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Microsoft pulls Windows 7 balloons from Euro 'launch parties'

Paris Hilton

Try this

Those pictures work much better if you imagine that the image on the screen is goatse.

Investigators blind on P2P child abuse


More misleading language

"The vast majority" - sounds WAY more impressive than "An extremely small minority of sick weirdos". Sensationalist rubbish.

Apple's iPhone loses carriers money, claims researcher


You are mistaken

I used to work for o2 behind the scenes, and I can assure you that their management are nowhere near clever enough to have thought this through one way or the other. It must be a fluke.

US women protest for the right to bare

Paris Hilton

The problem is...

The problem is that it still remains illegal for me as a man to look at said naked breasts without being accused of sexual harassment. Therefore if everyone wandered around topless it would cause hundreds of thousands of injuries as blokes attempt to find somewhere else to look whilst driving, cycling, walking, etc.

As a serious point though, you can't have this kind of law without equality in the other surrounding laws. If it is an offense to stare at parts of a person, then those parts should be covered up in public.

Apple loses students to netbooks and Windows


...yeah right.

...and all the students will be wearing brogues and will dress in clothes handed down from their uncle. Oh wait, I forgot - students have more money than sense and are more likely to buy something just because of the label than any other group in society. Logic FAIL.

iTablet to rake in $1bn, claims analyst


Come on guys...

OK, enough is enough now. Reporting on rumours is one thing, but reporting on figures that some bloke has made up regarding a product that may not even exist is surely a step too far. There are plenty of Mac rumour sites for that kind of thing. Tsk.

On the other hand, if you'd like to pay me then I'll happily provide you a spreadsheet showing how Apple will make billions next year from a flying laptop powered by bio-fuel and melted down netbook carcasses.

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes



Back in the day, when people still used weird software like Musicmatch and had odd MP3 players that didn't sync properly unless it was a neap tide, a company called Apple came along and realised that instead of being a whiny little bitch and complaining about it, it might be a good idea to do it better instead. So they did. Not to promote global peace and harmony, not to aid the development of standards, but quite simply to make sure that if someone bought one of their music players and connected it to their computer using their software then it should work as expected - the theory being that people might actually pay for this privilege. Kinda worked, didn't it? That's why they're rich and you're not. So Palm, by all means complain about this but you can hardly wave the flag of standards adherence when you're breaking fundamental ones yourselves. All that does is save Apple the bother of having to find the rope to hang you with. Make a deal with them, or make your own software. That's what they had to do, and it probably saved the company. Might stop you guys going down the pan if you had an idea of your own to get behind...?

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