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Pirate Bay site down as anchor set adrift

Jason 57

Doesn't change anything.

Speaking in regard to movies and film...

They shut one down, and dozens more spring to replace it. The entire thing is just so much wasted time and corporate stupidity, and no matter which 'side' you happen to support the only outcome seems to be obvious. You can't stop the entire world from sharing with each other unless you become very brutal, and in doing so you only provide the detractors more ammunition and momentum in the public opinion (aka create a martyr). The only way to stop rampant sharing is to make a product that is more desirable, and obviously the standard of twenty something dollars for a mass reproduced CD is no longer desirable.

The fact of the matter is current copyright standards and distribution methods have failed to adapt (due in part to lack of foresight and innovation from the **AA organizations) while the world and the way people communicate and share culture, art and media has changed drastically and permanently. The middle men are quickly being made defunct and their little lock box (complete control and dictation of distribution methods and price) have been smashed open.

They need to change or they face the death of their reign as an industry staple. Things like region restriction, delayed/withheld global release dates, unreasonable prices in the face of cheaper production and replication and overall contempt for the fans who support them have brought us to where we are today. Lets face facts, the majority public opinion seems to be that sharing and downloading is somewhat justifiable, and the RIAA and MPAA have an image of being little more than corporate terrorists and mafia cartels due to their incompetent handling of a paradigm shift in communication and technology.

I don't see those changes happening, in fact I think the current stupidity will continue until the organizations currently responsible for the entrenchment and continued life support of a system which is already dead will continue until the entire thing becomes gangrenous and rots from within, making way for people who have to will and insight to innovate and address the currently under-served market.



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