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Google strips Pirate Bay homepage from search results


oh noooooos!


"the gatekeepers want to stop all avenues for release unless they get a slice of the pie + governments want to squash free speech.

welcome to the new world order"

Too True bud

UK.gov revives net cut-off threat for illegal downloaders


Just a thought

A statutary act is NOT law

A statute or act is a RULE of society given the FORCE of law by CONSENT of the governed.

We are fooled into consent every time.


can i have your name and address sir?

would you sign this sir?

Oops you just consented!

Only once you fully undrstand this will you regain your freedom.


Failing that there is the precedent with taking / crushing unlawfully driven cars. If I lend you my car, which has valid tax & MOT and I am covered by appropriate insurance and it turns out you lied to me about your license / insurance then the filth will impound *my* car if you are caught - this deprives me of my car due to the actions of another.

That would be unlawful (forget illegal/legal, big difference) if you really OWNED the car, but sadly you were fooled into registering it. Register in legalese (yes they have there own language) can mean "to hand over title and deed" that's why they can crush it because they own it! you are just the registed KEEPER.

We are all Guy Fawkes, just need to wake up and start saying NO!

Oh, and a copy of a good quallity law dictionary is helpfull

Hope some of you realise what i'm saying and look into it.


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