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Video in the workplace: stuff that works

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Olympus Tough 8010 rugged camera

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Awesome thing

Have had one for over a year now, i got the older version of this with ~10mpix for about £250.

I use it sea kayaking and on the river and i surf, its survived everything. I got my best videos shot ever of 20ft long basking sharks underwater right under the kayak with this wee thing. Its permanently attached with a karabiner and 2 ft shock-cord. Much more portable than my big canon and i can use it 1 handed sitting in surf as well.

If i had to get another compact camera you don't have to worry about i would get another one.


UK population to abandon Midlands


Dundee, could be better, but the lifestyle counts

Living in Dundee: i can get accross town in 10 minutes; 10 mins from a good beach; 30mins from ~good surfing; 2.5 hrs to the west coast where i take my sea kayak most weekends.

Job dont pay great but i get home for lunch and i wouldnt want to lose any of it for a job anywhere else in the UK.

Kinda feel sorry for the peeps in the city or the sprawling midlands wasting all their free time in traffic and having no water play on after work in the evenings.


Pentax Optio W80


Water and cameras

I bought the Optio W60 and used it for 2 days before taking it back as it wouldnt turn on. I replaced it with a Olympus Tough 8000 [10m waterproof].

The Optio has a great feature for Sea kayaking in that you can set it to take a pic at any interval you like, so you can mount it on the deck and not have to worry about pictures if your in a big tiderace or surf where you cant go hands free. The Olympus does not have this feature. Tho the Optios dont have any kind of lens cover, and this is a big mistake, water slides off [mostly], but dust and sand have to be cleaned and it needs to be checked for every shot. For that alone i would not buy another optio.

As long as its on a teather you can happily hang upside down in the boat and take photos before you roll back up.

As for the Whisky...FAIL, last time i was in the Skye area on Knoydart I had Talisker neat from a flask, but whisky is supposed to have a tot of water in it!



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