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BCC is hard, OK? Quite a lot of orgs blurted your email addresses in GDPR mailouts


In Pegasus Mail:

Options - Sending Mail - Checkbox 'Suppress BCC listings when sending mail" should be checked!

To quote David Harris:

"Suppress BCC field listings in outgoing mail BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) is a useful, but poorly-standardized feature. There are at least four ways a BCC field could be written into a message:

It could be omitted altogether

It could be present, but contain no addresses at all

It could contain only each individual recipient's address

It could contain the addresses of all people receiving the BCC

All of these methods have adherents and detractors. By default, Pegasus Mail lists all the BCC recipients in the BCC field of mail it sends: if you would prefer that no addresses were shown in the field, then check this control. When this option is turned on, the BCC field will simply contain the text "(Suppressed)", without any addresses."

The Sinofsky Letters: Defenestrated Windows overlord corresponds


Re: XTree Gold?

ZTree Win only takes up about 4MB on a USB Drive and feels just like Xtree Gold - it's still my FM of choice.

Omnishambles beats off mummy-porn, becomes English word of 2012


Re: There is only one deserving 'new' word

Nothing new about embuggerance. It;'s been around for 60 odd years.


US trounces UK in climate scepticism jibber-jabber


You have to doubt the competence of a journalist who can write:

"seminal climate-scepticism book by the American reporter Ross Gelbspan, The Heat Is On."

It is, in fact, the "seminal climate alarmist claims of big-oil funded conspiracies book"

McIntyre: Climate policy crippled by pointless feel-good gestures


Re: Simple is best

But why is it warming above 0?


Decadal period changes in ocean currents moving warmer water into the area or moving the ice to lower latitudes where the water is warmer and it is exposed to the sun for longer?

Changes in cloud cover/ insolation?

Hidden Grand Canyon-sized ICE-HOLE hastens Antarctic melt


re West Antarctica

I would assume that it was called that because it lies in the western hemisphere

Apple sued for every touchscreen device by Flatworld prof


Where do they find the cash?

They don't. They find a "bottom dwelling scum sucker" prepared to take it on a "contingency basis" for around 30% of any future payout.

Swiss-based Balesio takes the knife to PDF files


<quote>It also says very curious things about all the MS Office applications.

Either they are storing a huge amount of unnecessary data or their output filters are rather poor as regards file size.</quote>

Nothing unusal there. Take a look at the HTML generated by Outllook in an email, the output of Excel and Word's "Save as WebPage" and Access' OutputTo HTML.

Bloated cr*p every time.

Oz journalism award to Assange™


@AC - cutting Julia a little slack.

It would be the best thing that could happen to Australia at the moment if Juliar "was disappeared"

UN set to dump GMT for tech-friendly Atomic Time


"increase at a rate of one second per year" = one hour in 3600 years. Where does the 550 years come from?

CERN: 'Climate models will need to be substantially revised'


More or less cosmic rays?


<quote>What this latest research seems to show is more solar activity = more cosmic rays = more particles = more cloud formation.... but doesn't more cloud formation = lower temperatures?

Quite the opposite.

Cosmic radiation doesn't come from the sun. It comes from "the cosmos".

It appears that when the sun is active, the stronger solar wind prevents cosmic rays from entering the earth's atmosphere by sweeping them around the earth. When the sun is inactive, more of them penetrate the atmosphere.

It also appears that increasing clouds have a cooling effect.

Since it now also appears that the more cosmic radiation reaching the atmosphere causes more cloud, the process would be:

Quiet sun = moe cosmic rays reaching the atmosphere = more cloud formation = lower temperature.

NASA to work on approved sci-fi books


NASA Inspired Works of Fiction?

They've got the talent for it. Jim Hansen's been creating fiction for years.

Australian bank to run trial with human teller in ATM


Which Bank?

as a bumper sticker on my mate's car says:

Who cares, they're all b*st*rds!

Boffins shine 800Mbps wireless network from flashlight


Broadcast only?

@GBE. That problem was solved long ago. Google "1-way satellite".

In this situation, you'd probably use something standard like 802.11x as the back-channel.

Interstellar space 'full of Jupiter-size orphan planets'



Are they drifting or are their turtles swimming on deliberate courses?

Australia cuts solar subsidies, and not before time


It's the Currency, not the Current.

I think that you will find that the drastic fall in the the price of solar in Australia over the last few years has more to do with the strength of the Australian Dollar that anything else. All of the kit is imported. In late 2008, the AUD was worth less that 80 US cents. Currently is is worth close to $1.10 US..

Microsoft breaks own world record for IE nonsense


Wot? No .Net?

Native? You mean that IE10 isn't built using .Net and managed code?

I wonder why not.

Thunderstorms found to squirt antimatter into space


Missing Heat?

That must be where all the missing heat goes

Woman charged with stealing nude pics of baseball star



Can we please stop calling this sort of thing theft - same with the "Climategate emails".

A common element of theft in its various forms in various jurisdictions is "intent to deprive someone of the use of something". The owner of the images still has them. Making copies is NOT theft.

Defence Minister 'to big up electropulse threat' - report



Gee, just at the same time as they are pushing the threat, along comes a release of two year old news about a sting by the FBI which involved attempts to sell EMP technology to a "rogue state".


How convenient

NZ gal's Bulgarian airbags halt traffic



See http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/10/03/bulgarian_airbags/

Court filings are protected by copyright, says lawyer


Who's Copyright?

IANAL but:

Isn't the filing "a work specially ordered or commissioned for use as a contribution to a collective work",

the "collective work" being the court record - with the person commissioning it being the lawyer's client.

ISTM that the copyright should lie with the client, not the lawyer under "work for hire" provisions.


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