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Animal lovers say no to radioactive NASA monkeys


this partof the article really shows up the author for what he is

"The group itself, however, leaves out that the monkeys won't actually spend the rest of their lives being irradiated, but will afterwards retire to the McLean Hospital in Boston where veterinarians and staff will oversee their health."

Are you presenting this as some kind of ting that make it all ok?

would it be ok if a load of blokes charged in to your house, kidnapped you, tied you down and blasted you with radiation to measure your suffering and relative lifespan - as long as you were confined to a hospital afterwards ? or to put things in context - throwing you into a jungle

do you think a monkey wants to spend the rest of it's probably short life in agony while it waits to die in a hospital? Monkey's do not find hospitals comforting places to be, they prefer to be outside swinging around in tree's.

how can it be that you have so little understanding of what is right and what is wrong. You would be better suited writing for the Daily Mail.

Yes you Austin Modine, shame on you

Nutt sacking row deepens


Anonymous Coward Posted Friday 6th November 2009 13:25 GMT

yes i see your point, i guess i was trying to express my opinion that simply being a politician does not necessarily qualify one to make such decisions.

this is the reason that we have independent advisory bodies staffed by people who are qualified and do have a better grasp of the issue at hand.

i'll restate my comment

without having the proper prior knowledge accrued by proper and appropriate experience, research and listening to the advice of those at the top of the field then i do not trust what these people are saying, nor do i respect it.

it just beggars belief that these people are in a position to make such decisions that affect us all without having to slightest appreciation of the consequences of their actions.


@Joel Mansford

Joel, This isnt a matter of you get what you pay for.

this is a fundamental issue of right and wrong. Our government, our servants are creating laws that have no moral or fact based value. They are creating laws based on their own opinions. they are not qualified to do this.

The minister for drug (i cant remember the exact title) has decleared that he has never even smoked a joint. Lot's of other ministers have come forward to say that smoked a few joints in their youth etc...

our home secretary and the drugs minister have not even had a smoke before so how can they feel qualified to create laws against it.

i have a friend who smokes weed - he smokes it regardless of the legal status. While attempting to procure said drugs from a street vendor (a criminal) he ended up with a black eye. he then proceeded to purchase some of the legal Spice which has not been researched and may have serious health implications.

so he

a) got beaten up by a criminal

b) the criminal is only in business due to the government's childish attitude to drugs and probably would be in a different line of work if things were different

c) ended up smoking god knows what manufactured in asia to avoid the criminal elements and thus perhaps putting his health at more risk than it might have been.

one could perhaps try to justify the government's attitude to drug prohibition if it was more joined up. how can we accept their views when they continue to treat alcohol and tobacco separately?

i'm not advocating that we ban fags and booze,i just dont trust anyone that tell's me that it's totally fine to use these drugs as long as you have a responsible attitude - but smoke some weed and we'll lock you up and call you a criminal.

It is true that there is a nasty criminal element involved in drug distribution. The war on drugs has failed, the public at large are still taking drugs. To remove the criminal element then the sensible and right thing to do is to take control of the drugs industry, license and regulate, paid for by the tax revenue generated by their cosumption.

really, i am so tired of being told what i can and cannot do by politicians, i dont listen to idiot's at work, on my way to work, or at any other area in my life. Why should i listen to these idiots?

i'm fed up with doing the wrong thing.

Spain won't disconnect illegal file sharers

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19.99 a month web server in non euorpean country (or espanol) - check

bit torrent client with an option for socks proxy (any client) - check

tunnel all bit torrent traffic through said web server via ssh tunnel (takes seconds to set up) - check

use tracker with ssl enabled (most of the good ones already do) - check

now that wasnt hard was it, doesnt take a hardened criminal or terrorist to figure this out.

would'nt the government prefer that i paid that 19.99 a month into some kind of pot for all the copyright holders? no, they would rather behave like children and call me a criminal and loose the money.

i dont care if it's the artists or the foreign isp that gets my 19.99 a month - it's up to the government to act responsibly and find a sensible way of collecting it.

you have to wonder if they really are as inept as these articles makes them appear of if that have a hidden agenda. i'm still not prepared to believe that our government are as technically backward as they appear. After all they could just hire a consultant to poo poo their new idea's.

Sacked drugs advisor pledges new expert body


i'm on NUtt's side

hes the advisor, he does the research and presentshis findings to the law makers.

the law makers have a duty to base these laws on reasonable facts - not on the basis of tabloid media headlines and out of touch politicians (yes they are out of touch - look at the reaction to the expenses scandle)

what is the point in having an advisory council if you wont listen to them?

alcohol is an offensive drug, when was the last time a stoner started a fight with you in the pub?

how many people end up in hosptial as a result of consuming weed? if weed causes so many mental illnesses then why are our mental health hospitals not filled with stoners?

i'm not saying that weed has no ill effects,no, my flatmate is a complete zombie and only leaves the house to go to work or buy more weed. it is having a dreadful effect on his life but he's happy enough and he does not hurt anyone.

if we can have alcohol and tobacco then why can we not have a far less harmful drug as well? many people would happily pay tax on it if they could pop down to the weed shop and pick up some nice weed on a friday night.

millions of pounds in tax being lost due to this idiotic government.

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala


works ok for me

i uograded form 9.04 on my T42, Advent 4213 netbook and my hp workstation - dx 2250

the only majpor problem i have had is with firefox and that got fixed within hours by an update.

overall it is *much* easier than installing windows and making it usable. i didnt have to go off hunting for drivers manually, i did not have reboot several times during the install etc....

my main gripe is that the update manager should support bit torrent since i have a crappy internet connection and so do ubuntu (their servers were slow slow slow)

you can get the distro by bittorrent but no the individual updates. shame but not a massive problem.

this article seems a little unbalanced to me. anyone that has early adopted a windows distro can attest to the same problems, remember xp before sp1?

NASA to irradiate monkeys for science


right, so they get to spend the rest of their lives in a hospital

"it's ok we're not going to kill them, ahem, they might need to spend the remainder of their short lives in hospital though"

am, i the only one who see's a moral issue with this?

P2P snafu blows lid on secret Congress probes


kazaa probably

he probably had his my documents folder shared in kazaa, saved email attachment to the default location and voila.

only an idiot would use kazaa anyway. and these are the people the are taking our civil liberties away from us in the name of security. its about time we had revolution and got this upper class bunch of numpties out of power, they clearly cannot be trusted,

Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers



for years now it has been possible to encrypt your transfers with the check of a box in your preferences.

This will just cause it to become a default option.

what you gonna do about that mandleson?

what a waste of time and money.

DEFRA loses tapes - and plot


thats what you get for outsourcing to the lowest bidder

when will the world come the understand that outsourcing to the lowest bidder is a bad idea?

Government to protect children from zombie paedophiles

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labour = scum

yes but really that should be expanded to

politicians = self serving scum

really, the reaction to the expenses reforms has pretty much tipped my opinion in favour of all of them being scum. Winging and complaining that they cant have a second home for free anymore.

excuse me but can anyone here testify to their employer giving them a free house (to keep and sell afterwards). who do these people think they are, this absurd sense of entitlement they all appear to have goes a long way to explaining some of the ridiculous policies that come out of arse of parliament.

A politicians job is to represent the peoples majority opinion in parliament. Getting rich in the process is not a right that they have. I say bin all their expenses and lower their wage. THat way al the bad eggs (most of them) will go back to big business and we'll get genuine, caring people in parliment who will do a proper job of representing the people.

How can anyone represent the people accurately when they think it is normal to have a moat around their house and expect others to maintain it for them?

Let's see how long it takes to sort out the public transport system when the politicians have to actually use it like the rest of us.

went a little off topic there, boo, down with the dead pedo's

Anti-filesharing laws revive crypto fears for spooks


re:how do you encrypt your facebook connection?

You rent or otherwise gain access to a linux box hosted someplace out of reach of the gov - you caqn rent a server for say...hosting your website and just install linux on it, setup sshd to listen on port 80 and proxy all traffic on that port.,

then you just point your web browser at a socks proxy (putty will do), little bit of googling and 2 minutes of work and all yoru web traffic will be sent down an ssh tunnel to the linux box in said safe country and then out from there.,

So the part of the connection that gchq are allowed to look at is all shh'd up so they cant look at it. I'm fairly sure that nobody has cracked ssh yet.

i used to do this with my torrents when i was on a bt connection.

there are other ways of course, it can be done very quickly if you really want to do it

Madmen cling to jet-powered merry-go-round



I think this is brilliant, my first thought was " oh dear no crash hats and that guy standing in the middle is going to cop it in the face in a moment"

my second thought was " in this day and age it is heart warming to see such a blatant disregard for health and safety and all that shite, no pursuit of serious science and they were all having so much fun. Look at the smiles on everyones faces"


US cedes control of net governance


@ Dan Hall

i see your point, why not run it by (shudder) committee - like the UN but without all the unfair bullshit. So that bans have to be voted on and approved.

So if Zimbabwe wanted to ban websites about the white farms then they would have to get it approved by a majority.

just wanted to ban it in their own country then i guess that's up to them.


good news

I'm going to hazard a guess that the posters above me are all americans

Regardless of what this may mean, the point is that no one country has the right to control the Internet. the alternative may not be perfect but it is a step in the right direction.

Most expensive RAF aircraft ever takes to the skies


el reg is loosing credability when it comes to defense articles

It seem's that the only reason the register publishes defense articles these day's is to bait the "bloody government" / "why dont we just buy form the americans" readership.

It's important that the UK take defense into our own hands. For fucks sake in other articles we read here (Gary Mckinnon for example) all we here is how to UK should stop bowing to the americans, but no, when it comes to defense procurement then that's what you all want.

I do accept that the UK gov do appear tp be paying far too much but that is "far too much" money being pumped back into our economy. The gov make a lot of it back in tax anyway. If we were paying foreign firms this kind of money then i would worry but we're not.

so there.

Cruises on ex-Soviet space warships offered


Am i th eonly one who wonders how a gun can work in a vacuum?

I mean, you need oxgen to help with the explosion of cordite right? No oxygen = no explosion = no projectile?

I'm sure it must be possible but would like to know how



It seems that the cordite itself contains enough oxygen to facilitate combustion...

Microsoft tells US retailers Linux is rubbish


FAT32 just works of course

[quote]@Alan Esworthy #

By Anonymous Coward Posted Wednesday 9th September 2009 02:24 GMT

What happens if you put a FAT32 usb drive into your ubuntu machine and try to write to it?[/quote]

It "just works". I'm not sure if your just asking our of interest or if you trying to make a point?

I've got a 1TB USB drive plugged into my Ubuntu box and it just works, permissions are a little strange, it sets 770 on all of the directories but other than that there are no problems.

EMC co-founder kills himself


@ Prodigal Rebel

why can we put an animal out pf it's misery but not a human? Good question. I suspect it is because humans cannot be trusted not to kill unless it is necessary, and who decides when it is necessary?

I say give people the means to do it themselves and if they cant then go down the assisted suicide route in Switzerland.

A shotgun will suffice though, if i get terminal cancer i want long enough to tie up my loose ends and then pass me the shotgun, better to go out like a light - so fast that you dont know your dead than to waste away in absolute agony.

RIP to him anyway

Mininova flattened by Dutch court


Google does not host a tracker

As much as i would like to spout out the usual "But google does the same thing" i cant.

Google does not have a tracker, it merely links you to other websites that host .torrent files.

If you search for a torrent in google it will show you links to mininova, thepiratebay, sumo etc..

Remove those "top sites" and google wont find any torrents for you. Google is not actually hosting .torrent files and crucially is not providing a tracker server.

So let's just stop going on about how google is just as bad.

None of this really matter's because only torrenting n00bs use these public trackers since they have so much malware and fake files on them and attract so much negative attention from the authorities and media who seem hellbent on locking everyone up.

The real issue for the anti piracy people is the vast network of invite only private trackers. Many of which are secretive in nature and maintain small user bases to avoid detection.

Shutdown mininova and TBP if you wish, the serious stuff goes on behind closed doors.


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