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Microsoft flings features at Teams to close the Slack gap

Ben 56

Slack > Teams

Everyone except Microsoft knows the four reasons why Slack is better than Teams:

1) Slack's Giphy integration.

2) Slack's lightning startup speed.

3) Teams' lack of Giphy integration.

4) Their names. "Slack" hints at a respite from work, but "Teams" has work and managerial interference written all over it.

We translated Intel's crap attempt to spin its way out of CPU security bug PR nightmare

Ben 56

This is why

I love the Register, it's like Dummies Guide For Buzzword/Bullsh*t Bingo.

Keep up the fantastic journalism!

Official: Microsoft's 'Get Windows 10' nagware to vanish from PCs in July

Ben 56

Re: Serious question

It is if you like candy crush and advertising every time you press the start bar, with a side helping of no update control and targeted telemetry advertising. "Hi I'm Cortana, I can see you're looking for anal fissure cream..."

Down with Unicode! Why 16 bits per character is a right pain in the ASCII

Ben 56

Re: Little endian (x86/Windows) being COMPLETELY WRONG of course.

Unless you happen to be using Java.

Hypersonic 'scramjet' aims for Mach 8 test flight

Ben 56

Are you staring at my tail pipe?

- Attitude jet.

Oh you meant "altitude jet" you say?

Ten top new games for phones ’n’ slabs

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Re: Real racing 3

So because your network connection died somewhere along the line you blame EA? Wow better watch your nose, you've got a lot of spite!

Google lifts skirts, reveals Play All Access to UK market

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Re: UK vs Euro pricing

I may be wrong, but within the EU aren't we free to purchase a product from where ever we want due to the single free trade area?

If Google attempts to segregate I believe there is a case to sue.

Mobes with monster 72-core GPU to debut in China

Ben 56

How quaint

Today's monster GPU is just tomorrow's "how quaint", how right Scottie was we wouldn't be using a keyboard.

Amazon-bashed HMV calls in administrators, seeks buyer

Ben 56

Re: the digital era

WHSmith did this for many years in the late 80s early 90s - the system was called EDOS and you chose from a (regularly published in-store) catalogue the game you wanted, on Amiga, Atari, C64 Spectrum, disks or tapes it didn't matter. There was a big duplicator machine in the back that would have all of these games on a CD it used to burn from. Obviously it never took off and the material looks a lot like pirate blanks (albeit with an official box). Obviously there would be even less differentiation these days!

Here's the best article I could find on EDOS, sadly there isn't too much info on the (once reasonably popular) system.



Ben 56

Long term potential for serious issues?

Uelogy is worried about the long term potential for serious issues - that's hilarious - we know it'll only be a year before this device is binned and he/she buys the new iPhone 6!

The Register iPhone and Android apps: Maintenance update

Ben 56

We're used to it

The other great British institution the Beeb also messed up their apps a number of times, and continue to do so on Android, so we can give you, with lesser funds, a bit of leeway.

Why Java would still stink even if it weren't security swiss cheese

Ben 56

Your argument's flaw

"but because of a decade's worth of people who still haven't figured out how to use it as designed"

Perhaps if they'd stayed on at university to actually complete the course "to figure it out" they'd use it as designed? Now I've got to put up with "have a go coders" thinking they know Java and botching the job because they couldn't be bothered to learn enough.

Sony preps PS3 with old-school design

Ben 56

Top loading's nick name

Top loading mechanisms on consoles used to be referred to as toilet seats by owners of newer fangled tray/front loading mechanisms. Does this mean PS2 owners can now laugh and point fingers at PS3 owners?

Ben 56

Top loading's nick name

Top loadering mechanisms on consoles used to be referred to as toilet seats by owners of newer fangled tray/front loading mechanisms. Does this mean PS2 owners can now laugh and point fingers at PS3 owners?

Android Jelly Bean won't get Flash Player

Ben 56



LG 47LM670T 47in passive 3D smart TV

Ben 56

3D File Format Support

Does LG support the .mpo file format yet (i.e. that took by Fujifilm, Nintendo 3DS etc cameras)? Earlier 3D TVs have not (although they support 3D avi films) and this seems to be a glaring omission.

8,400 email addresses spaffed by Student Loans Company

Ben 56


Is one virus on any of the machines reading that email and instantly all of those addresses will be spammed and harvested.

I speak from experience of course when I was wished happy Christmas by some muppet I barely knew one year who addressed a seasons greetings email to some 100+ people on his address book years ago.

Will the looters 'loose' their benefits?

Ben 56
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Here's what the now offline site says:


HM Government

Sorry, e-petitions is temporarily unavailable.

The e-petitions site is having problems at the moment. We need to temporarily suspend the creation and signing of e-petitions to allow us to make sure everything is working properly for you.

We aim to re-open the e-petitions site by Friday morning (12th August).

We're very sorry for the inconvenience this causes you.

The e-petition entitled “Convicted London rioters should loose all benefits” has now passed the threshold of 100,000 signatures and has been passed to the Backbench Business Committee to consider for debate. It will continue to be available for signature once the site is re-opened.


OpenOffice.org site goes offline, Oracle declines to comment

Ben 56

Netbeans.org is also down

Conspiracy theories can stop now, seems like Netbeans is down too, unless the conspriracy is regarding all Oracle FOSS....

Oracle gives 21 (new) reasons to uninstall Java

Ben 56

Why not...

uninstall Microsoft .Net - just like Java, except its updates are forced with Windows updates so you don't see them, didn't you know that? Perhaps you should also suggest Adobe products or even Windows itself

Stop scare mongering. Chances are if people have it installed already it's because an app on their system needs it.

World+Dog says 'no thanks' to 3D TV

Ben 56

Why 3DTV isn't popular

1) Stupid glasses. People don't want to wear them or have the expense of buying new ones, or not having enough pairs.

2) Very little 3D content.

3) 3D without glasses (2nd gen) is just around the corner (e.g. 3DS) - why waste money being an early adopter on 1st gen kit?

Oracle goes in hard on Google Java suit

Ben 56

Now we know why Orackle bought Sun

Buy company, get rid of highly skilled staff by annoying them (cheaper than redundancy payments), set attack lawyers on those companies allegedly infinging the newly purchased IP. This will help claw back costs of buying said company whilst putting competitors at a disadvantage even if that is just FUD over the IP.

Fact of the matter is that whilst Android is fragmented due to platform, Sun did that by design with Personal Java, sorry J2ME, no wait.. sorry JavaME (or should I refer to it by technical standards CDC, CLDC, personal profile...), and Android at least for me appears to be the better and open of the two "standards" if you can call it that. No wonder Oracle wants to squash Google's platform. I still hate JavaME's signing certificate malarky preventing hobby developers getting their stuff out there.

Apple now world's second-largest company

Ben 56
Gates Halo

Microsoft part owns Apple

Lets not forget Microsoft own $150 million of Apple shares:


Dell Streak GPL snub enrages Android fans

Ben 56

Narrow minded view.

But the following 6 months will mean that you now have a new alternative OS to play with without spam/advertisements with new bug/security fixes, likely more corporate unfriendly (filesharing/VOIP etc etc) features, removal of OS restrictions, and lack of branding. Finally when Dell decide to no longer support the device the community will still be there to do it.

Dell should have factored the GPL source release timetable in advance, or even better released it while they worked on it, so it's not the open source "nutters" fault if Dell cut corners (hypothetically - they probably can just release it).

Average Joe (c/o Anon Coward) needs to see the bigger picture of open source instead of narrow mindedness that only a few "nutters" need it - it'll benefit everyone and competition is always good. Where would we be today if Netscape Navigator wasn't open sourced (Firefox)? or Sun's Star Office (Open Office), Minix (Linux/Unix/Ubuntu etc), Berkeley sockets (networking layer in Windows) etc etc.

Rant over :)

Raptor over Blighty: Watch the stealth fighter in infrared

Ben 56
Black Helicopters

Probably already done and you can guess the result

Training exercises have certainly already been done by the US to plan against the UK's, Europe's and Saudi Arabia's Eurofighter contingencies and any future tranches (i.e. the kind that might be deployed if war with the US were to come about and an advantage was needed to counter the F35). The reason I think we don't know the (likely confidential) results is probably down to the fact that it's too close to call or embarrassing (i.e. you don't want other countries to know that their jets can best your latest and greatest), otherwise we'd have "league" tables showing kill ratios like they do for (e.g.) US vs Russian vs old jets.

Treasury pulls plug on Wiki-cutback site

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So the few spoil it for the many...

So what happens to all of those good suggestions that were made? I added one to stop employing lollipop people who stand at pedestrian lights and instead bring back the green cross code and educate kids on road safety...

Steve Jobs beheads iPad apps for acting like desktops

Ben 56
Jobs Horns

He's clearly not that bright

and doesn't learn from mistakes - in a month or so he'll rescind this blog comment about not writing software for a rival.

Exam board deletes C and PHP from CompSci A-levels

Ben 56

Pascal? Pah Cobol

Dumbing down of education again, all because the teacher doesn't want to learn harder languages the kids have to suffer with less options. You might as well be teaching Cobol for the use that will be in the real world.

NHS blames computer error for transplant fouls

Ben 56

Incorrect analogy

When was the last time you saw a meteor or ionzing particle affect any computer that wasn't in space? When was the last time you saw someone make a mistake?

Quod erat demonstrandum.

UK.gov rejects calls to open up on ContactPoint security

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Typical government

...always reactive instead of proactive

"and an audit trail will be maintained to ensure that incidents can be investigated."

Here's me thinking audit trails on all government confidential databases were a norm.

Government rubbishes ID card hack report

Ben 56

Stupidity icon

@Sabine Miehlbradt

I vote for a picture of Blunkett or Jackie Smith for the stupidity icon.

LG's watchphone priced

Ben 56

What a ripoff - these things have been out for years

"Exclusive" ha! You can already get mobile phone watches at less than £70, e.g. see http://www.chinavasion.com/index.php/cName/mobile-phones-cell-phone-watch/

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