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Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail

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Think I see the problem

Site is running Windows Server 2003


On the bright side, the government normally pays millions for IT stuff that doesn't work. If this one was only £300K then that's a comparitive bargain - for something that doesn't work.

NoTW editor suspended as phone-hacking stink persists

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Trekkers vs trekkies

Somebody explained the difference to me once: Trekkies are people interested in the future and sci fi in general. They wonder about what the future will bring, space travle and things like what it would be like to have sex in space. Trekkers wonder what it would be like to have sex.

LG uncloaks six-foot 3D TV

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Like a lot of technologies (videotape, the internet etc.) 3D will only become widely taken up when there's porn available. Can you imagine Ron Jeremy in 3D?

Anti-paedo vetting boss warns against relying on databases

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Paris Hilton


Well, as I like to point out, often, regarding the Soham murders: Huntley did not work at the same school as the girls. The fact that he was a school caretaker (at a different school) is completely irrelevant - he might have been a VB programmer or something else evil. It was Carr who knew the girls - she worked at their school.

So all this fucking around, hassling people who might want to help out with clubs, wasting billions of pounds would not have prevented the Soham murders.

Something must be done

This is something

Therefore we must do this

Boffins render full HD million-point animated hologram

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"They also hope to be able to incorporate calculations to hide parts of the object that should be occluded by foreground elements."

But it's a hologram.

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