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PayPal moves to embed self in everything


No integrity

A couple of years ago I would have said Paypal was great but about a year ago I found it impossible to work with them. I bought a product from England, it never arrived so I filled in the required paperwork. Their only reply was that because it was from out of the country I should give it more time. They didn't want to discuss it and refused to accept the paperwork. We discussed that the time period for complaints was closing in fast but they assured me that out of the county cases were different. I had dates, names, etc but in the end it didn't do any good. I again filled in the forms and was then told, it was too late and they were not responsible. Period, end. No more discussion, no customer service, nothing.

I do a lot of business over the net but when I see a company that only accepts Paypal I usually find other suppliers. I've told companies why I would not use this group but business is business and for some, it's the only way they can collect their payments. Too bad because this could have been a great company.

Landlord sues tenant over moldy Tweet


Free Speech

This lady was expressing an opinion... We still have free speech here in the USA so Horizon is wasting time and money. In some places, people or groups who file frivolous lawsuits are financially responsible for all court costs for both parties. This company may be sinking it's own ship. On the other hand, be aware of what you're putting on the net. It can come back and bite you. Whatever you write will be out there for anyone and everyone to see. It is not private.

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