine again, not perfect, but its not the end of the world...

This 930 is my second windows phone and I am more than happy with it, I can use tones fine with most telephone services, well, I haven't found one that doesn't work - the caveat is having the sensor issue addressed. It has randomly restarted, but then the iPhones that I've owned for 4 years have all done that and my partners iphone sometimes requires a reset to resurrect it.

Customisation? What are you comparing it to? An iphone? Which allows you to change the background and that's all? Can you resize an icon? Can you group notifications from a VIP? Can you see at a glance emails from several different accounts without opening an app or using a notification centre? no other phone allows the level of customisation that you can achieve on a windows phone.

My windows phone is able to use the microphone inside my Bluetooth speaker, the iphone cant. I can't think of any tome the winphones have disconnected from a Bluetooth speaker or had dropouts with the car hands free... in fact the car mode and quiet hours features are something that I really value, over and above the extra apps that are available. But each to their own...

No, there aren't many in the wild, but they are there.... but like my cars, I don't follow the sheep and like a little individually... the supermarket car park is full of black VW golfs of some description, they work well, hold their value, but are mind numbingly samey.

Why solid-state disks are winning the argument


Re: "it is a really dumb idea to take the cheapest desktop hard drives you can find"

Cheap drives...

This is only anecdotal , but here is my experience with cheap disks...

Seagate st3000 3tb, I have 4 of those in my home array, 2 have died in 2 years, a third making some horrible noise... only after the second failure did I investigate and discover the lifespan is measured at 2000 hours, which is about 2 years in a server...

Blackblaze can get away with colossal disk failure by using disks in such quantities that they are disposable

Apple's new 'iPad Air 2' sliced open, revealing (possible) A8X core


Its quite useful when doing a quick visual audit of kit....

As are barcodes and serial numbers that aren't microscopic and printed in grey....

But then apple were never really into large scale deployment....

Microsoft WINDOWS 10: Seven ATE Nine. Or Eight did really


Re: 80 inches in size

recently got a 70" 4k display and without font scaling I can still read the text...

it is silly, mind! and makes me grin when using it!

Apple is GOLDBRICKING IT: BEHOLD the iPad Glister-Slab


didn't you mean to type a 13" ipad to copy the size of the surface 3 tablet???

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: GORGEOUS FAT pixel density - but it's WASTED


Screen resolutions...

OK, so the iPhones will sell, no matter what, but If Samsung or HTC or Microsoft or almost anyone else released a brand new, flagship phone with less than 1920x1080 it would be lambasted as archaic, could have tried better or not as high a ppi ratio as an iPhone...

now that the 6 has some odd, low density display and the 6plus makes do with 1920x1080 its all good and more than anyone needs....

as for sapphire... Lenovo has a 5" smartphone with a sapphire glass display....

Shoot-em-up: Sony Online Entertainment hit by 'large scale DDoS attack'


Bugger... I wondered why i couldn't sign in, its be nearly 8 weeks since Ive used my PS3, the missus is out and I have a whole night free to play...

Im not so bothered about online gaming, but none of the Playstation Plus titles run without phoning into the mothership... and that is pretty much all my collection!

crap, back to curry and wanking i suppose...

Is it an iPad? Is it a MacBook Air? No, it's a Surface Pro 3


Re: At the right price, I might consider it

At the right price, I might consider it

If the S3 can do a couple of road-warrior things well, I might be interested.

- Can output to external projector displays, say via some sort of mini HDMI,

Yes - maracast for wireless display and mini HDMI

- Runs outlook and office like the good lord intended. That is, indistinguishably from a laptop.

Yes - choose the matching version of office that's on your current PC and install it

- Has enough USB ports for road warriors: being able to charge everything I carry on the road from the surface without needing extra power blocks is a serious +1.

No - only one full size USB3 port,

- Battery life

Apparently is good! And if the RT & pro2 is anything to go by then it should be up there with your current laptop

- Secure screen cover to stop noisy people on the plane.

I'm sure someone will make a privacy filter screen protector once the machine is in the wild for a bit

Looks like most of your boxes are ticked!


Re: One inconvenient design flaw...

PhillW, yes, all the versions of keyboard disable the keys past a point, fold flat against the back or make for a surface for the stand,

As stated, the keyboards aren't perfect (and for the price they should be close to it!) but they are certainly not a gimmick


Having both a Surface RT and used a surface 2 i5, have to say I'm excited at the 3, the i5 was a lovely machine to use and surprised me, so having that performance and the super high res display will be great...

Price for the tablet is high, but not bankers considering the build, but the accessories are, if dell can sell a dock for £60 why does the Microsoft one have to cost 3 tomes the amount (with the uncertainty that it will work with any other generation of device) over £100 for the keyboard too, is twice what it needs to be...

Top Ten 802.11ac routers: Time for a Wi-Fi makeover?


Its a pain that its almost impossible to get a 3x3 card - my current throughput is much better than N - (intel 7260 AC & UBNT managed points) having wasted capacity bothers me! and more speed is always needed! Currently saturating both wired and wireless links copying large files...

Wireless charging stretches the friendship by 45mm


So with that view, you have a wired TV remote and a wired kettle too??

Wireless charging wont solve world hunger, but it will charge your phone without the need to plug in - so no scratches on the phone case as you scrape the plug about in the dark, no damaged sockets or cables from repeated plugging and unplugging, no more cursing as you lift the phone from the tabe to find the cable is 2" too short and no more flying/falling pens or cups of tea as taught cable catapults said items through the air...

Wireless charging = useful addition


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