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Colt Telecom cable cut mystery


Not sure it's a cable break

The cable cut idea doesn't sound very likely to me. This is an outage affecting access to their Ethernet services around Europe. Businesses in the UK have lost their ethernet IP access, as have those in Dublin, Brussels and Milan. Besides, the Colt network is peered with many other networks on both sides of the channel, so the whole thing shouldn't go down.

Apparently the hardware vendors have been called in to try diagnose the problem from traffic captures, which makes it sound like a multiple simultaneous hardware failure. Perhaps some kind of cascade failure or one of these "look how easily routing can be subverted" attacks that the doom-mongers have been predicting for years.

Whatever the reason, I don't envy the Colt engineers right now!


Apple blogger legally unlocks iPhone


@Neil Weller

I'm on Orange and when I suggested I might move to O2 to make best use of my new iPhone they managed to give me 300 mind, 500 texts and unlimited data for under £20 per month. They even threw in a new HTC Touch 3G (handy as a backup) because the contract was "cheaper with a handset"!

Admittedly I've been an Orange customer for over a decade, paying twice this much, so I don't know if that made a difference but I do think it's a case of "if you don't ask, you don't get".

Written on my jailbroken iPhone and sent via Orange. ;)



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