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Climate change hackers leave breadcrumb trail

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I would have thought more effort would be going into investigating the fraud and nefarious practices being used by these researchers to secure their grant money instead of 'pin-the-tail-on-the-whistleblower' .. the 'hack' and publishing of those documents and emails was quite an eyeopener into these screwballs.

Is server virtualization ready for production?

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What is the point of this?

Honestly, these things have been in production environments now for years - hardly 'moving out of the lab'.

As an old timer on the VM front, I would point out that ESX/i4 is the best thing since sliced bread and at least for our consulting firm, is deployed as the norm, not the exception for our client-base of over 7000.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Imation notebook flash upgrade as easy as pi to 30 places

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@Kevin Fairhurst and anyone else without optical drive

Use your primary computer to create a bootable version of the supplied Acronis CD on a USB stick and boot your netbook from that.

Paris.. for IQ reasons.

Brit space agency to probe 'crackpot' antigravity device

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@AC 16:36

Ignorance is bliss, perhaps?

NASA have also researched the Biefield-Brown and Mythbusters also aired a program on this.

NASA lists it as an IONIC wind device, so it won't work in a vacuum.

For anyone with an interest, go to youtube and search for "lifter antigravity" and you'll see some interesting backyard videos of quite a number of people who have built working protoypes. In the US, there are a number of school fairs and science expos that have demonstrated the principle. Google "Biefield-Brown" and you'll see a number of academics showcasing their work for school projects..

In their current state, they show limited use, but more R&D could be put into refining the technology.

Fake servers sell better than real servers

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What? Who is smoking the whacky tobacky?

These figures make no sense.

El Reg recently reported that VMware alone has sold 1/2 million copies of vSphere and an additional 1/2 million free esxi downloads.

Now you just need to add all the other vendors sales figures on top of this and scratch your head as to who as telling porkies.

Personally, my own server sales ratio of Hypervisor vs traditional OS is over 10:1 VM vs non-VM.

Go figure! (literally) :)

Samsung gets 'stupid fast' in gaming grab

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Samsung 24 SSD Awesomeness

This one was a law of diminishing returns.. the reason they only saw half the performance they should have relates to the PCIe bus speed and the RAID controllers they chose. Basically this is the next bottleneck in the equation. 2.5GB/s is impressive, but they should have been able to get that with about 12 of those P256 SSDs.

A lot of the RAID controllers max out around 1GB/s, which is a pain in the backside. I've had a reasonable run with the HP P410, but seems to max out around 1GB/s also. The Adaptec 5xxx / 3xxx had similar problems. The HPT 3520 was the only one (so far) I've used (I am sure there are more) that has performed consistently well above 1GB/s... providing the motherboard allows it to!

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Disk geometry / parition offset.

Forgot to mention - for SSDs, don't forget to set your partition offset to allow for the 4K NAND block sizes and RAID striping .. boot from winPE or similar (before installing the OS), run diskpart:

list disk

select disk # (corresponds to RAID volume)

create partition primary align=2048

select partition 1



When installing the OS, use 'quick format' on the partition you created.

This can make *huge* performance differences for write speeds, as it helps reduce the build up of 'garbage blocks' over time, which plagues SSD performance. Some people were saying up to 300%.. I'm yet to quantify that with my own tests.

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RAID speeds

I've built 4 servers recently with 8 of these each in a RAID5 (redundancy) .. make sure you use a good RAID controller and fast system to match.. Highpoint RocketRAID 3520 was a good choice to complement to the SSDs.. needs PCIe x8.. we were seeing sustained read and write speeds >1500MB/s and ridiculously high IOPs (90000+)... as a speed indication, Windows XP boots from cold to fully usable in 4 seconds... and you can copy the equivalent of a DVD-R every 3 seconds.. I highly recommend it! :)

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