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Dozens of .gov HTTPS certs expire, webpages offline, FBI on ice, IT security slows... Yup, it's day 20 of Trump's govt shutdown

Nathar Leichoz

Re: Operational Incompetence

How about those "buy 2 years at a time and get a 5% discount" things. Do governments ever go for those deal?

Microsoft slips ads into Windows 10 Mail client – then U-turns so hard, it warps fabric of reality

Nathar Leichoz

Windows Mail gets worse and worse

I wouldn't mind the ads if Microsoft delivered a feature parity product.

Outlook Express -> Windows Live Mail -> Windows Mail -> Mail

With every iteration of their free product, features get dropped.

Windows Live Mail removed the ability to customize the toolbar buttons and forced different email accounts to have separate folders.

Windows Mail removed the ability to have different email accounts altogether.

Mail was just crap.

A decade on, Apple and Google's 30% app store cut looks pretty cheesy

Nathar Leichoz

What is the fee as a percentage?

Why is the fee a percentage of sales? Why not a flat fee like $0.5 per download. Or make it dependent on the app's download size to reflect network costs. Why does Walmart charge a percentage of sales? Why can't it be dependent on how much physical shelf space a product takes up? The world does not make sense.

Did the FBI engineer its iPhone encryption court showdown with Apple to force a precedent? Yes and no, say DoJ auditors

Nathar Leichoz

Re: No right to conceal information

No one is claiming that the criminal has that right. We're claiming that just because that criminal doesn't have the right, doesn't mean everyone else shouldn't have the right too.

That's the nature with software. When you force the creator to invent a universal skeleton key (like the TSA locks on luggage), someone will steal and duplicate that key and make it widely available on the Internet. In fact, from the article, that independent Israel company sounds like the prime type of person who will be able to steal such skeleton key.

If Apple is forced to create that skeleton key, the criminal suffers but so do all other law abiding citizens.

Day FOUR of the GitHub web assault: Activists point fingers at 'China's global censorship'

Nathar Leichoz

No$cript and AdB1ock

I think you just primed the interweb to start posting about No$cript and AdBl0ck Plus here.

jQuery 2.0 kicks old Internet Explorer versions to the curb

Nathar Leichoz

Make jQuery browser specific

Can't they just release a different version for each browser and have code that dynamically selects the correct version before downloading it? That way your library only includes the the code for that browser and you can reduce the size of the library file. The XUI library does that with browser specific versions of libraries to get the filesize down.

Food for thought.

Texan schoolgirl expelled for refusing to wear RFID tag

Nathar Leichoz


How would you get into the toilet or checkout a library book with a zapped card?

Tabloid girl's jubs freeze at -130°C

Nathar Leichoz

tub girl's tub froze?

What has this got to do with tub girl?

Time Warner moots billing based on bandwidth usage

Nathar Leichoz

Should offer both plans

How about telcos offer both plans. A per-byte plan that has a low next-to-nothing monthly charge and then a per byte charge. If 95% of their users only consume very little bandwidth, then they will naturally switch to the per-byte plan to save money. Then the other 5% can keep to their "unlimited" plan and then later on the telcos can adjust the price of that plan to match the cost of providing "unlimited" service.

Flash: Public Wi-Fi even more insecure than previously thought

Nathar Leichoz

phew, I'm still web1.0

Lucky I'm still using Web 1.0 technologies such as HTML 3.2, with no Javascript and no CSS. I must be the safest person in the world. It was a good choice not to jump on the Web 2.0 boat. Take that suckers!

Firefox under fire from multiple security bugs

Nathar Leichoz

is this journalism?

Are you trying to post facts about the situation or are you trying to spread your usual hate-speech against Firefox and Blake by comparing them to IE? Anyone can make things sound good with excuses and wild explanations, but it takes real guts for a journalist to be brave enough to just post facts and statistics.

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