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Brits not buying into Freeview HD

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As someone thinking of finally upgrading an old CRT, I will be buying a non Freeview HD TV, as I watch all my telly through my trusty old DVR, allowing me to pause, rewind and record. I can save hundreds by purchasing a Freeview telly rather than a Freeview HD one.

When my DVR dies, I will probably get an HD one, but until then I can live with regular old Freeview


Intel swallows McAfee: Why?

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What really happend

Head Intel Exec: "Hmm I need new Antivirus Software"... Phones Underling "Go buy McAfee!"

A few days later

Underling: "We've just bought McAfee"

Head Intel Exec: "Great! What version?"

Underling: "Version?" *GULP*


Unix beardies vs. clean shaven DBAs

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Gates Halo

Beards are for Windows Users

Beards are the result of leaving your face on default setting, and performing no maintainance.

I should know, I've got a big ginger one!


HP excessive packaging world record put to the test

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As an ex warehouse employee I can see the other side

In some of these instances, the Sony one for example, the item probably arrives at the warehouse in the packaging. The people that pick and pack the items to be dispatched, probably dont have a clue as to what is actually in the smaller boxes. Perhaps you would rather receive your chips all in one bag (not anti-static) after being handled by a burly bloke wearing a cheap fleece jacket.



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