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Microsoft rolls out One Big Windows strategy

Herr Ober


M$ announced it over and over since 2000. Did it ever happen? Another pile of s**te from a company on a fast roll downhill....

Yuri Gagarin lands at Royal Albert Hall

Herr Ober


Can we please stop assuming that all everything in USSR was covered up? Rather annoying. It's not like west is shining at advertising truth to the masses...

And the FAI rules is the daftest thing so far...It's like dissqualifying an athelte for making a world record in a wrong coloured underwear, ffs....

Got a website? Pay attention, Cookie Law will come

Herr Ober


talk about shutting the barn door after horses have bolted...

What is the use of cookies with LSO Objects, Web Bugs and referral tracking, not to mention browser identification algorithms around?

Sony shuts down site to investigate possible hack

Herr Ober

Agent Provocateurs at work...

Smells an awful lot like the government instigated "cyber terrorism" in order to further scaremonger "target audience" and lock down the internet.

Western democracy at work. Enjoy!

Google grabs social networking trawler PostRank

Herr Ober

milk us some more, will you.....

Matrix has got you..;)

Another tube injected in you while you are oblivious in your capsule consuming mass produce, Mr Duracell..:)

Now generate some profit..:D

FBI affiliates hacked by LulzSec

Herr Ober

Who is pulling the strings?

Look for the one who benefits from this....

nice way to cut the contracts without lengthy procedures?....maybe....

shift attention from RSA data breach in preparation for a new Stuxnet?....who knows...

Google cancels anti-eBay bash

Herr Ober


Intel V AMD

Nvidia V ATI


eBay V Google

Same s**t - different bottle. Neither is a "people's champion" or "Mr. Nice Guy". Both wants slice of the pie.

The fatter they become the louder they explode...so keep on munching market....=)

Large-scale DOS attack menace continues to grow

Herr Ober

WOW!! Such an in depth "analysis"!

Estonian officials claim some of the attacking computers had Kremlin IP addresses, but - and I'm sure the Russians would suggest this - such computers could have been infected by viruses and used as bots by Russian hackers. That's what you call plausible deniability.

Use your brain next time, instead of repeating after estonian nazis.

Or maybe you are on Berezovsky's and BP payroll?

Best Regards

Herr Ober

WOW!! Such an in depth "analysis!!"

"Estonian officials claim some of the attacking computers had Kremlin IP addresses",

Did you ever bothered to use your brain before repeating after Estonian nazis? Or you simply play on behalf of BP who is not welcomed to grab a chunk of Russian oil?

Best Regards

Don't let Windows Indexing Service know too much

Herr Ober

Don't waste time wearing hard hat at a construction site

As futilie as this might seem, it is better than default config.

If you want absolute security - place your machine in a bomb proof shelter, set timed device to destroy the machine unless 4096 char case sensitive code is entered in 15 seconds, don't even configure a network and hash all your files. create auditing logs and spend rest of your days analysing them.....

I am just waiting for OSX and Lin to become popular enough to be next targets of preference...

Herr Ober

Protecting Registry Keys

Regarding HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru keys.

You can actually set permissions for Full Control and Special to Deny while Allowing Read.


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