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Virgin TiVo iPad app out in September


This is the same app that TiVo USA have had out since Jan 2011, how long does it take to change blue to red?

I have been using the USA TiVo iPad on my Virgin TiVo for some time and if Virgin are going to stall it for this long it had better have some pretty impressive feature upgrades over the current app.

I suspect not :(

Amusing that their new slogan is 'Keep up'

Ryanair faces ban on luggage charge auto-opt-in

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Ryan air fan

Ive had dozens of sub £10 all in flights with Ryanair and love them! - I follow their sneaky rules and pay next to nothing for flights.

Despite all the moaning they continue to expand so they must be doing something right.

Forget the days of air hostess wafted thru the cabin with free drinks and food and try to think of Ryanair as a bus service into Europe.

Microsoft's web Office: No love for Chrome, Opera


somthing else I cant use

I'll continue to use Opera and just add this to another site I cant use

Smut page ransomware Trojan ransacks browsers


Another Opera win!

Im still an Opera fan despite having to fall back to IE/Firefox to make some websites work - my persistance has paid off with better pr0n ads!

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