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What's Welsh for Orange?


RE: Dear 'Fish Trousers Ma'

I think your comments are outrageous!

Firstly, there are Welsh speakers like myself who use the Welsh language when I can because I had to move to England for work purposes and I miss my Welsh language use - we don't just use it to insult English people.

Secondly, the Welsh Language Act is not not utterly useless, it is one of the most important legislations concerning the welsh population. It ensures us the right to communicate in a language we feel comfortable with. Remember the English of old banned us from using our native tongue in the courts and in schools. You also make it sound like only the English pay tax, and that the Welsh spend it all. Just to assure you, we Welsh do pay tax just as any other nation within the UK.

@ AC - Tut

I'm sorry but the English thought they owned Wales but we fought back and the threat of losing our heritage and language is why this phone is so important. It reminds everyone we are not going to lose out heritage and our native language without a fight.


Re: Atal

In reply to Anonymous Coward's 'Atal' post, there is a Welsh Language act which gives us Welsh the right to communicate in our native tongue. Your view is very narrow minded and next i suppose you'll be saying you want the rest of the world to make English the standard language for everything everywhere. Our language is a sign of our heritage and it is a part of who we are. We have had to put up with this discrimination for centuries!

I think this phone is a brilliant step forward and i believe this will pave the way for many more manufacturers following the path and adding the language onto their mobiles. Even MS decided to make Welsh an option for XP and Vista, and we can even have Facebook, Firefox, Linux all in Welsh. This could help push the welsh language forward again.

I noticed the reg had amended it's description of Alex Jones as a man!

I wonder if Dafydd Iwan has had talks about re recording "Yma o Hyd" as the default ringtone.....



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