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Does a flash motor make a man more desirable?


difference between a porcupine and a porsche?

on the porcupine, the prick is on the outside.

Harry Potter theme park magically swallows big visitors


After trip to Mousewitz...

I don't consider myself to be skinny in any way, (former loose head prop) but I was at disney this summer and holy carp did I feel thin and willowy. There were fleets of the little scooters wherever you looked. My mate refers to the riders as being "rascal fat" after the name of a popular brand of scooter.

On one ride, it was snug for me, while they had to disallow a 15 yr old girl because they couldn't get the safety bar down. And I'm in my "built for comfort, not for speed" years...

They'd best get those killbots on line as the military won't be able to see their own "boots on the gound".

Privacy watchdogs challenge laptop seizures at US borders


TSA your friends and mine...

Travelling into the US from the UK this summer I was grilled at LAX. It seems that as my US passport was new and unstamped (a renewal), and I'm a naturalised US citizen, I'm A#1choice as a terrorist. Another strike against me was that I was born in that terrorist hotbed, The Bahamas. (if they had been searching for drugs, now that's another story...)

As it was holiday and I would also be visiting my well wired brother, I left all computing devices at home in order to specifically avoid this sort of treatment. They didn't believe that I didn't have a laptop, and therefore searched my carryon, and then my luggage to find it. When they grudgingly let me go, I was told that it would have been easier if I had co-operated with the first officer... I couldn't get anyone to tell me what I was supposed to have done differently.

Funny thing is my brother is a detective in the US, and flies quite a bit for work but as far as he's concerned TSA really means "Thousands Standing Around".

Consumer Reports: 'We were wrong about the iPhone 4'


Former apple fan

Used to love apple; in fact the first computer I owned was an apple IIe. They lost me with the ibook dual usb. The motherboards would overheat and separate, but for months apple disavowed all knowledge of this. A combination of poor design/build quality, coupled with the "didn't want to know" attitude of apple's support was enough to tip me into the linux camp.

can't say I'm 100% on board with linux, but generally if it's broken, it's my own damn fault and I can fix it.

This appears to be the same sort of dodge duck dip dive and dodge that apple is becoming famous for. Too bad actually, as some of their products are really quite brilliant (ipod anyone?)

US Navy SEALs' new airlock minisub - made in Blighty



We used to see "Lucas" on electrical equipment and immediately everyone would think "Prince of Darkness"...

MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie



yeah, like that fat bloke in the blue shirt spontaneously breaks well choreographed song all the time... the only thing he'll ever do spontaneously is combust, and this is from one fat bloke to another.

I couldn't watch it all, I didn't want to have to clean vomit off my computer...


MS and this blogger twit should be ashamed of themselves...

Dell: Linux v Windows netbook returns a 'non-issue'



I have to agree that one of the main issues with Linux is the perception that it's only for ubernerds. My missus' old dell was running XP home at a glacial pace. I was also thinking that her ex-hole may have installed some mal/spy ware upon his departure, so wiped it and installed ubuntu.

After a week, she was retouching some photos, creating an album for publication and she looked up at me, smiling sweetly, and asked "Why doesn't everyone use this?"

Now that's a tough question...


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