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AI sucks at stopping online trolls spewing toxic comments

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Hate speech doesn't exist.

Yes, lets build an internet where everyone has to speak in code like they have to in china. It stops no one, and only proves how authoritarian the lefts mentality is. So if that's your goal to constantly prove that the right is being legitimately oppressed, go for it.

The whole Mccain thing only proves how arbitrary these standards are, when he was a presidential candidate he was smeared as a racist, white supremacist, likely everything his supporters said was interpreted as hate speech. but now he's the darling pet of the left. The categorizations are purely arbitrary and "convenient".

Did you know? The FBI investigated Gamergate. Now you can read the agents' thrilling dossier

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Girls outpace boys in US IT and engineering test

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Re: Looks like another fiddle.

Yep, the Git hub study


wasn't even a study....

It's always amusing to me that people who are this bad at science and logic are the ones who are claiming women are best suited to science....when they are doing everything in their power to prove the opposite.

At the end of the day, especially in highly competitive industries, the only thing people care about is this, can you do your job, will you make me money, and will you be a liability.

As for IT jobs, such is the "diverse and accepting of minorities" mindset of tech that countless H-1B's are imported in to take the place of Americans, and whenever possible IT jobs are outsourced abroad to marginalized minorities who clearly need the jobs more than cis white men in america do. For the women complaining, the ship has sailed, you aren't the top of the progressive stack anymore, your IT job will be outsourced to India or Asia the second it is possible to do so because they work for less... and we all know, the less money you make the more you deserve the job, or so the thinking goes....

If only it were true that women were only paid 79 cents on the dollar, it would have Indian IT firms quaking in the boots having to push down their wages even lower to compete.


The real gender pay gap


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Re: @ fred 32

Autism is a diagnosis, so its a bit different from studies which use flawed data to reach unsupported conclusions based on ridiculous projections.

While correlation isn't causation, the prevalence of aspergers in tech has long been noted.

Proving women lack "opportunity" is really bending over backwards to explain away discrepancies. Some of the top tech people from Gates to Jobs to Zuckerberg are drop outs. They move into areas before it becomes hip, before people start pushing for quotas and special concern for women.

If anything, if we are to assume more equality, the concern is holding women back as they are always pushed into the present fad, not into the future.

The Riddle Of The Pumpkin Spice Latte


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Re: No Hands on Assistance = No Interest?

Goes beyond that.

Not everything is useful. Interest in tinkering is many times self motivated, mindless male pursuits such as SPL competitions where guys amp out ridiculous vehicles to win on a SPL meter, not even music at that point, but a test tone contest, that is a level of autism women just generally don't have.

On a more useful level, very few are interested in even learning how to change their own oil.

Not everything is paid or homework or course credit. What people do on their own kind of tells the true story. https://trixter.oldskool.org/2015/04/07/8088-mph-we-break-all-your-emulators/ This level of autism, getting 1024 colors from CGA graphics tends to be a male type activity.

The age range of the test invalidates it by default May as well had the 8th graders run a mile in under 10 minutes and then declare they were equally likely to all end up in the military. Conclusions simply do not follow when stem is all about the top end of the bell curve, the average is completely irrelevant. No amount of average intellects replaces an einstein.

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Re: What's the Distribution Here?

The problem is their assessment of "proficiency" doesn't add up. The actual sorting mechanisms in engineering don't begin until you reach college level courses, and then the weeding becomes severe as anyone who has been through introductory courses of such majors should know.

To put it simply, science is hard, math is hard, and many people simply don't have the will or the ability to survive it.

It's akin to testing 4th graders to see who will make a good line backer. Its so far before the point where they reach a level of maturity which exposes their true potential that its just a worthless test.

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Feminist studies, always note the range of data they rely on is always suspiciously selective or truncated.

8th grade? No one cares at 8th grade, what matters in high intelligence fields is the exceptional performers, aka the extreme ends of the bell curve. No one cares if you got an A in geometry or algebra by being a good obedient student like many girls are. What matters in the final assessment at the top of these fields is mastery at the top of the game. It's well known that on such tests male variability is far more extreme, you have many more perfect scores from boys, and many just plain zeros, women get through with an average, which is fine, but it does not support their assertions that this implies women are better suited to the stem fields. It's well known men are far more prone to be on the autism spectrum, the obsessives, and these are the minds which excel in such areas.

Basically, it's like putting out a study showing men and women are the same strength, based on a study of 3rd graders.



And here's a more recent one showing just how deliberately deceptive such stories are.

It breaks down the recent articles claiming women led businesses out perform the rest. The study as usual is unusually selective with data, deliberately narrowing the window to both avoid the tech bubble bust and the housing crisis to reach the conclusion they wanted to reach. It's an example of what is the norm now, and something people should keep in mind when encountering such claims.


Linus Torvalds fires off angry 'compiler-masturbation' rant

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These are adults being called out on professional issues, either put up or shut up, your feelings don't matter.

Enough bad code exists to cause performance and security nightmares, people need to start caring.

With Hobbit and LoTR in the can, Trolls no longer welcome in New Zealand

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Re: “serious emotional distress”

Disagree with even the suicide bit because that is making someone else responsible for another persons actions.

This is downright Orwellian chilling of speech since offense is taken, not given.

Laws like this inevitably allow offense takers to control public discussion...to control thought.

Its perverse that something like this would pass in a western country. What is free speech anyways? What are free speech laws meant to protect? They protect unpopular and even vulgar speech, because popular speech needs no protection.

Anyways, how about we start off this law by extraditing John Oliver for calling on his hundreds of thousands in his audience to become a hate mob to harass someone...

John Oliver - Ecuador's Sensitive President


"Of course, the best part of a bill like this is that it provides a reason find out the real identities of people posting online."

Sure, and it was that mentality after 9/11, and the resulting hysteria after that event which led to the massive increase in NSA spending and powers. Only fools are this willing to give up rights for illusory safety.

The worst trolls I've seen are the ones who use the system and such laws to do their work. These are the feminist clique, with the queen bee's who make bullying people their lifes work. In past decades these would have been the same busy bodies who would have been the morality police under the authority of the church, now, its under the authority of the government and sjw sensitivities. Do not blaspheme, do not "offend", society is going backwards ....and its just sad to see it being dragged there by the left.

Here's just one example



The Hidden Face of Hypocrisy: Randi Harper










and one more





CSIRO patent-trolls ALL OF AMERICA!

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For those happy about this because the trolling was in your favour, well you will have to stfu when the shoe is on the other foot and one of your companies will inevitably be trolled by the same system.

The immaturity and nationalistic ignorance by australians over this issue has been disturbing.

PayPal dispute ends in 'violin destruction'

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"So yes - PayPal are fucked. They ordered the destruction of an item which the buyer didn't own, and which wasn't actually a counterfeit in any legal sense."

Not really, if someone sells you stolen property, there is no obligation to return it to the seller. In the case of counterfeit, the seller is committing fraud, so the destruction is no ones fault but the sellers.

Demon Currys iPad showered kids with HARD-CORE smut

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stupid mother probably doesn't realize her children were already heavy 4chan posters:D

Eurozone crisis: We're all dooomed! Here's why

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Well it isn't the germans fault in that way, but more evidence of the fundamental fault of the project. The germans not wanting to print money without limit is fine, that they knew they didn't trust the other eu countries with this power meant they should have known better than to go forward with the project in the first place.

Activision banned me from Call of Duty gig, says exotic performer

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Not surprised...its EA

They have never missed a chance to make a poor decision.

I'm sure the majority of gamers would agree, its none of their business what she does on her own time.

The Silicon Valley mirror-tocracy

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Bit troll-baitish...

If a site is good it will get funding, if a site is horrible it might damn well still get funding. There is no correlation, pets.com and those crappy startups you mentioned are all in the same boat as facebook and google, the market takes care of the garbage. Its absurd to claim that say face book or google doesn't work as well for women or black people because they were started and probably funded by men.

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

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yea don't buy this

sony's gone and gimped the playstation, their choices reflect disdain for their customers. they promised on launch that this console would be about value, and things like linux and backwards compatibility were used to sell people on the damn machine. now they've removed it all, and i'm sure they are hoping to sell more ps2's by ripping out any hope of support for backwards comparability, its just a load of nonsense.

Bloke decapitates horse with chainsaw

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yea.....as someone else said, that was a sledge hammer. that will smash a rock or a brick with a single blow. unless the horses head was made of steel it should have been crushed with a single blow, it would have been epically traumatic to the brain, i don't see how it wouldn't be unconscious. sure it would remain "alive" as long as the heart remained beating but thats like pretending that the heart just stops right after you blow your brains out, it doesn't. the stupid guy probably just got too poor to afford so many animals.


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