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Halo: Reach


Console peasants rejoice!

Blah blah blah, more moanings from the glorious PC master race, we get it, you prefer the PC and think anything not playable with a mouse and keyboard isn't worth your time. It's nice to see that Bunige have managed to recapture the brilliance of Halo:CE in time for their Halo swansong, everything about Reach is a love letter to what cemented the series as fan favourite. For me the best thing about them was always the enemy AI and Reach is no different, seeing an elite take out a group of marines, commandeer their Warthog and turn it's chaingun on you is always fun (once you manage to take him down anyway).

Shut it moaners, games on console have their place and this is a fine example of one. Your platform preference doesn't make this untrue.

iPhone 4 developers get software update, but will it fix death grip?


No change here

Well, I applied the software patch for a hardware problem and, surprise surprise, my phone still loses signal when held the 'incorrect way'. It's also worse than my 3Gs ever was, In my living room I can actively watch the signal drop to nothing which will cause calls to drop.

I like my iphone but this is rubbish :(

O2 to step back from unlimited mobile data deals


iphone data caps

orange: 750 meg

vodafone: 1 gig

At least o2 are being honest about theirs. I don't work for o2, I remember recently the hoardes of complaints here directed at people who offer 'unlimited' with a fair usage policy, now o2 rectify this you complain about that!

Honestly, it's like some people just like to complain......

(Admittedly their 3G coverage sucks the big one though)

Steve Jobs unveils iPhone 4

Thumb Up

can't wait

Oh man, I knew this thread would be gold and it hasn't failed to deliver, Plenty of people moaning about the new iPhone but I for one can't wait for it! I use/used all of the phones mentioned so far on a pretty much daily basis and whilst alot of them had features still missing in the new iPhone the key point is that none of them are/were as pleasant or easy to use. This is the iPhone's strength, accessability, and this is the reason why I'd be surprised to see HTC or any other android handset overtake it in the near future. I also prefer Apple's tendancy to release new models on a yearly basis to that of their competitors who will release updated models on a bi yearly or even quarterly schedule, it means they actually end up supporting their products far more than everyone else.

Beeb iPlayer blocked by Xbox velvet rope


back to the future

Wow, perhaps we can talk about whether the Megadrive (blast processing!) is better than the SNES (mode 7!) next?

Jesus christ i swear to god console fanboys are the biggest bunch of brain dead FUD dribbling tools on the internet. All 3 consoles are good, all have their good and bad points and there are legitimate reasons to own any (or all) of them. Get over yourselves!

Iplayer on the 360? Should be free really but as aready mentioned how do BT get away for charging for BBC content over BTvision (crock of shit that it is)

UK.gov may abolish edited electoral roll



Doesn't the edited register help things such as credit checks? Surely the sensible option would be to limit who can use it rather than to whore it out to anyone with enough fivers in their sweaty palm?

BT could jack up line charges to fill pensions hole


oh well, if it's for the pension defecit it MUST be ok

I'm sure the increase they decide on will be just enough to cover their defecit, I mean they'd never add a bit on top just for a bit more revenue. Would they?

In the words of the Snoop sat nav 'There's a slippery slope ahead. Fo'shizzle'

GPS alarm seems alarmingly useless


re:samsung g600

Pretty much all samsung handsets will do this nowadays, some will even send a text to a pre selected number if the sim is removed and replaced with a new one.

Lawyers pursue banned Xbox Live gamers



It still amazes me there are fanboys on el reg, I've come to expect a better class of comment here. It may surprise you to know there ARE legitimate reasons to choose a 360 over a PS3 - I should know, I've got both and, hey! They're both good.

If I've got you wrong and you're just a troll I apologise. You should really think of some funny names for the systems you don't like, it'll give people more warning of what type of post they're about to read.

As for pirates getting booted off live, I love it!

Apple sends iPhones into 'Coma Mode'



Comment pages relating to Iphone stories become more and more tedious as time goes on. I've got an Iphone, I love it, but I understand why some people don't like them. What I can't fathom is why they feel the need to tell everyone else they don't like them.

El Reg to launch space paper plane


How about

A4 adventurer? (a for adventurer obviously!)

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