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PSN renamed Sony Entertainment Network

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Special Educational Needs

Exactly how I read it as well.

I'm soon going to be on the SEN register, oh joy...

Pollution-gobbling molecules in global warming SMACKDOWN

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Water vapour, not C02..

Actually water vapour is what causes the vast majority of warming in the atmosphere, but you don't hear people shouting about that because most people would not take it seriously because clouds have been around forever and aren't a problem right....

Why don't we have a bunch of scientists trying to trap all the water vapour we release rather than letting it go up into the sky (most things that result in a CO2 release also result in a water vapour release)? Oh because the media is only interested in CO2 hence that's where government funding goes... Cynical, me?

I have you now! Top 10 Star Wars Xmas presents

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Nice Research

So the Star Wars XBox 360 that was delayed until Q1 next year in August (because of technical difficulties with the Star Wars game) is the ideal crimbo pressie is it...

Nice work guys, great bit of research there...

Chancellor to raid pensions, Whitehall to revamp UK broadband

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China investing in NIP

Oh come on, sombody has got to go there...

India uncloaks new thorium nuke plants

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Another +1 to petition here as well!

Facebook security profiling doesn't like African log-ins

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Not racial profiling

There is also a large asian contingent in Kenya so unless a mixture of people of white, black and asian and various mixtures of the three is racial profiling I think you are well off the mark here.

Cabinet Office ends website test

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Irrespective of what it looks like, the staff costs are going to be there. You may disagree with the technology used, or not like the theme they have created but to be fair it doesn't burn your eyes out when you look at it, the markup is reasonably tidy and it does what it set out to do. They also note that they did a lot of UX and I know for a fact that setting up a proper UX lab (with things like cameras tracking eye movement as people use the site so you can see what they are looking at and record it) is not a cheap business.

I've seen a lot more money pissed up the wall on things that are of questionable benefit with no input from stakeholders at all. IMHO it's at least a step in the right direction.

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£261,000 for a 3 month project recruiting and paying 16 people, and dealing with infrastructure sounds quite reasonable actually. For temp positions I would expect a few contractors which means that you have to pay the agents thier cut as well, all in all it could have been much worse...

Apple defends iOS devs from patent holder

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Jobs Horns

Not in Apple's Interests

@ Peter 39

Why would apple do that? It's makes much more sense to scare the patent holder away from iOS devs and let them go after other platforms (Win Mobile, ANdroid, Blackberry, etc). Then apple get to say look you can use this functionality in iOS with no patent problems but if you dev for something else...

Worst case scenario the others fight it and it is found nvalid and Apple doesn't pay, This is a win win for Apple if they can scare Lodsys away without flexing thier legal muscles.

Chinese iPad 2 fanboiz in frenzied fight

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I came to the comments section looking for lively jibes about iPad related kung fu action and all i get is a bunch of haters/fanboi's moaning at each other??

Think of the material you have to comment on FFS.

"iKung Fu demonstrated at iPad2 launch" maybe or how about "Jobsian smack down Chinese style for rioting fanboys" - You no at front of queue! get back or i smack you with my iLead pipe *THOCK* *WHAM* *POW*

ICO makes school stand in corner over data theft

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No home working??

Teachers do loads of work at home, marking, planning, paperwork, etc...

Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy look-and-feel

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Hope the lawsuit doesn't talk about an iPhone 4

The Samsung Galaxy S was released before the iPhone 4 (They had the best LCD display on a phone for a while before the iPhone 4 came out). and only 3 months after the original iPad came out so I would think Samsung will be able to prove that most of the graphics for touchwiz were already drawn at that point.

Be interesting to see which revision of phone and iOS they are saying breaches copyright won't it ;)

Anti-Internet Explorer 6 protests grow with online petition

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UKGOV better with IT Than Google?

So Google fell foul to attacks but our wonderful government thinks they don't have to worry because they keep their systems up to date.

Has the muppet that wrote that ever worked within a UK Government IT department, they are bloody awful with hundreds of unpatched and out of date machines knocking about. They honestly think that something that hit Google won't hit them.....


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