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Tokyo team busts the Ethernet speed record

Richard Moffat

Educate yourself a bit...

Obviously Goldie needs to pull his head out of a dark place for a while and to educate himself about how the Internet works.

Dr. Hiraki's team transferred data over a distance of 30,000Km.

Last time I've checked, there's no "Ethernet" standard that allows transmission over such a distance.

The record established is an *Internet* Land Speed Record, not an *Ethernet* Speed Record. In the real world, a 30,000Km data link spanning several continents will have to use OC192 optical channels supplied by a telecom carrier, unless you're willing to lay your own optical fiber spanning several continents as well as the associated signal regenerators / repeaters.

OC192's data rate is 9953.28 Mbit/s (of which 9621.504 Mbit/s is the raw payload and 331.776 Mbit/s is taken up by overhead). From this 9621.504 Mbit/s raw payload, you must then substract the IP and TCP encapsulation overhead to arrive at the data rate that is really available to an application.

The new application-level record of 9.08Gb/s is thus close to a practical maximum.



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