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New iPad: Crack open your wallets, fanbois, here's what it'll cost

Andy 21

Re: Change the record people


How much ?????? Pharw ...... I could buy 3 Lang Chi Padi 2S G10 Bigmacs for half the price AND have 2 Canal Street Fanboi's to carry it around for me on a simulated gold platter, whith enough change left over for a bag of chips.

[Fanboi Mode]Pah - typical rip off repetative jokes. [/Fanboi mode]

'Holland wins World Cup' declares CBSNews

Andy 21


It sounds like they have been taking lessons and listening to Arson Wenger's press conferences, as the amount of things he "does not see" is probably on par with this CBS Reporter.

iRobot Roomba 581 robot cleaner

Andy 21
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Jesus - and I thought my wife was bad at cleaning up her workarea ...

Roomba's rock btw

Redback spiders provoke BAE lock-down

Andy 21

They should be lucky ....

... at least the container wasn't full of East Europeans !

(That Biggoted woman Gordon Brown knows from Burnley told me to say that !)

Apple sells 2m iPads to hungry fanbois

Andy 21

I wonder ...

.. if these are similar to Ipod Touch/Iphones but bigger, will they therefore make a bigger bang when these batteries explode???

Might save a few quid on bonfire night.

Chelsea fans hack Man Utd phone systems

Andy 21
Paris Hilton

Can they still afford a PBX .....

...given how much they are in debt right now ?

Gotta be a Paris as like she has done to others, the Glazer's have sucked the life out of the Salford Red Skins / Norwich City.

Still it will make a good overflow carpark for the Lowry Shopping Mall.

Council deforests beauty spot to combat dogging

Andy 21


Brings a whole new meaningto getting wood !!

Oz anti-censorship site is censored

Andy 21
Big Brother

It's just the tip of the Iceburg...

...and here comes the Titanic (aka UK)

May God save us all and all that use this open wonderful 'uncensored' resource as it will be soon locked down faster than a pair of Max Mosley's handcuffs.

Moller Skycar to finally crash and burn?

Andy 21
Paris Hilton

Lets face it ...

... most people have a problem driving properly on a 3 lane motorway.

Paris : as I find the whole thing just too hard to swallow

Japanese algorithm 'can tell if you're about to die'

Andy 21
Paris Hilton

Its a Paris ....

Begin "Hello World"

If X = NHS Patient

then "Goodbye World"

End Prog

Only Paris get excited about a stiff !

PC tune-up software: does it really work?

Andy 21

Quite Supprising ...

... that there has been no Mac Moaners ....

"Jeezus - why dont you just all buy a Mac Crab Apple product cuz everyone knows they are the best and don't need these Windows PC tuners ?? "

Gotta be a Paris cos she loves a good load of RAM in her slot.

Designer draws hydrogen-powered Aston Martin

Andy 21
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Wow ....

Well sexy ....

It just needs a big V8 now !!

Brain-jacking fungus turns living victims into 'zombies'

Andy 21
Paris Hilton

WOW !!!

Cooool ..... A REAL life ZombieX mod - who needs COD5 now ....

Its gotta be another Paris as she also sucks the brians out of most blokes !!

El Reg to launch space paper plane

Andy 21
Paris Hilton

Sir 'Dick' Branson is the way ...

Maybe a joint effort with Beardy Branson and David Cameron in light of his recent comments with a Reg sponsorship deal and name it the Beardy Twat ?

Or get Her Maj and Sir Dick Dastardly Branson together then call it the REGina Vagina.

If there are any records to be had, old Beardy will be there...

Along the lines of jonathan keith post ... The plane could be called Paris with a slightly revised tag line from globtrotting heroine to gobbletrotting heroin.

I think she would find any other name just too hard to swallow...

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