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Tech specs wreck: Details of Google's Nexus 5 smartphone leaked over internet


Re: The sad thing is..

Amusing to see someone with exactly the same upgrade path to me (Nokia N900->Note 1->Note 3)

NY Museum of Modern Art embraces 14 video games


No Elite, Civilization or Populous??

Some very strange choices on the list, but also some fairly obvious omissions. I wonder if this is down to 'the advice of scholars, digital conservation and legal experts, historians, and critics, all of whom helped us refine not only the criteria and the wish list'. Maybe none of them actually play games, and just thought they looked nice.

Still, it would have been nice to see some of the granddaddies of the strategy game genre included.

If you do remember Elite with fondness, then you might be interested in supporting the Kickstarter campaign to create a new version - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1461411552/elite-dangerous/

Manchester is 'PIRATE CAPITAL of the UK'


Re: It's all good

WTF are you talking about?? Britain actually has a comparatively small prison population, and certainly nothing like the USA, which has far and away the largest comparative prison population. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_incarceration_rate)

Get your facts straight before you spout garbage next time!

What kind of LOSER sits in front of a PC...

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Galaxy Note

Since buying a Galaxy Note a couple of months ago, I haven't read a single 'traditional' book. I've read about 8 books on it so far, and love the portability of it. I can read it at night without having to turn the light on (changing the reader to white text on black background is perfect for this, and saves battery life as well!), I can read it whilst I'm eating my lunch at work, and if I'm picking someone up, or waiting for someone, I can just pick up my phone and carry on where I left off.

The only downside is I can only read books that have been released for Kindle...

Ordnance Survey, other gov databases move to Biz dept



In answer to the two above posts, you can get both the map data and postcode data for free. See http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/products/os-opendata.html . These are absolutely free to use, change, do whatever you want with. There is also the OpenSpace tool which you can use to embed mapping on your own website, or do mash-ups with other data.

So don't say you can't get map data for free.....

BOFH: CSI Haxploitation Cube Farm Apocalypse

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Grisson...eat your heart out!

OS free data splurge lacks public sector licensing deal


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


In your article, you seem to believe that because the OS Free Data does not have a holistic Public Sector deal this somehow means that it's lacking for the man-on-the-street. However, it will only really effect the Public Sector, and most of the Public Sector is already covered by agreements - the real problem is that they are seperate agreements, and that sharing data between them can be confusing, as you don't know what each agreement allows unless you plow through reams of legal speak.

The OpenData offering actually looks pretty good - for what it is. No strings attached, no real restrictions and quite a wide range of datasets. Yes, it's missing address level information but then no one really expected that to get included anyway. Yes, it doesn't have 25k and 50k raster products, but those would be hard to include without destroying any market for Landranger and Explorer maps - maps which any walker or rambler takes with them whenever they go out.

Now - if only they could keep the website up for more than 10 mins...

Loud sex ASBO woman back on the job



Does anyone else think that she's merely doing this in order to get a career in the Sex Industry? She's had her 15 minutes of fame (and her neighbours are wishing it only lasted that long) and now she's realised she can make some money out of it!

Fisker e-sportster debuts on infamous Laguna Seca circuit



<Quote>to let us all see Koehler enter the fearsome Turn 8 corkscrew in manner that can only be described as sedate.</Quote>

You know, you drive almost slow enough to drive Miss Daisy...

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