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How to copyright Michelangelo

boris svirsky

copyright should be ethernal

and belong to owner of art piece or thr rights - only if owner has a contract for copy rights.

if owner has no contract signed by artist on rights for reproduction - the owner can not claim for those rights, because some one else may be their owner ... so, if a Vatican can not present contract for such a rights signed by Michelangelo - those rights are not manageable . - sorry... -and every body can claim his relatives had oral agreement with Michelangelo on these right as well as Vatican... as it hard to imagine Vatican has a writen document to base it's clames - they actualy will lose in every court claiming for those rights... as for restoration - cleaning the statue not give an owner of statue or cleaning stuff rights on photos of cleaned statue - the rights are of photographer, and and he has to have aproval from owner to make photos, but not the reproduction of photos - because owner - may have no right for reproduction, so he just can not sell rights he doesn't own. If owner is also a photographer - he can claim for rights on photos, so actualy if you can prevent from other photographers to make photos of something - you can own reproduction rights forever... - and i sugest to vatican to cover with curtains the ceilings of capela

Welcome indeed to the billionaire toyshop

boris svirsky

Thr reachest - are Pyramid makers

Some new project in Germany is about to renew this kind of heavy idealism...


Florida uni cops taser shouty student

boris svirsky

US is losing war - estublisment is nervous and so are the law enforsement

In that situation - the student should charge the uviversity for anti-constitutional practice with some milions $ , in sake of freedom f speach & democracy...

Biofuels are the 'next environmental danger'

boris svirsky

Newton has already invented energy free transportation...

Using vacume tubes going down at start and then up before destination ( - for slowing down) can deliver capsules with air suply for passengers with allmost no energy to add... like pendulum... - The stations - are simply towers of 150 meter height - enought for 200 km/h speed at ground level .

Those who have knees problems - for sure will use elevators ...

Putting those tubes underground can save the cost of towers but add a cost of long tunels - and towers are much cheaper..

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