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Apple video shows Flashed iPad

Neil H

Ladies and Gentlemen


Who ate all the iPies?

Neil H


no multitasking

no Flash compatibility

no widescreen

no camera

How the hell do you think they are going to sell the Second Generation one if they gave you all that in the first gen release?

Apple passes Nokia, scares Nintendo

Neil H
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I utterly respect Miyamoto for this

What a perfect leader. He is completely aware of his consumer-base and appreciates they are of free will. He shows complete respect for his competitors. He absolutely won me over here. I want to be giving my money to a company like that.

What a leader.

Greenpeace applauds Apple climate change flounce

Neil H

Correct me if I am wrong

but walking out from a platform where you can make policy - dose that not make you LESS able to make positive changes?

Palm Pre backs away from Apple iTunes

Neil H

The whole USBIF thing seems confused

If their point was "They are using the identifier to restrict other companies in a mean-spirited and anticompetitive way", then they had an argument.

If they just ran up and said "no fair!" then they got what they deserved. I can't see them having been so childish.

I am all for a gamegenie, featuring an ipod nano dock, which will make your phone sync.

Cops taser naked doorbell-ringing giant

Neil H

I would hate to be tazered in the beanbag



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