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My Nest smoke alarm was great … right up to the point it went nuts

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Pimp your smoke detector...


Helps sort out which alarm has a low battery...

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.

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Please please please get rid of the floating navbar. for those of us on smaller screens, it takes up valuable space, and more importantly, tapping the spacebar to scroll from one screen of article text to the next leaves the first couple of lines of page 2 under the sodding navbar

Xbox One site belly-up in global Microsoft cloud catastrophe

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Re: outlook.com too

Yep... Hotmail has died.

Tennis pro serves up pic of bad French Open line call

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What difference would it have made anyway? Look at the scoreline - he lost in straight sets: 6-1, 6-4, 6-3

Nearly 2 MILLION US Facebook users quit social network

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Re: Vatican City 0

"Not achieving much penetration in Vatican City?

Would have thought there would be lots of users looking to embrace the younger generation"

Very droll!

Pirate icon? Just hover your mouse over it to see why...

Oz alkie gets hammered on hospital hand sanitiser

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UK Hospital problem

I know of at least one UK hospital where the hand sanitiser mounted at the front entrance had to be removed due to serial abuse by the local tipplers...

Facebook facing fall-down issues

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Oh dear...

what a shame.

what will the vapid massesd do now?

BT shields gentle customers from Min of Sound pirate raids

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BT - taking privacy seriously! Pffffft

Hang on...

This is the same company that climbed into bed with Phorm!

Bet they would have had different principles if there was money in it for them..... But then I'm a cynic ;)

Microsoft secretly scoops up 15 companies

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One of the companies

Surely the hint is in the URL....



Premium Compact Cameras: Best Buys

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Thumb Up

s90 Mod

The mod for the s90 is an adhesive grip. It is great and highly recommended. Makes holding the camera much easier/more secure.


The S90 should have been included in this review - it is after all a review of compact cameras. The G11 whilst very good, is more in line with the newer 4/3 sensor cameras in size.

Having used both the LX3 and the S90, both impressed with quality of photos, but the S90 won on size, weight, and most importantly usability. The design is genius for times where you just want manual control...

Woman sues rail line for 'exploding' toilet

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Oh dear..

The shit really hit the fan-ny this time

Coat please... (wet wipes in the pocket)

One cellphone for every ten lags in UK prisons

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Paris Hilton


>>Hardboard impregnated with iron filings

>> Anyone remember this? Can't find a linky.

Do you mean this one?


Paris, 'cos I bet she always has her 'phone on vibrate

DVLA pledges investigation over Castrol spy posters

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Opt out?

Anyone know whether it is possible to opt out of your details being sold by the DVLA?

Apple won't take tablet to September iPod event, says mole

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@ cliff 2

What? And miss the Xmas sales market? Surely any new product launch would be better if it was at a time when people are gratuitously spending money. The hype behind Apple's products often makes them the "must buy" item of the season.... Kerching

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