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Google hits 'fast forward' button on WebM codec love for YouTube

Tom 52

@Paul 135

Perhaps for Google, I don't honestly know, but not for everyone it would seem.

When I enquired about a h.264 license, fees were based on how many times a video using their codec was played, along with other criteria such as if you were making money from showing the video or advertisement revenue, fees to be paid bi-annually.

I really hope WebM prevails for several good reasons.

Panasonic HDC-SD900 camcorder

Tom 52

Focus / Zoom Ring.

The focus and zoom ring use the same ring. You can switch between them with a press of a button.

AC: I believe the SD900 doesn't have the issue of fan noise that some previous models had. Have you actually used a SD900 yet and tested it?

Panasonic readies five 3D camcorders

Tom 52
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More change on the outside than the inside.

This HDC-TM900 does seems quite similar to the previous HDC-TM700 on the inside, but some improvements on the outside.

* Something that may not matter to everyone (but does to me), is that the DC power in socket that was oddly hidden behind the battery has been moved to where the record mode dial was in the TM700. So now both battery and power lead can be connected to the camcorder at the same time. Seems most people have missed pointing that out, including the Panasonic web site diagrams.

* The dial has moved up a little and is now a sliding switch.

* As said, the TM900 can take the 3D lens, but the TM700 apparently cannot.

* The LCD screen is now 3.5" instead of the TM700's 3"

* PC Editing software is HD Writer AE 3.0, instead of 2.1 that comes with the TM700. Surely they'd upgrade the software for the 2.1 users.

* On the inside however, there is a new Hybrid Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) instead of the TM700's Power OIS.

* Some other smaller camcorder software features included.

I'm just not sure if I'd go for the TM700, or wait maybe a month for the release of the TM900 and hope the price isn't too much, and that stock of the TM700 haven't finished. I really do like what Panasonic have done (apart from the odd placement of DC in on the TM700), having said that, there are a few more days of CES, so maybe something even better will come along.

Archos punts 9-inch Windows 7 tablet PC

Tom 52

No to Archos, yes to Touchbook.

This Archos product/features, the price, I just don't get it and as such wouldn't buy one.

Since many have tried out the EEE-PC and such like, the TouchBook seems very much more of what people are looking for in a portable netbook in today's market. I also like the way the company keeps you informed as to what's happening, and very up front about how the product will develop. I predict good things for the TouchBook.

I've been keeping an eye on Always Innovating's TouchBook, its a far more interesting product. There are already TouchBook units out there, albeit limited in numbers at this early stage.

ElReg, seriously, contact Always Innovating and ask them to send a TouchBook to you for a review.

Foxconn working on 'sub-£100' ARM-based Linux netbooks

Tom 52

Similar to the Touch Book?

Something like Always Innovating's Touch Book then, but slightly cheaper... maybe.

Amazon and Apple stunting UK e-book market

Tom 52

Better than Apple / Kindle / Sony?...

Given that the screens are pretty much the same technology (other than 4, 8, or 16 grey scale), doesn't it partly come down to what the software can do? As Nick said above, BeBook does the job nicely, as does the Astak EZReader and others, all re-branded from that Jink company.

Lets not forget about the OpenInkpot project too, that can work on most reader devices. Although in it's early stages, in time could prove to be feature packed more than the likes of the Kindle and Sony.

PayPal goes offline again

Tom 52

@Tidosho : NOT Exaggerated!

Actually I am also an eBay and Paypal user, have been for years, but all because I add to the user base statistics of both, doesn't mean I now use eBay or Paypal. I suspect that there is a large percentage of users (statistically) who have had similar fraud experiences or resent the continuous increased charges and just never used their account again. Certainly there are some people who still use them, what a shame.

Its not just the media, go to almost any web site that has comments after an eBay / Paypal article and you see unhappy users who have fallen to fraud or the like.

They lost me as a customers when an item I was selling was paid for with stolen eBay/Paypal account credentials, but somehow I had to take the fall for someone else's inability to not securing their passwords correctly. I will never forgive eBay/Paypal for this.


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