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BMW uncloaks ActiveE


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

... its okay.. they never turn their fog lights off anyways!!!

Technically I just slagged my self off but ya cant beat a good generalisation!

Microsoft hit with lawsuit over Xbox memory card ban


@By which time

Datel have been around for decades...

I dont think they will just go out of business from lack of memory card sales!

Im with Datel on this one!

Combat games disrespect war laws, report claims


They are...

....... just bloody games!!!

What next? A add-on to send in the Red Cross?? No more re-spawning??

Intel offers non-Jewish Saturday workforce in Israel plant row


@dogged & AC - re Michelle Knight

Can you please elaborate as to what is wrong with this post?

I get the feeling you may also be suffering from "Reading comprehension fail" yourself!

'Stop NASA bombing the Moon!'


Says it all....



Wireless charging coming to Latitude?



Come on... use ya noggin.. wireless charging for other devices.. mobile phones.. pdas... ifuds.. etc...etc

Troll.. cause it most likely was!

Rich people cannot feel pain, don't care if they're liked

Paris Hilton

Another Theory

So it has nothing to do with 90% of US notes have traces of cocaine?


Handling all that money might have rubbed some off and intot he body! ;)

Paris cause she knows what happens with those rolled up notes!

James Martin apologises for cyclist outrage


Where does it say.....

... he drove them off the road???

What he did was overtake in a very quiet leccy car and then used his horn to let the cyclists know he was there.. perfectly legal as far as I am aware....

That the cyclists had not noticed there was a car approaching from behind and were startled enough to ride and fall into a bush is their problem!

As for why he was reviewing a car... well thats mainly due to him been a petrol head too... the Guy owns and can drive quite well a Formula 1 car, has taken part in many many cross country rallies and been quite sucessful.

No one really follows the highway code to the letter.. even if you think you do you most likely dont! So just pay each other some respect, leave enough space (both bikes and drivers) for each other and there wont be any of this :)

Apple applies for in-call music swapsies iPhone patent


Well.. duh!

On my N95 I was able to just press the menu button in-call and hey presto access to music and photos, etc which I could share to peeps via email, mms, bluetooth, etc exactly same as if I wasnt on the call....

Software patents are very stupid... even more so when it can already be done!

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