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GitHubber wants to revive the first Unix in a PDP-7 emulator

Jeremy Bresley

Distributed recreation?

Is there a reason they can't scan and post a high resolution image of each page of the code and have multiple people retype it based on what they see? Send out 3-5 copies of each page and diff it to see if everybody agreed on it when they submitted the text, if not, take the answer with the most in agreement. I believe Ancestry was doing something like this for old immigration records that were originally hand-written and weren't able to be OCR'ed. I'm sure a lot of geeks would be happy to retype a page or two in exchange for a mention in the revival documentation for the project.

RIP Bill Lowe: Father of the IBM PC no longer reading drive C

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Cisco snarfs ClearAccess for remote broadband apps

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PROVEN: Violent video games mess with your head

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So they picked people with little to no experience playing "violent video games" for this study. Had they had extensive exposure to other types of video games, just CHOSE not to play FPS titles? Choosing a bunch of non-gamers, and having them play video games 2-3 hours a day when they previously didn't play games will likely result in SOME kind of change in their brain activity. Whether that activity is positive or negative is a completely different question. Repeat this study with a random sample of gamers and non-gamers included, and see if the effects are the same on people who had done extensive game playing previously would be a good place to start.

Tablet fever cools as e-readers heat up

Jeremy Bresley


E-Reader prices have continued to drop. What was a $250-300 device 2-3 years ago is now rapidly approaching the $100 price point. Once they break that 3 digit price tag, I think you'll see E-Readers REALLY start to take off. What's the least expensive tablet available from a brand you've heard of? $350-400? That's still in the "do I get this or do I eat for the next two months" category for a lot of people. $99 is a lot smaller piece of the budget for most people.

Of course, I'd love to see a lot more $0.99-2.99 ebooks be available for these platforms. There's no reason an existing book that has been out for a few years should require it to be sold for $5-10 for an Ebook. The publishing costs are already covered by the paper version, just ship an inexpensive ebook version and people will snap it up. This goes double for technical books that by the time they're more than 2-3 years old are next to worthless. Give me Pratchett's back catalog in Ebook form for $2-3 each, and I'll grab every one of them. If I have to spend the same amount as buying a paperback, I'll just get the paperback that I can hand off to a friend or sell on Ebay. Digital costs the producers significantly less, but they are still under the impression that it's worth as much or more than the dead tree version.

Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made

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I'm disappointed Reg. Not a single Pratchett title on the list? The entire Discworld series would be my first choice to be made. Give it the LoTR treatment and release the director's cut to the theaters.

Arista punts 10/40 GbE juice-sipper

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Google's 'instant' search springs keyboard controls

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No keyboard scrolling

Am I the only one who frequently uses the arrows/page up/page down to scroll a page? How soon is this option going to have a checkbox to disable without completely disabling instant search?

Cisco claims unified computing is taking off

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The ASR1000 line is a series of Cisco routers intended for WAN/Edge roles. The Nexus 1000V is their software switch which replaces the VMWare switch with a Cisco one.

Both good products, but totally different designs and intended roles.

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