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Google morphs Gmail into Microsoft backup service



By default, they enable contextual ads on their business service, i know, i found out the hard way.

Despite you paying a not insignificant fee, they still scan your data so that you can have the pleasure of having targetted ads delivered to your inbox.

So what else are they using your corporate data contained within those emails for?

Alan Sugar's 'cockup braindead in call centre clueless' BT row


the problem with that is...

...a lot of companies have UK based sales call centres, so when you call up to sign on you get to speak to a geordie girl and you think, ' well that was nice and simple, i didnt even have to spell my name to her 4 or 5 times and we understood each other'.

3 months later you need to call up the customer service line to deal with a trivial matter and get routed to India / slovienia or wherever else is cheapest to man at the moment.

Then the pain begins.

I'm looking at you Be internet, you didnt even check to see if they could speak conversational english did you?

It's no good having a foreign chap who is able to say , 'Hello my name is x, can i have you name please?' if they can understand the response you give them.

The poor people in those offshore call centres have to endure all manner of abuse from us and it's not their fault, but you have no hope of complaining to the people who put them there unless your name is Alen Sugar. Do you think the CEO of BT is going to give you a call if your broadband has not been working for 4 weeks?

Mass mind control artist condemns El Reg to obscurity


No, not all americans

Just the ones that they are calling small minded, which is almost certainly correct.

I'm not disputing the accuracy of the claims, just commenting that if you upset about being refered to as an obscure tech site then perhaps writing a childish rant full of insults and name calling is not the most gracefull way of answering.

Sure, this right wing radio chap is an easy target, but still.

Better to rise above it.



Whilst understandable, This article is a rant that should probably have stayed in the staff room.

Hardly likely to win you any credibility points with the big fat idiots and small minded american's is it now?

BT tests 1Gbit/s broadband


never mind 1Gbps...

...i'd like a bit more than 512Kbps at my house please?

Or have you forgotton about us ?

I though you had.

Horror AVG update ballsup bricks Windows 7


how do you know?

When you say you have no AV installed and you have no problems, how do you know you dont have any malware running, if you have nothing to check for it?

Same question goes to all of you who say you have no AV.

Also, the guy that said his network in a corporate environment has no AV because he takes such precautions as not allowing email attachments etc..

Mate, it's 2010, people want and need to have email attachments to work. You have to balance security with useability.

It's no good having a 100% locked down uber secure nework if people cant actually use the network to do their jobs.

I worked in one such environment where it was so restrcive that we just could not do our jobs, so we found ways to circumvent the security, just to get be able to do our jobs.

I would say that your users will probably be doing the same thing, behind yoru back.


I used it once

The thing is, i dont want to know anythign about my av solution, i dont want to even know it is there, i was to install it, configure it (once) and have it run in the background and let me know if there is a problem.

And that is it, i dont want to see or hear anything else from it.

Thats where the big players lost me, Macafee i spent more time trouble shooting performance problems on my machins as a result of it protecting' me, the reams of others are so hellbent on gettign me to buy something else from them or slowing my machine down until i cant use it anymore.

So i settled in Avast, which once configured, just runs in the background, quietly (once you have turned off the update notification voice) and i dont think about it at all.

Anti virus should be just that, not a bloated nagware ridden resource hogging pain in the ass.

And now this, an update that actually causes more damage than the majority of viruses currently doing the round.

Oh the irony

Wikileaks' DNS pulls plug, citing collateral DDoS damage


why are the US getting away with this?

This is so obviously a state attempt to destroy wikileaks illieagally.

Ddos'ing and now a warrant out for his arrest for 'sex crimes'.

Come on, 'sex crimes' ?

A smear campagin in full swing. Why are they not just using the law to deal with this?

I cant believe that nobody is reporting it the way it is.

Moving to Windows 7: What to watch out for


...The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

The main problem with rollign out win7 on a domain is that your users have a lot more control over the OS that they have ever had in previous windows versions.

Just to get this out of the way, i'm a linux user on my own kit, i only use windows at work where i have to, but i have to say that windows 7 is actually pretty good, and there is no way i could bring myself to install windows XP every again.

XP is pile of shit in comparison and your better off dealign with the little problems in windows 7 than continuing with XP.

I think.

US iPad to get BBC pay app - with 'handcrafted British feel'


what about android, and windows phone 7 or whatever it's called?

I'm quite sure that the BBC are not allowed to be platform specific, few remember that iplayer when it first came out used a propprietry codec that eliminated linux and osx users, if they are releasing an Ipad app (and why not) then they need to make one for android and the other one that no body will use, windows.

Telegraph to charge for online news



...because far less people go there now?

Empire Strikes Back director Kershner dies at 87



Well done for making the best star wars film and rip.

To return to topic, dear god no, no more star wars movies please. If Lucas managed to fuck up 3 new ones what makes you think he wont fuck up another 3.

Unless they get guy richie or someone like that to direct them then dont bother

snatch wars


US cable giant Comcast accused of internet video 'toll booth'


when will ISP's get a grip on the fact that...

...it's almost 2011 and people want to watch video's on the internet.

And if we're paying X for it now it does not mean we'll pay X+Y for it tomorrow.

Apple says no to Android-oriented iPad mag


Ipod touch

I have an android phone and an ipod touch. I often use my ipod touch to surf the net and read books etc...

I have even browsed the net for android related stuff on the ipod.

While i think it is deplorable that apple seek to censor the content of yoru ipod / iphone (ansd this is why i bought an android phone over an iphone), the app support is much better on ipod / iphone. For example companies like memorymap, ordinate survey etc only release ipod apps.

Anyway, apple are either ego maniacs or scared of android hoping that if they can censor android away from their customers then they wont know about it and wont buy it.

Censorship has a great track record though doesnt it?

Better app support for android please!s

Jumpin' Meerkats! Ubuntu moving to daily downloads?


they already release updates daily

Software updates already come though daily, you dont have to wait 6 months for a new open office or firefox, the update manager prompts you whenever a new version of an installed app hits the repo's

if it's ubuntu incremental version updates your talking about then ok, but kernel's etc... are already updated as and when they come out, not every 6 months

New RAF transport plane is 'Euro-w*nking makework project'



First of all it is unfair to call a man a liar since he knows that should america withdraw the rights to use their part, the Fremch would carry on using them anyway and if push came to shove we could all design new avionics for them.

Why pour Billions into the US economy, forget the Tactical requirements for a moment and see this for what it really is....A way of boosting the european economies.

Every penny spent on US hardware is money down the drain, spend it with european companies and you get a lot of your money back in tax, you give people jobs, you dont have to pay those peoples dole money.

There is far more to defence spending that getting the cheapest initial price possible and i'm probably not alone in saying i'm getting really broed with Mr Page's scathingly short sighted articles on defense.

Google to scrub slurped UK Wi-Fi data


they were not allowed to delete it...

...until the concerned governments had taken a look to see what they had.

There is nothing to stop them making a copy of course, but why would they?

They have too much heat on them to try and use it now

Acoustic gunshot locators get UK military field trials



Thats an amazing idea, entriely doable as well and the app would only cost about 0.89p per phone as well.

Tumblr and 4chan knock each other out


...The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

yeah, it's like the nerds equivilant of a friday night punch up, but from the safety of their bedrooms

Samsung's Android tablet: split and eviscerated


android on ipad is comming

It looks as though you will be able to install android on the ipad soon anyway, apple will of course hate that and try to stop everyone but meh.

If that galaxy tab had been made bigger then it would not be so disadvantaged in comparasson

Google punts free in-flight Wi-Fi for holiday travelers


re: use a vpn

They will almost certainly block vpn's on this, it will be the most locked down 'free' wifi ever created for many reason.

I would expect it to be quite useless for anything other than normal web surfing.

BA slams stupid security checks


it's a propaganda / deterent thing

right or wrong what they have been doing is making noise, same reason they put the army at heathrow with tanks etc... a few years back.

The army being at heathrow with armour was never really going to be practically effective but it gived pause for thought when planning some kind of 'event'.

I mean, if you were thinking about setting off a bomb on an airline, you might think twice when seeing a tank outside the terminal entrance.

the whole liquids thing / sharps etc... is just a bit of asemetrical pro active security.

I'd prefer it that they did not try to profiteer of the back of it though, £3 for a small bottle of water that you have no choice but to buy is grossly unfair.

Jobs savages 7-inch tablet competition


flash memory

Very funny :-|

your users dont find it nearly as amusing my friend.

Grow up and allow flash for the love of god

Anonymous plants pirate flag on MPAA website


i wonder how long before...

....these guys get caught. only a matter of time with all the lip they are giving it,

Normally i would condemn website defacing or ddos'ing but given the target's own moral standing i have no sympathy

it is quite nice to see the big boys getting bullied for a change

Ubuntu 10.10: date with destiny missed



If you put /home on a separate partition then you can upgrade / format / install the os parition and not loose any of your configuration or files

i will install 10.10 later today and once it reboots after it finishes i will have all my tweaks / configs, files and software configurations already there saving me hours of setting stuff up (compiz for example)

He reason that Ubuntu does not do this for you is because how do they know how big you want /home to be?

1GB? 100 GB ? 1000GB?

It would not be too hard to put an option in the partitioner to offer a 40/60 ratio between / and /home though.

I have never needed more than 10GB for / so the rest goes to /home every time

Google robo cars drive selves on public streets


please spend the money on a cleaner, renewable energy source...

...not robocar's prioritise google.

If all these companies would just get on with replacing the combistion engine with something a bit more 21st century and deal with the idea of robocars later, the world would be a better place.

saying that, although i usually enjoy driving, anyone who has dirven from london to scotland a couple of times will apreciate being ablwe to hand over to the robocar while they settle down with a book in the back

Mozilla puts Firefox 4 Android beta on crash diet


Unusable on the galaxy s

I have it on my galaxy s, it crashes a lot, hardly loads any pages and takes about 2 minutes to start.

The built in androis browser is superior in every way at the moment. I really hope that they get it working properly but this is not even of alpha quality at the moment

Three new 'nauts head off to ISS


i have two questions

1) do the americans have to learn russian or do the russians have to learn english?

2) procreation in space is actually quite important until somebody figures out a better propulsion system, i mean, if we're going to go out and look around somewhere interesting, a planet with air for example, then people are going to need to reproduce along the way since it's going to take more than one life time to get there.

Weather or not men are able to have sex in zero g or not is not important, since they wont be reproducing and i bet you any money you like that a man will have had a wank in space already, but has anyone actually dipped their pen in the company ink so to speak?

Duke Nukem Forever demo'd on video


it looks really boring

doesn't it?

Kiss frontman gives file-sharers tongue-lashing


father of the year?

Probably not, sounds like a real asshole.

However, over on the largest and best music tracker, the most hits on one if his albums is 268. Even if they are all lost sales (which they are not) then thats hardly enough to account for his declining sales.

The issue i have with this is that he blames downloading for declining sales.

While this is clearly not the sole cause he latches onto it because, well, it's something to blame is it not?

Then we have the AC "freetard" comments that always pop up on these threads, 2your all freeloading freetards etc...", who use the argument that it does not matter that we would never buy it in the first place but might download it for free, it's not ours to steal in the first place and that is whats wrong.

The counter argument these AC's present never fits with the lost sales argument.

Virgin Media introduces P2P throttling


nothing to worry about

Encrypting your torrent transfers is pretty standard and as simple as checking a box in your client config. With encryption enabled they cant know what protocols you are using.

Men sentenced to prison for Comcast hijack


18 months??

89k as well? to changed a compromised password?


Bill would let feds block pirate websites worldwide


so just dont use a US based name server?

So all the torrenters in america just change to an offshore name server?

or, use ipaddresses instead.

DNS is astupid way to try and block access.

for example, www.thepiratebay.com wont be resolved, so everybody will just use



Linus Torvalds outs himself as US citizen


oh well

It's not like we're all refusing code from america now is it?

I dont care where he is from or where he lives, it's the work he has done and continues to do for our benefit that i like.

i dont like america either but i'll still take their code

Asus unwraps dual-core Atom netbook


screen size

It's a netbook, not a laptop. That is the standard resolution for a netbook.

which is actually fine considering the screen size, if the resolution were any higher you would need would need a magnifying glass to read text.

Although, i would like to be able to increase the resolution when using an external monitor.

Facebook gives users' names to advertisers


what the ...

they are handing out our personal detail including our names to advertisers???

how can that be legal?

Twitter bomb joker found guilty

Big Brother

nobody has said it yet

so here goes

They nailed him to make an example out of him to deter other people from making jokes about blowing things up.

It's pretty obvious why they nailed him.

Yes it is a big brither thing and yes they are basically telling us all "dont even think about making a joke about blowing stuff up, it's hard enough trying to catch the real terrists let alone the hundreds of comdians"

So i see if from both views, convicting somebody like this is not the answer though.

Gary McKinnon's mum not prime minister


i admire her spirit

And she did meet her aim of achieving some publicity, we're all talking about it anyway.

I'd really like to see a liberal Home secretary in the power sharing deal that should occur soon

F*ck you, thunders disgruntled fanboi Apple user


"There's a Linux penguin, a fanboi, and a Windows luser in a plane...

Windows luser "i cant do it, we dont have the time or money to pay for the software i'd need to perform this most basic task, when trying out some 3rd party app's for this in the past i picked up a few viruses and for some reason my browsers home page is now Mr lawrence Balthasar's Friendly and honest bank in Ghana"

Linux Penguin says "Fuck it, i'll do it if means i dont have to listen to this shit anymore, he tries to step forwards to the hatch and end's up going backwards, then he tries to walk around the windows luser and moves in the opposite direction. Try as he might he cant repeat the same thing twice and eventually sit's back down with his head in his hands to wait for the next update

The Mac meanwhile has noticed none of this and is still absorbed by his image in the mirror.

Windows luse looks at Penguin, in the blink of an eye they both realise which of the three the world could live without, the corporations and slaves that have to use windows and the server market will be safe as they kosh the fanboi over the head and stuff him out the hatch.

Met terror squad beats all complaints



All this tell's me is that it's not worth making a complaint about this lot since they seem to have special imunity or their bosses turn a blind eye "as long as they get the job done"


Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx stalks PC and Mac converts


my 6 year old niece uses ubuntu

you people should be ashamed of yourselves, my 6 year old niece has been using it on her laptop for 6 months nowwith hardly any problems that she could not deal with herself

Pentagon looks to revive Nazi space-bomber plan


they would have won....

...if Adolf had not been a *bit crazy. If the other Nazi's had offed him earlier on in the war, say, before comiting to fighting Russia as well as pretty much everyone else then that would have been it.

I still dont understand why he chose to open the second front.

Could have crushed us too at Dunkirk but chose not to by holding the panza's back.

History favours the winners and all but when you look into it, your right, it was frighteningly close

* i say a 'bit' crazy, while obviously rather unsavoury i wonder if he was actually clinically insane or not?

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban



The way i see i is that they dont want these ont he grey market, simple as that, it's got nothing to do with people who smoke cigarettes and wear sunglasses cheating the kid's out of their new toys


every christmas now i have to go to an apple store and buy my brother in law an itunes voucher, they always ask for my details even when i pay cash, i just refuse and they look frustrated but theres not much they can do about it.

if you pay cash and refuse to give them your details then how can they stop you buying ore than 2 or 10 or 20?, just goto a different applestore.

this story is terrible by the way, slow news day?

aside, despite is being a strange business model, acxtually reducing your sales willingly, it's kind of up to them if they sell it to you or not

Ten free apps to install on every new PC



itunes? gold standard??


it's bloated and awful, try as you might you'll not be able to stop the ipod service from starting at startup even if you dont have an ipod and you disable the service.

The music you can buy through it is 128Kbps - shitty quality, it's inexplicably large for a music player, horrible piece of software to have on your machine.

Mediamonkey, songbird, much better choice.

Microsoft wins big in Chinese piracy lawsuit


i feel for them....

"During the negotiation," he said, "we felt Microsoft's pricing was irrational. We suspected they had such pricing because of their monopoly status...It can't be that no matter how much you demand, we have to obey."

yeah, that's what we all think too matey, i's just tough shit though. If you choose an inferior, profit based operating system you have to accept that sooner or later you will have to part with some money.

You pay for the OS, then any software you need to install to get your work done. This is what happens when you copy the rest of the world and make the same mistakes we do.

dont like it? then use linux, it's better anyway. And drop office for openoffice which is also better, and drop exchange....in fact you should drop your IT guy for getting you into this mess and making bad choices.

A multitasking iPad? Let's bin the netbook


why is the register the only forum that wont let you post without a title

so the verdict is that it's crap and is likely to remain crap for the next few years until apple give in and give people what they want such as happened with the iphone.

The author clearly has not put much time into using netbooks.

The only people that will buy this pos are the apple fanatics that will buy anything that apple make regardless of if it's any good or not.

I accept that most of the readership here are IT professionals of sorts and will lean towards functionality, interoperability and supportability everytime so perhaps not the best place to publish an article pitching the ipad against netbooks - which are just smaller, more efficient laptops with no limitations once you get used to typing on a smaller keyboard.


use linux on your netbook

I've been running ubuntu on my netbook for 6 months, i sold my laptop and dont use my desktop anymore.

I have compiz and all thge swishy desktop effects on, dock, multiple desktops, edge task switcher, 3d cube, all of it.

I can play older games (GTA 4 and quake 3 etc...) i can run any app i like on it, full office suite, programming. Netbooks are not handicapped in anyway and the media's constant insistence that you cant do some crucilal things on netbooks is just wrong.

i have an advent 4213 with 2GB ram and a 1.6ghz atom. I am a multimedia user,i watch movies, listen to music, write letters, edit photo's, encode video, print, webcam, media card reader, 3 usb ports, 3G modem, wifi, lan.

As an engineer and hardened pc user i simply dont need anything else now i have this netbook.

If you want to, for £100 you can buy a touch screen monitor for your netbook and fit it yourself, it's only a 4 or 5 screws away on mine. Install the touch screen drivers for ubuntu and there you go. Why you would want to do that fails me but i guess the cravat wearing coffee shop dwellers and those twats that sit on the bus glued to their iphones might like to.

Austrian takes pickaxe to Street View spymobile



actually i think that topography is a perfectly reasonable term to use in describing the american insular societies lack of understanding of the location of those other places that have shit armies and bad food.

I met a speitc a few weeks ago in Belize who told me he hated the UK because we actually ate grilled tomatoes. I was surprised that this was all he could come up with and concluded that he must just be a moron.

from merriam-webster

: the art or practice of graphic delineation in detail usually on maps or charts of natural and man-made features of a place or region especially in a way to show their relative positions and elevations

'Go veggie to save the planet' UN, EU plans debunked

Thumb Down

...a title is unesscary...

we developed canines by process of evolution because our ancestors ate meat. We did not just appear on earth with a body near perfect for chewing meat.

The issue as far as i see it is not weather or not human's should or should not eat meat - It's that there are simply too many humans on earth for us all to sustain the amount of meat we currently eat. I have been travelling through central and south america for 3 months now and i can tell you that they really are cutting down jungle and forrest by visibly horrifying area's of volume in order to increase cattle grazing.

Once these cattle are ripe they kill them, saw them up, freeze them and ship them to the rich folk so that they can be turned into burgers and contribute to obescity or be thrown away.

The deforrestation that results in an increase of 'meat manufacturing' is significant.

There is also a moral issue in that breeding sentiant life purely for food - ending it's life prematurely is not a particulary nice thing to do.

There are too many humans in this world and not enough room to grow meat for food.

This article is bollock's.

P.s - Unitil i came to Central America i was a die hard meat eater, being poisoned time and time again and shitting and puking at the same time for about a month steered me towards veg based food. Not only am i able to pass solid poo, i feel full of energy, healthy andmy weight has dropped to the average, my beer belly has gone and i look great.

I will still eat meat from time to time as i dont see anything wrong with that, but you dont need to eat meat in every meal, you dont need to eat meat every day, once a week is about right., Like our ancestors did when they used to have to hunt for food - back when the earth was in better shape.

And yes, this guy's facebook 'fan' status does cast the article in an almost laughable light

FBI cyber cop says 'very existence' of US under threat



Whilst this is obviously just a bit of sensationalism comming from the mouth of a guy looking for a better budget and propping up the continued applied pressure of fear on an already fear ridden society, there is much that he can do without the need to develop this silly proprietry, expensive, non standard and difficult to support IDS system.

Switch the desktops to linux for a start. Your virus / trojan threat just dropped to near zero. They have direct control over every line of code and arenot at the mercy of large corporations to fix gaping security bugs.

All they need is a handfull of decent Linux developers to seal up code as and when required. Some well configured cisco firewalls and a bit of education to the users in basic threat avoidance "dont click on those viagra ads".

I really dont know why governments make such a big deal out of IT and Networks, constantly referring to it as "Cyber".

If us mere shitmuncher civillians can secure our networks then why cant they?

It's pathetic that they will spend billions on this when everybody else does it for for nothingor maybe a the cost of the firewalls and switches.


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