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Microsoft's Windows 8 goals revealed

Mokey Joe

More fud

Nice to see Microsoft bringing up the rear...


Penguin chief: Linux must 'out fabulous' Apple's iPhone

Mokey Joe

Linux on the desktop is a dog waiting to die, try Haiku instead

I've wanted linux to succeed on the desktop since the days of OS/2 Warp.. they've had over a decade millions of pounds worth of resources, publicity the free time and goodwill of die hard developers and what have we got to show for it?

A gazillion different distributions, most of which aren't compatible with each other, the most popular of which are pretty much unmanageable for the majority of computer users and those with a life outside of computing. As a sysadmin the docs are good, as a user the documentation is worse than useless, its mainly incomplete or has annoying gaps wtf?.

Some 3d eye candy that may or may not work, generally piss poor desktops that can be customised in any way you like as long as you know the incantations or can wade through some poorly written howto on the net that assumes you pretty much know howto do it yourself.

I tried to plug my iphone in to ubuntu yesterday, what a complete waste of time, it said it just works, go here do this add this package refresh and reboot ubuntu and it'll appear on the desktop.. no it doesn't. The response from the howto poster.. 'it should just work' yeah right.. I'll try next year .. not.

</rant> I am disappointed, I had high hopes for linux, but with every passing year no matter what they seem to do the gulf between commercial software and theirs just grows wider.

Android may be a hope on mobile platforms, I'll probably buy an Android tablet instead of the iPad, but for the desktop my hope now is with a long forgotten friend, the Haiku project returning from the ashes of BeOS.


Fanbois howl over 'hang a lot' Safari 5

Mokey Joe

Works fine for me

I wouldn't normally install point 0 software but I took the plunge and have to say I have not had an issue with Safari 5, like the rest of the posters here who actually use the browser.

Fortunately I have copies of Firefox and Chrome on the Mac and a little win xp system locked up in Virtualbox with Firefox, Chrome and the pile of garbage that is internet explorer.

Gotta say the webkit browsers impress me most by a country mile. Firefox is infuriating, it seems every time I switch it on to quickly check page rendering it wants to call home and download some update forcing me to wait and wait while it sorts itself out.. Compared to Chrome and Safari it just looks clunky and old hat, I used to like Firefox, now I think its a bloated dog..


Next-gen iPhone pegged with 320ppi display

Mokey Joe

Going back to paper

I think 300dpi will bring iphone content into line with printed media, not newspapers but magazine and the kind of 'rich content' people will consume with this class of device.


Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone

Mokey Joe

ICan't believe

The amount of vitriol on here against any apple product, there's more haters than fanbois.. what a sad world.. their world anyway..

I use mac every day for work, it's great, it works great with my iPhone. Every day I have to use Windows XP which reminds me how backward and poorly thought out ms software is, I don't believe it will have changed that much since Vista and the new one.. 7.. after all ms always say .. this time it's better, faster more secure.. I've sat through too many installs to believe that anymore.

For those of you who have only spent time dissing the specs the difference with Apple is that they 'think' hard about the experience, yes they simplify it at glamourise it - you know what thats called the wow factor and that leads to sales and people actually wanting to use the product.

I can imagine sitting on the sofa using one of these, or on an airplane, can I do that with a netbook.. no.. how much typing do you really want to do on a netbook anyway..

Michael Dell said it best himself.. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/10/14/michael_dell_churchill_club_speech/

No one wants to use a Netbook.. after 36 hours the novelty wears off because they are ****.

I have an acer aspire and I agree with Mr Dell the keyboard is infuriating.. the screen while great is not suited to the last generation of operating systems with applications inside windows.

I imagine the onscreen keyboard of the iPad isn't brilliant but at least it takes up no room in my bag.. or on my lap or tray table in front of me. In fact it's difficult to even compare a netbook, when the battery life of my acer is about an hour and a half it's always plugged into the wall.. doh!

As for the iPad I can imagine selling this to some of my less technically literate clients.. yes it's got the internet, yep you can email your daughter/son/grandchildren and look the pictures they send are there in your photo gallery, want to see them.. just touch it.. yep.. it's easy as that.. no weird keyboard commands, no reach down to a crappy touchpad no ms spyware/anti virus subscriptions.

I guess the usage will be similar to the hp Slate (do we know how much these are gonna be yet?), but the experience will be very different, the Slate runs windows 7 right, with those dodgy little window buttons to click.. and no doubt a myriad of other annoyances because no one ever tried to use the thing.. You need to reinvent the experience for touch to make it more natural and that is what Apple have done for the last few years with iPhone (which wasn't received well either.. Ballmer laughed, MS fanbois chimed 'Fail'.. *sigh*)

I can imagine the design process.. of a windows Slate.. oh yeah great effort guys looks brilliant, specs are great and err now yeah.. erm.. what are we gonna do with it.. oh yeah the latest Windows 7.. erm.. yeah.. thats not gonna work is it.. no.. damn.. well we've got to get it to market .. where's Ballmer.. let him deal with it.. ;-)

There's a few shortcomings with the iPad but I'm sure they'll be sorted out as the OS matures.. and the windows tablet will be a thing of the past.. like the Zune..


GoToMyPC (finally) goes to your Mac

Mokey Joe

Cheaper and quicker

Instead of downloading more crapware to your computer mac users can just do this..

CMD-K in the Finder

type vnc://the.computer.to.connect.to

And hey presto.. a vnc session offering probably all the functionality you need.

I use mine with a free dns service on my £30 router and I can always access the computers at work or home.. (to save energy enable Wake On Lan) and you're away!


Apple not plotting to slay netbook hackintoshes after all

Mokey Joe

Wheres the beef?

It strikes me that Apples main future revenues will come more from media and licensing than mac hardware sales. Perhaps in the future as the market for desktop computers decreases and the demand for more controllable devices such as tablets, iphones etc picks up, it may be beneficial for Apple to finally release a 'debaged' version of OSX capable of being installed on any PC.



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