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What Brexit means for you as a motorist


The only real FACT about the Brexit

The 'experts' that everyone is now quoting about how terrible/great it will all be were completely wrong at predicting the outcome,

Lithium ion batteries banned from passenger aircraft holds


No liquid, no batteries, no Nazi gold ingots illegally smuggled through Switzerland (Ok I made that one up). Whats next your luggage can have one sock, 1/4 of a pair of trousers and a light brown loafer only on a Wednesday, if and only if you hop on the other foot for the whole flight?

N.B Yes I know they arent banning batteries - never let the facts get in the way of a good story (or article)

Triple-murderer prisoner keeps mobile phone in his butt for a week


Im an expat brit living in Australia and this is the best comments section I have seen for a long while. Upvoted a few.

As for phone blocking it cant be that hard. I dont have anything to do with mobile infrastructure in my job so dont shoot me if these are daft but here are a couple of suggestions

1) Farraday cages that block all signals. Would be easy to 'wallpaper' the inside of the cells with metal mesh then plaster over it. Doesnt require power and is permenant.

2) Set up a low power jammer in the ceiling of each cell, laundry, kitchen, anywhere where the cons are left alone. If they dont exist employ Thales or someone to make one the government loves burning money on silly projects. Guards can go in the guard rooms etc to make calls. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Your-Own-Cell-Phone-Jammer

3) Setup a local tower in the prison that fakes the real tower and have a whitelist of IMEI numbers (Guards, Lawyers, Visitors)

I'll just fetch my coat.

Press Backspace 28 times to own unlucky Grub-by Linux boxes


Re: Almost possible to use grub password

Ummmmmm Thermite. Fireworks are pretty. Wheres my lighter, the special one the voices tell me to use?

Windows 10 lags 7, 8 … and even Vista in the channel race

Paris Hilton

Lies, damn lies and statistics

In the not to distant future as stock gets replaced at suppliers 8 gagillion systems will ship to corporates with Windows 10 'pre-installed' only to be wiped and replaced with a Win7/8 image used by the corporate. what will the figures and marketing people say?

8 gagillion machines shipped with Windows 10 - isnt it wonderful market share is through the roof

Paris? 'Cause she's the kinda gal that needs Cortana to tell her how to tie her shoes.

Thanks for playing: New Linux ransomware decrypted, pwns itself


It's in group policy. 'Admins' make me so sad.

Drones are dropping drugs into prisons and the US govt just doesn't know what to do


what could possibly go wrong with that

Riiiiiiight, so you are suggesting a building full of guns and people with lots of guns next door to a prison full of people who like to use guns illegally. What could possibly go wrong with that.

Top FBI lawyer: You win, we've given up on encryption backdoors


Its all a load of Quantum

I would say they have used the time to get their quantum computer on line. Tata asymmetric crypto that should keep them amused for a bit.

Have a look at the main answer here


asymmetric crypto will get its coat

El Reg celebrates Back to the Future Day


No No Its not soylent its a lovely hot coffee with 2 sugars, yum yum.

Intel's 6th gen processors rock – but won't revive PC markets


Re: "Good Enough"

Dear PC manufacturers...... I'll fetch your coats.

Im a consultant and I do a lot of work with system center and other management/delivery tools.

At some point during an engagement that generally involves talking to 'the business' about EUC hardware. Most of my clients have already reverted to buying hardware rather than leasing it, and then just run it until it breaks. I have given up trying to muster an argument to support buying new hardware to replace a 3 year old desktop for an oxygen thief out their in user land because I simply dont believe there is one anymore. Only exception is, as mentioned CAD and workstation people who can never have too much grunt in their CPU or GPU.

Maybe we need 'less reliable' hardware :-P

Happy birthday, Tech City: Have another confusing map



Hmmm try this with IE10, you get a 'Your browser not supported' message and a list of icons telling you that you should try IE!


Most technical place in the country not supporting a browser a bunch of techos are using.

Yes I know its not technically released and is only on the Win8 dev preview but really if you are in the SOE and related infrastructure space (guess what I do) you ought to be using it.

Sigh, back to Chromium - which it does work on BTW even if it isn't listed as supported.

El Reg space paper plane christened Vulture 1

Paris Hilton

Technology for technologies sake?

Take a piece of string that is the length of the height you want to release at attach it to a quick release pin. Hold on to the piece of string when the baloon reaches the required height the string will go taught the pin will pop out the plane will be released. Virtually zero weight and virtually zero chance of going wrong. Remember the (oen company sponsored) effort to find a pen that would right in space, save hundreds of thousands of dollars use a pencil. I know the story behind it but the amusing anecdote is the point here, massively complicated technology should always be checked by a lay person to see of there is a really simple and 'obvious' solution that has a lot less chance of going wrong.

Often the bloody obvious option is the way to go!

Paris? Because she is as simple as this solution

Hope it all goes well

Good Luck


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