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Pirate Party runs aground in European Parliamentary elections


Re: Guessing Simon's not from UK

However you look at these they are poor results. The pirate party has lost its way by trying too hard to be a grown up party with a sensible manifesto. This is madness they are 20 years away at best from winning a seat. This means they should adopt the UKIP protest vote position. Single Issue laser focus. They should also have something very clear to differentiate them such as direct democracy. I suggested this to the leadership and got the impression that was too radical. As if being too radical was an issue for a party called the pirate party.

Google seeks to calm facial recognition furor with app block for Glass

Big Brother

There's a big difference between possibility and ubiquity. Most CCTV is never watched or exists in a silo then written over. Soon every person working for the state, the private sector, sitting on the bus will be able to record the people around them upload them in real time online where they can be automatically identified and their location mapped and shared. This technological change in society may be inevitable but to not see how far reaching the ramifications of joining all the dots is - is to be sticking your head in the sand.

Banged-up Brit hacker hacks into his OWN PRISON'S 'MAINFRAME'

Big Brother

Re: I am conflicted...

The problem with this is that from reading what you've written I would consider you sociopathic. In that you have made completely unsubstantiated claims about a human their motivations and their redeemability based on almost nothing. Then proceeded to hand out life term punishments. It's people like you who I see as a threat to the good order of society. You see the problem. Harsh punitive power is always going to be in the hands of some clique of thought - maybe not yours.

Mobe networks bag UK 4G for a steal - £1bn shy of Osborne's £3.5bn


Re: @MrXavia

This is such neo-liberal nonsense. Sure government like individuals and private business are not immune to terrible spending decisions. However if you or anyone you know uses the education system, the heath system, the road system, etc. etc. you'd realise that your tax spend does more work for your benefit then any other pound you spend.

Capitalism when it works is a product of well regulated big government. When the regulations are moth balled you get financial crisis. Germany is a perfect example of how tax and spend big government is essential for healthy capitalism and Greece is a perfect example of low tax take, weak government economic disaster.

If you want lower prices you need regulation to constrain cartels and support smaller players - which this auction did and to price cap - which of course will never happen and whih I assume you would never want to see.

Dutch operators: Ugh, we really overdid it on the 4G last night...


Re: As usual...

Nonsense. Don't bring that government is evil silliness here.

Those billions raised is money coming back to the tax payer - either by reducing tax or improving public services. I'm sure we can agree that government can waste money but it will do that irrespective of maximising tax revenue from large corporates. What is not true is that carriers price to recuperate. They price to what the market will accept. However much they've paid for spectrum does not significantly alter that.

The real scandal is when spectrum is auctioned off below market value like has happened in India recently. That's what weak (corrupt) government looks like.

Natwest, RBS: When will bank glitch be fixed? Probably not today


Re: Out-sourcing is bad

Sounds like the person switched off the lights..

The 'one tiny slip' that put LulzSec chief Sabu in the FBI's pocket


Re: So 3.5k for car parts....

So let's get this straight.

The Bush clan has been attempting coup d'etat and illegal wars costing hundreds of thousands of lives for three generations.

The Banking Cartels like Goldman Sachs are foreclosing on entire countries and classes.

RIAA and its ilk are bribing politicians to rob the constitution that protects you.

and some hijinks on the internet is what makes you mad. Yes I include credit card fraud in that category. Its not violent crime. It is largely covered by insurance. It does not rate as heinious by any sane standards.

Your speeding over the speed limit kills children. That's why there is a speed limit. I know what I'd come down hardest on.

Anonymous has done far more good in the world than a whole pile of sanctimonious 'law abiding' citizens. They draw attention to who the real crooks are and always have been: The powerful dynasties such as the Bushs. The corporatocracy such as Sony. The Catholic Church and Security Services and their affiliates.

Stallman: Jobs exerted 'malign influence' on computing



99.99999999..% of the population on the planet make income from services. (Ie. their labour). Making money from restrictive licensing and monopolistic patents is ignoring the reality of the digital age.

The future of most content consumption and software usage is going to be tied to online services. Open source is perfectly suited to this upcoming model. Its the old media monopolies and bloated proprietary desktop software vendors that are refusing to stare reality in the face.

Bury council defends iPads for binmen


Neither the Left or Right will allow Common Sense over Self-Interest

Totally agree. Guaranteed low-paid work is a win for the unemployed who get self-esteem and future employability and a win for everyone else as they get something for their tax.

However The left do not want their well-paid middle-class public sector jobs to be threatened so wont allow it. They would rather deal with the symptoms of mass-unemployment than take a pay-and-perks cut to end it. The right would rather whine on about dole scroungers and benefit cheats than take the obvious next step of no-benefits/guaranteed work.

For those who think you could stop benefits without providing work - the London Riots would seem like a street fete and you would also have to deal with child hunger and epidemics - in other words it cant and wont happen. The private sector cant be coerced into employing people so state work is the only sensible option.

Of course in reality both the frothy headed liberal guardian left and the frothy mouthed right wing daily mailites actually secretly love having an underclass to beat there chests about.

Schmidt: Android will bring DEMOCRACY to the WORLD


All companies have to do this.

All companies have to follow local laws.

HTC Desire


Yes to both

You have a number options - there is beta version of trekbuddy for android http://www.trekbuddy.net/releases/0.9.87/.

But I use RMaps and have downloaded os map tiles using the Mobile Atlas Creator so I have offline os map.

You can use pdanet for bluetooth or usb tether http://www.junefabrics.com/android/index.php

Daily Mail commentard out-tw*ts the Tw*t-O-Tron


Because they were 10 years old at the time

In a decent society you treat criminal behaviour at that age as treatable no matter what it is. However it would niot surprose me if they received very little quality treatment whilst in jail.

Suits 2.0 will survive BBC's 'purge'


The BBC is not just for you

Its like the NHS why should I pay for obstetrics im a man!

I think Womans Hour, Strictly and News 24 were three particularly bad examples

Computer boffin on NHS Spine: Get out while you can


GPs half the problem

I worked in the NHS when this project was just starting (yes 10 years ago)

In my experience Dr's are half the reason it has taken so long and will probably fail. They currently exert enormous power not just clinically but in anything the NHS or government wants to do with the NHS. Most but not all see anything new as a threat and an opportunity to show that they have the power to prevent it. They are infamous for writing clinical notes no one can read. The other side of this project will be the ability to access your records in a readable form.

Its crazy that we cant have a simple on-line medical account like we have bank accounts.

Yes there are issues about data security demonstrated by the governments ineptitude. However this is not so difficult to solve. Audit all access - share all access with patient (immediate email notification) - sack any unjustified access.

Oz eyes Chinese cane toad market


5,000 Years. Too early ro say?

Chinese Medicine has 5,000 years of real world analysis your really happy to dismiss it with a dubious to no scientific value. No doubt you think some new medicine rushed through a shiny laboratory in the west has immense scientific weight in comparison.

Given the huge population, comparatively poor nutrition and health and safety in the workplace I would of thought the high life expectancy said something about traditional medicine.

Villagers revolt over BT chairman's broadband


To black and white

Of course there will be differences

I don't think many in the countryside expect 20Mbs lines any time soon but providing tolerable 1mbs to the countryside is reasonable when you consider broadband is basically essential now for school age children, businesses, consumers..., access to government services. I think your treating it like a luxury like a nice view or walking distance to a train station which it no longer is.

I'm guessing you live in a city?

Gov net disconnections could breach EU law


..Just what I was thinking

I use the wifi in a cafe occasionally they give me their key to login. As far as I can see I am now free to download anonymously and they are free to go to jail* am I right?

*or lose their internet, be fined etc etc..

Skype's the limit for eBay: Voip biz sold to private investors

Thumb Up

looks good for ebay

Hold on if i get this right they've sold 2/3rds of their stake in a downturn for roughly what they paid for that 2/3rds in a boom. Therefore reducing their exposure whilst still holding onto a big enough share if it all come good - sounds like a good deal for ebay to me.

100 freetards an hour join Pirate Party UK



@Anonymous Coward 14.42

"Filesharing isn’t stealing is listening to the radio stealing"

No (Assuming you have paid your TV licence, part of that is used to pay the PRS fees.)

>>No license is required to listen to the radio. (UK)

Wow, where to start with that one? there are many activities I dont agree should be illegal so I guess we should just make those legal?

>> What!! Yes of course that is what this is all about - its called living in a democracy! Laws are about two things one the settled moral beliefs of a society (a bit) the balance of expressed power (a lot). In this instance the Pirate party is challenging the first for a rethink and at the same time showing that 7 million file shares may not take having individuals targeted lying down. That's called real politics.

"scientist and artists do what they do because of a need to express themselves"

so if all the other big pharma companies stopped paying the salaries of the scientists these guys and girls would just carry on working? The record companies stopped paying musicians these people would just shrug and get on with it? If your wages dried up because the software you develop didnt sell but was given away for free, you'd be able to survive?

>> Yes there would still be drug companies without patents (its called generics) the only argument is the speed of development which would simply mean state funded research replacing big pharma. I for one would rather less development if the result is everyone gets a crack at the drugs already developed. Personally I believe drug development would be quicker by thousands of smaller drug companies working on cheaper research strategies and sharing ideas.

Yes most musicians don't have record deals and do get on with it the record labels provide lottery winnings for a handful that would dry up up boo hoo. I get paid once to develop something someone needs then I look for new work - like most people I expect only to be paid for work done not for some ongoing ownership of mindspace..!


Filesharing isn’t stealing. Intellectual Property is theft.

Filesharing isn’t stealing that’s crazy is listening to the radio stealing? Something that can be replicated infinitely for free can not be compared to a physical object. Its illegal because its illegal, ok so make it legal. Of course there is an issue about how creative people earn a living but bare in mind in the past a musician was paid for playing music, an artist for painting a picture. Living off the copyright proceeds of digital reproduction is hardly a human right. I develop software and am paid to do it I don't expect fees for this work in the future.

Intellectual property is theft against humanity. The idea the all creative, scientific progress would stop without these laws is refuted by the fact that they were not around during most of humanities existence. scientist and artists do what they do because of a need to express themselves in that way its the monopolies who are the leeches.I will certainly be voting pirate.

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