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Plusnet customers SWAMPED by spam but BT-owned ISP dismisses data breach claims

Ian 25

Yup, I'm also being hosed with PlusNet spam

Again, a unique addy. They have obviously been breached. I've had 2 successful dictionary attacks on my domain in 5 years. My guess = marketing partner breached (this is very very common - use a shonky agency for a mailing and watch your data get sold) or an employee and a USB.

FESS UP guys.

Slow broadband blackspots mostly in south, not north

Ian 25

I live in Cranbrook

And it is a shambles. Under a mile from the exchange and I can't even get a stable connection, far less one that zooms along at the claimed average 1.34mbps for the town. They must have measured that from inside the exchange.....the whole town went out last week for over 24 hours. Even my voice line is crap - constant static and often unusable. We love BT.

Site offers 24m PNRs from the past

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Kylie's mum's in there......

ICO: Knowing your rights is a priority in new strategy

Ian 25

Oh, I was going to say that

Looks like you all beat me to it.

The ICO is a waste of space for consumers and always has been. Legal threats on the other hand have yielded me a few hundred quid of "sorry presents" out of spammers over the years, usually after a short sharp chat to their legal departments / Directors or a succinct letter to their homes. I might go for cash in Small Claims court next time.....

Rural areas win UK.gov broadband upgrade, but some miss out

Ian 25

500K/s in Kent

So looks like my (very patchy, constantly dropping in and out) 500K/sec in Kent (1 mile from the exchange) ain't gonna improve any time soon then.....

Google euthanizes newspaper archive scan plan

Ian 25

Keep on digitising

@Pascal: not true - the company I work for is hard at work at the moment digitising newspapers at the British library mega vault in Colindale. It is hard work, but we can see the commercial model. And from trialling the early version of the web product, I can tell you that the minutiae of old newspapers is mind-boggling rich and useful.

Microsoft promises not-quite-as-much Street View

Ian 25


@AC: what's the history tech - interested......

Yuri Gagarin in triumphant return to London

Ian 25

dative case

It's dative case, if that helps impress your mates down the pub.....

Ga-gar-inu (roll the R a bit for extra poncey points)

Microsoft calls time on Zune media player hardware

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Multiple devices

@David: you're not the only one. Ditto for the poxy phone on my iPhone vs my £100 baby Lumix. I have many jacket pockets, and I'm not afraid to use them. Some day I will make a mugger very happy.

iPhone 'Death Grip' effect is real, plastic cases don't help

Ian 25


@Lewis Mettler: all cars are *designed* to head into the ditch if you do not hold the steering wheel just right (take your hands off the wheel and feel the drift)......it's better to head ditchwards than oncoming trafficwards

UK.gov sacks lead e-Borders contractor

Ian 25

CCTV the coastline

Surely for £1.2bn we could have a ring of CCTV cams all around the coast? Job done, and they could even double as dinghy speeding cameras to raise some extra revenue..

Morgan Computers shuts its doors, sells website

Ian 25

Great shop but bonkers approach to ecommmerce & privacy

I loved Morgan but had the most extraordinary experience when I bought online rather than from the shop. Order went thru on Sunday morning but received an email the next day asking me to confirm my identity. I phoned first (and rang around several places until i could find someone that knew anything about their web operations), cos the email sure didn't look like it came from Morgan and it all smelt dodgy...

I rang them, and they told me that I need to fax them various pieces of ID for them to process my order - apparently they checked *every* order against the publicly available Electoral Roll (which I very sensibly opt out of as it is the junk mailers wet dream) as an anti fraud technique and anyone who didn't appear was marked as a potential fraud which they would then follow up...manually. After a lot of arguing and me pointing out that no way was I going to send a copy of my passport to them electronically just to get a cheap hifi, they agreed to send my order. I wonder if they made much money from that website?

I eventually got a lovely Pure hifi from them at a ridiculously cheap price - the only fault with it is the dead spider in the display (which is probably why the previous customer returned it). The spider is now known as Boris.

Amazon eyes wander as Royal Mail strike looms

Ian 25

Sod the posties

Good on Amazon - just cancel the contract, make your customers happy.

Service from Royal Mail is more and more expensive and less and less reliable every year.

Calling an all-out strike for a largely unskilled workforce during a recession, threatening strikes over Christmas when that's when their biggest corporate customers need guaranteed delivery and can easily move elsewhere doesn't make them look like the sharpest knives in the drawer.

I'm off to buy some UPS shares....

Microsoft takes on Wet Willie's to punt Windows 7 in Paris

Ian 25
Gates Horns

Goliath Books a Paris?

I'm sure the cafe will have a very Goliath Books (Black Books 3) vibe....

Citroën redesigns the 2CV

Ian 25


Looks absolutely *nothing* like a 2CV. Apart from that, all good.

Blyk goes bye-bye

Ian 25

Utterly predictable

I've been waiting since the launch for this to happen. They clearly didn't learn from all the previous failures who used this business model. As an advertiser I wouldn't touch this kind of service with a bargepole (which explains why the Govt is about the only one on the service, cos "return on investment" ain't in their vocab).

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