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What's in a name? Quite a bit when it's the most hated abbreviation of 2018 (GDPR, of course)



Can we think of ways of making this an acronym though.

How about inserting a U sound GuDPuR?


Re: Funny

A quick Googling directed me to what I presume is the correct answer to this conundrum.

Make America Great Again!

Chrome ad, content blockers beg Google: Don't execute our code! Wait, no, do execute our code – just don't kill us!


Re: Why bother?

Surely the answer then is to all go back to IE! Edge is just another chrome (or soon to be) so that's out of the question.

Surface Studio 2: The Vulture rakes a talon over Microsoft's latest box of desktop delight


Re: Hmmmmm!

Yes, the machine can render, but what I said was if you were using it for rendering you would no longer be able to create (AKA do work) because it was rendering hence making it an expensive paperweight.

If you were spending this much for a creative to work, you would want them working, not rendering.


Re: Who is the target market?

As the article mentions, the creatives. Drawing on the screen is more natural than doing the same with a wacom (non-display) tablet. It is basically a wacom display tablet that is not a peripheral. It is all bult in.


Re: Hmmmmm!

You wold not be using a workstation for rendering. If you're stumping up this much money for a pretty PC you would have a dedicated machine rendering stuff out. If you didn't you'd not be able to create.

I do still remain confused about this sentence: Mainly true, but this thing is not really aimed at users of “productivity” software. Adobe tools are still productivity tools, just used for productivity in a different business than what you think the only productivity tools are.

Want to know what 2020 holds? Microsoft has a little something for you


They want everyone to catch the bug?

It's now 2019, and your Windows DHCP server can be pwned by a packet, IE and Edge by a webpage, and so on


Re: people use windows server's DHCP ?

Funny, my Linux boxes want me to reboot a heck of a lot after patching. Maybe because it's Ubuntu but still. If you want to use a broad brush so can I ;)

Reliable system was so reliable, no one noticed its licence had expired... until it was too late



Did anyone else read that and wonder how he/she birthed sy-sprogs and wondered what they were?

Yes, yes. The blue one, it's fallen of the peg.

Hey, UK.gov: If you truly spunked £45k on 1,300 Brexit deal print-outs, you're absolute mugs


What about profit?

I saw no mention of profits, did they outsource? If so then that is a 35% margin.

Not sure what margins are in the printing business but not totally unlikely I feel.

A second preview of .NET Core 3? Shucks, Microsoft. You spoil us


Re: Standalone... in which context?

Err you're posting on a British site calling the hash symbol a pound. That's not going to go down well.

Seagate punts external PS4 drive at the millions who uninstalled their game libraries to fit Red Dead Redemption 2


Well the article is about the seagate storage more than the playstation so really it should be a drive enclosure.

On the other hand why does it matter if 1 or a bejillion were sold for the picture to be accurate?

AyyyMD had an Epyc quarter: Server chip shipments 'more than doubled' Q3 to Q4


GO Red!

For my upcoming server purchases at the moment it is certainly looking to be all AMD. Intel need to do better.

Mozilla security policy cracks down on creepy web trackers, holds supercookies over fire


Err didn't Microsoft get slapped down for this?

When Microsoft decided to do a similar thing with IE10 (do not track) did they not get shot down and told it would be ignored?

I assume the firefox method is going to be more direct. Rather than a request it will outright just block the nasty practices?

Serves the ad slingers right IMO. Lets's hope they all start blocking it (hmmm Chromium)

Microsoft decides Internet Explorer 10 has had its fun: Termination set for January 2020


Re: Browsers

Hear, hear. And while you're at it make them all work consistently though I suppose the bug fixing may do that.

Ouch, Apple! Plenty of iPhones stuck in tech channel. How many? That's a 'wild card'


Re: It's all my fault

So you're the one that ruined it all! We had choice man, we had choice.

Crispest image yet of Ultima Thule arrives on Earth, but grab a coffee while the rest downloads


No things that shape usually leave u..... you get what I mean.


Re: The rubber ducky comparisons are right on.


I was more thinking that the universe might just be a giant bathtub.

Everyday doings of a metropolitan techie: Stob's software diary


Re: Not from the Midlands... @keith_w

From the horses mouth at the bottom of the piece you will find this enlightening information. Use it wisely and well.

Verity Stob is the pseudonym of a software developer based in London. Since 1988, she has written her "Verity Stob" column for .EXE magazine, Dr. Dobb's Journal and, since 2002, The Register.

Most munificent Apple killed itself with kindness. Oh. Really?


Re: @JohnFen Look it's really quite simple.

WOW, linux users have resorted to FUD!

Having AI assistants ruling our future lives? That's so sad. Alexa play Despacito



Density I can understand but what does the colour of the liquid in question have to do with making sure the right amount comes out?

Outlook Mobile heads to the White House, passes infosec clearance for federal sector


Still waiting!

Still no shared mailbox access *sigh* it's not like they have a legion of developers or anything.

Forget Finding Nemo: This AI can identify a single zebrafish out of a 100-strong shoal


Re: sometimes humans have to manually label the pictures

If you were given 30 images of the fish in question and asked to compare I'm sure you would be 100% accurate.

It may take a while depending on the $animal and you may be bored out of your skull by then end of the process. But that is what this is, it's like the silhouette puzzles or a Where's Wally/Waldo). Your given the relevant info, you just need to study it.

To verify this I assume they had a human do so or how would you tell the computer got it right?

Amazon takes aim at MongoDB with launch of Mongo-compatible DocumentDB


Re: But is it...

I don't know how I've managed to avoid that video. Thank you for enlightening my, though my monitor and KB did not appreciate the tea.

Just for EU, just for EU, just for EU: Forget about enforcing Right To Be Forgotten outside member states


Right to NOT be forgotten?

So, if it is not to apply globally. It is not actually a right to be forgotten.

Just don't let them see it in the EU or store it in the EU and pretend it is not there (in the rest of the world) when asked! Remember we don't like in a big world where people are allowed out of the bounds of their own states, and no one would dream of looking up the information that the courts have decided should be forgotten when they are out side said bloc/state!

Typical! You wait ages for a fast radio burst from outer space, and suddenly 13 show up


But.. it's ET's morse code! It's why we've never detected them before. Too... damn... fast.

Google Play Store spews malware onto 9 million 'Droids


Re: Right. Sure. Whatever.

Did you download an app for that?

Forget your $145m Apple patent payout, WiLAN told – it's $10m or gamble on a new trial


Seeing as this line is in the article:

The $145m figure is important to WiLAN's financial future, and it looks like the patent litigation business is losing some of its shine.

I'm going with "Patent Troll"

My 2019 resolution? Not to buy any of THIS rubbish


Wrong letter?

Dabbs, you made an error in number 7. You wrote:


Beware of anything described as "AI" because this invariably means it isn't AI: it's just programmed that way. We should rebrand AI as PS = "Programmed Software".

I can see where the error occurred as the you saw the curl of the P thinking it was the B key you were pressing. We really should rebrand AI as BS!

Crystal ball gazers declare that Windows 10 has finally overtaken Windows 7


Re: "Unix-like systems use a inode file system. This allows an open file"

@Tom Chiverton 1

My codswallop post was actually a reference to the fact that you had to reboot for kernel patches or you would be unsecure. Thank you for enlightening me!


Re: "Windows became glacial on both systems" @AC


Detailed: How Russian government's Fancy Bear UEFI rootkit sneaks onto Windows PCs


I don't think they were implying YouTube servers are not load balanced.

I read it as they post it on services like YouTube so that not all requests for it hit their own servers to avoid saturation. Although their servers are load balanced and should be able to handle the load.

France next up behind Britain, Netherlands to pummel Uber with €400k fine over 2016 breach


Re: Stolen ?

Stolen is right IMO, taking something from somebody else without their permission.

It does not matter if it was in a publicly accessible place.

As an example your wallet is in a publicly accessible place most of the time when you are walking around. I bet you would still call it stealing if someone took it from you (probably not without a fight / chase if you noticed).

If it's not your's you have no right to take it unless given permission. It being visible to you does not give you that permission.

Google CEO tells US Congress Chocolate Factory will unleash Dragonfly in China


Re: tl;dr

You mean DragonFly it?

Galileo's magnifico measurement: 1976 redshift test updated


Re: Erm - no compute!

So then then... yes they never go "out" as per the line.


Erm - no compute!

since the satellites' orbits take them in and out of Earth's gravity just a little

Aren't they always in Earth's gravity hence orbit otherwise known as perpetually falling? Otherwise they would be quite happily flying on to Andromeda or some such other far flung place.

That is unless another gravity hog pulled them in.

Expired cert... Really? #O2down meltdown shows we should fear bungles and bugs more than hackers


Re: <strike>Acronyms</strike> Initialism

Came up on the first Google search so it must be right.

Acronym = Letters that from words

Abbreviation = Shortened word E.G. St, Dr etc

Initialism = First letter of each word and enunciated E.G. VIP

If I'm wrong blame Google, it's not that I'm lazy... honest!

Analogue radio is the tech that just won't die


They probably switched to DAB+ (AAC) which cannot be picked up by original DAB (MP2) receivers. Ofcom has said that everyone should migrate to DAB+, so in a few years you will hear nothing on a DAB receiver.

But when all the Dabby-ness of things was being debated, everyone in the know was saying mandate DAB+ but they decided to go with DAB. Now we are seeing what has happened because they did not listen. People purchased radios because they were told FM would get switched off. People can't get DAB+ but because they purchased a DAB radio don't understand why they can't get it, they got this new DAB thing that they were told to get but now it's not working.

To top it off they've now been told that it's because the thing they purchased in good faith, as it was to be the standard, is now a brick because everyone is moving to what should have been a standard, and they have to buy a new thing.

All they did with the silly awareness stuff and the lack of creating a proper standard for the UK was to confuse the whole issue and made people waste money.

Sorry rant off I'll get my coat.

Reverse Ferret! Forget what we told you – the iPad isn't really for work


Re: What's the problem?

What they are on about is productivity. Compare your iPad to working on a PC or a full blown Mac. Not just the price.


Android is just too alien for the majority of iOS users to get used to.

It's not an Alien, it's a robot.

Technical foul: Amazon suffers data snafu days before Black Friday, emails world+dog


Re: Apparently not responses from real Security Professionals

I'm pretty sure most people, at least here on el'reg are not saying that the only way they check is if an email is properly written. An email having grammatical/spelling errors is just a big warning sign and the most obvious.

I've managed to get almost all of my users forwarding on messages of this type if they are unsure. And yes legitimate emails can come in with similar errors especially if you work with foreign companies etc. I've even seen some from British companies.

I've also got most checking links in emails before clicking and if possible going direct to the site and not via the link. This is much harder though, people going about their jobs want things to be easy. In their ind IT will clear up any issues... at least until I point out that the policy say they are to check these things first.

Microsoft snaps up FSLogix to paint go-faster stripes on virtualized Office


So they have copied the data locally so it runs quicker?

Scam or stunt? It's looking like the latter... Xiaomi so sorry for £1 smartphone 'promo'


I have the list of winners!

We can confirm that 10 customers have received discount codes which will allow them to purchase a Xiaomi device for £1.

There certainly were and the list is below:

Sam from Xiaomi Sales

Fred from Xiaomi Accounts

Sue from Xiaomi IT

Alex from Xiaomi Warehouse

Peter from Xiaomi Marketing

Anna from Xiaomi PR

Lilly from Xiaomi HR

Tom from Xiaomi Asset Department

Nancy from Xiaomi Production

Liam from Xiaomi IT (there are always more than one in IT, they swingle the database/code)

And there you have it the full list of winners. Their contracts of course state they cannot say they won.

In news that will shock absolutely no one, America's cellphone networks throttle vids, strangle rival Skype


Re: Or, it could be the bleedingly obvious...

It's simples. They did not need to count for congestion as that is throttling in it's own sense. AKA the networks selling stuff they cannot supply.

In news that will shock, er, actually a few of you, Amazon backs down in dispute with booksellers



I have seen all episodes of this documentary and can confirm some very bad ass, as well as less than flattering moments. Generally being above the curve though.

4G slowcoach Three plans network and IT overhaul to get foot in the door with 5G


Re: Replace Home Broadband Unlikely


Three may not, but they should not be the gatekeepers. If I wanted to use another service I should be able to. I pay Three (substitute any network here) for the connection, not the content. This type of behaviour is IMO anti-competitive / monopolist (IANAL don't quote me) and should not be offered free unless they do the same for every other streaming service.

Behold! Blocks and Files is born again as storage tech website returns


Re: Still on El'Reg too?

Thanks for the clarification!


Still on El'Reg too?

Will I still get all this news on El'Reg too or just blocks and files? Am I now going to have to visit both sites to get all my news?

Shift-work: Keyboards heaped in a field push North Yorks council's fly-tipping buttons


Re: Just google a few serial numbers

Or as this is obviously a business due to the amount. Just pay the few quid it costs to have it disposed of properly.

On the other hand all Councils now actively encourage fly tipping IMO because they charge twice. First in your tax and then when you take stuff to the tip. Reap what you sow and all that.

Have you ever, ever felt like this? Have strange things happened? Is high-speed data going round the twist?


Re: A (potentially) astonishing step change in FO bandwidth.

Come on, the do not need to "rebuild the network," that's the point of FO. Once you have it in the ground and unless some builder goes through it or some other happenstance then changing the sender and detector is all that is needed.

Now, yes this may take a while to come down in price but saying they need to rebuild the networks is false. They first need to actually build a decent network which they continue to drag their feet with. And as for "paying for the investment" you see all them dividends and profits?


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